As Schools Prepare to Reopen, Visual Communication Will be Critical – Part 1

As Schools Prepare to Reopen, Visual Communication Will be Critical – Part 1


By Victoria Sanville

Senior Manager, Vertical Sales – Public Sector

LG Electronics USA

As colleges and K-12 schools plan for classes this fall — online, in classrooms, or a hybrid of both — those that opt for some form of in-person instruction will need to deliver it safely, ever-mindful of the coronavirus that’s still present. In order to open their doors and welcome students and faculty, educational institutions will need to follow health guidelines and be able to communicate information effectively, whether it is to observe social distancing practices, monitor and report the number of people occupying a room, or publish staggered class schedules to minimize potential exposures. Digital display technology can play an important role.

During the best of times, display technology — in the form of digital signage, video display kiosks and interactive wayfinding systems — is critical to informing and engaging people as they navigate public and private spaces. It can take on new importance now as schools across the country prepare to operate safely during the pandemic.

Visual communication is persistent and self-reinforcing. In K-12 schools, continual visual messaging, supported by creative, compelling digital content, plays an important role in promoting healthy habits that will serve schools well even when the current pandemic subsides, practices such as washing hands or staying home when students feel sick. At a time when circumstances evolve quickly and up-to-date information is critical, digital signage, which can be changed at a moment’s notice, gives school administrators the tools they need to keep students and staff informed.

Technology providers have started to develop a new category of turnkey digital health safety protocol solutions that combine video displays with software, sensors and more. But they are not necessarily one-trick ponies. At their core, these solutions include the kind of digital signage technology that supports visual communication in retail, hospitality, corporate and — increasingly — education applications. So, after helping schools confront the challenges posed by the pandemic, these health safety protocol solutions can be redeployed for other ongoing communication initiatives, from mass security notifications to information about school events.

Stay tuned. Next time we’ll get into the new class of health protocol display solutions available to higher education and K-12 school districts.


Every Space Is a Learning Space with LG’s K-12 Digital Experience

Every Space Is a Learning Space with LG’s K-12 Digital Experience


K-12 education is no longer a model where “teacher speaks, students listen.” Rather, it is about connectivity, collaboration and competition. And with the current situation in 2020 it continues to evolve, redefining learning spaces both in and out of the classroom.

LG Business Solutions USA is empowering today’s K-12 education needs with a diverse suite of commercial display technologies. It’s being showcased online at the LG K-12 Digital Experience, where you can watch videos, read case studies, learn about the products, download a datasheet package, and more. Areas covered include:

Active Learning Classrooms – Discover a diverse collection of technology that meets various budgets and can help increase teacher and student engagement. Pairs with 1:1 devices, i.e., mobile-computing devices that are used in the teaching as tools for learning, and collaboration software for blended learning.

Esports Learning Spaces – Through esports, students can learn digital citizenship, team building, leadership and life skills aligned with academic areas.* LG solutions support an esports club or team, plus spectators.

Collaboration Learning Areas – For the auditorium, lobby, hallways for experiential learning, huddle spaces, library and cafeteria. Leverage LG technology to enhance the learning environment and encourage spontaneous collaboration in virtually any transition space on school grounds.

Integrated Outdoor Learning and Connection – LG technology can complement the expansion of plans on school grounds for outdoor learning, club activities and athletic events, and safety announcements including health protocol information and PPE supplies.

Learn more at the LG K-12 Digital Experience today.

* https://www.nasef.org/news/blog/why-should-educators-embrace-esports/


LG OLED TVs, OLED Wallpaper, Pro:Idiom and HVAC System Outfit Smart Hotel

What uses 164 OLED hotel TVs, 15 OLED Wallpaper displays, Pro:Idiom® digital rights management in smart mirrors and an LG HVAC system to enhance the guest experience?

The answer is Marriott’s newest Autograph Collection property, The Sinclair in Fort Worth, Texas.

The Sinclair is the world’s first hotel to run almost entirely on Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), and is an early adopter of LG OLED hotel TV display technology, with a 55-inch model in every room. LG OLED technology harnesses the capability to dazzle guests – the TVs are renowned for superior picture quality with perfect black, infinite contrast, intense color, wide viewing angle and groundbreaking design. And the razor-thin 65-inch LG OLED 4K UHD Wallpaper displays are perfect for public spaces because of that wide viewing angle – regardless of where you’re sitting in the room, the display turns virtually any blank space into a new canvas for digital art or engaging content.

The LG OLED hotel TVs and Wallpaper displays also offer the ability to perform basic maintenance and update procedures for all the TVs/displays remotely, and simple connection to guests’ personal streaming service accounts.

During these challenging times, the hospitality industry is seeking effective and efficient ways to promote guest safety and keep visitors informed during their stays, while also maintaining brand luxury standards and improving the overall guest experience to remain competitive. With the OLED TVs in every guest room and OLED Wallpaper displays around the property, The Sinclair is both raising the standard of in-room entertainment and providing a captivating solution to clearly communicate safety protocols protecting guests and staff.

In the guest room bathrooms are 21-inch models of the touchscreen Savvy SmartMirror from Electric Mirror, integrated with LG’s Pro:Idiom digital rights management technology. Pro:Idiom unlocks access to premium HDTV content from cable, satellite or video on demand (VOD) services. The smart mirrors deliver TV programming and custom hotel content.

The hotel also required individual control of its HVAC system throughout the 164 guestrooms (featuring 50 different room types) and heating and cooling for the lobby bar, reception area and large basement restaurant. The hotel management team identified LG as a company that was able to fulfill myriad HVAC needs, and create a full building ecosystem with its range of cutting-edge technologies across an expansive portfolio. LG’s award-winning Multi V IV Heat Recovery Units were selected for their ability to provide individual room comfort for each space within the larger property. The Multi V IV also contributes to the building’s energy efficiency, high performance and flexibility in design and installation options.

Check out The Sinclair Hotel video case study.