LG Treats CES Attendees to an Amazing Walk Through OLED Canyon


If you weren’t at CES last week, you missed the opportunity to walk through a winding 92-foot-long LG OLED Canyon leading to the LG booth. The immersive installation featured 246, 55-inch LG Open Frame OLED displays—90 concave and 156 convex 4K UHD screens—giving tens of thousands of visitors a one-of-a-kind experience of the earth’s natural wonders, courtesy of two billion self-lighting pixels. The jaw-dropping exhibit was further enhanced by Dolby Atmos surround sound technology and took 5-1/2 days to construct.

LG OLED technology uses self-lighting pixels so the display doesn’t require backlighting or edge lighting. Why is this important? It means that the display can be extremely lightweight, thin and flexible. LG OLED Open Frame displays bend concave and convex either horizontally or vertically, and can be mounted that way. It’s a whole new level of customizability that is both a breathtaking work of art and a functional signage display.

Last year at CES we created an LG OLED tunnel. This year it was a 30-yard canyon. We’re looking forward to the years ahead, where we’ll be showcasing more innovations for commercial display technology. We have some very exciting things in the works, and that’s good reason for you to check back often.

Have a look at this AVS Forum video of the LG OLED Canyon experience at CES 2018.

Check out last year’s tunnel.


“Direct View” LED is Ready to Rock in 2018



We’re all familiar with LED (light emitting diode) displays. Even on the consumer side, we’ve seen today’s LED TVs in the stores and probably have them at home. But the digital signage industry indicates that a technology known as Direct View LED has become increasingly popular and is poised to be a big deal this year.

Direct View LED? What’s the difference?

First of all, the LED displays or TVs we see these days are actually LCD (liquid crystal display) panels that are backlit or edge-lit by LEDs. Ever since LEDs replaced the CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamps) as the display lighting source the LED descriptor has been used.

Direct View LED, however, is an entirely different animal. Direct View LED eliminates the LCD layer, and instead, uses a vast array of tiny LEDs to create the picture. These individual LEDs are remarkably bright, and arranged into clusters that serve as red/green/blue-producing pixels. So when you look at the image, you are viewing the LEDs directly. No additional lighting source is needed.

Direct View LED is prized for bright pictures, wide viewing angles, high color uniformity and a long, reliable life. And LG offers a broad range of them. LG’s LAP Series Premium Finepitch Indoor Direct View LED displays, for example, deliver stunning images that can attract, engage and inform any audience. The LAP Series is ideal for the most demanding venues; from automotive and retail to museums and galleries to control rooms, boardrooms and broadcast studios.

With 1,000/1,200-nit brightness the LAP Series displays ensure a striking presentation of content. A 6,000:1 contrast ratio makes images truly pop, even more so with LG’s exclusive dynamic contrast algorithm for vivid, consistent color across the entire screen.

LAP Series displays also deliver excellent off-axis viewing, so the outstanding color and contrast remain consistent even across a big room or for everyone in a large crowd.

What about image clarity?

Here’s where things get interesting. Direct View LED displays are classified by pixel pitch, which indicates in millimeters how close the LED pixels are to each other. Viewing distance is a key factor when choosing the proper pixel pitch, and the right display for a particular job. The smaller the pitch, the closer viewers can get to the display before they start to discern the individual pixels making up the image. A general layman’s rule of thumb says the minimum viewing distance is roughly three times in feet what the pixel pitch is in millimeters.

The LAP Series offers pixel pitches in 1.00, 1.50 and 2.00 mm, for beautifully clear, sharp and captivating pictures. The series consists of three models: the top-of-the-line LAP010BL2 in addition to LAP015BL2 and LAP020BL4. With their varying sizes of pixel pitch, these displays can suit virtually every environment and use-case scenario. The LAP020BL2, for example, has a pixel pitch of 1.00 mm and a 1,000,000 pixels/m² physical pixel density for an incredibly crisp, lifelike image even when viewed up close.

What do you get with the LAP Series?

Each model in the LAP Series is an individual module, sold in packages of 2 x 2. They can be assembled into nearly limitless arrays to create immense video walls, with a bezel-less design that enables virtually seamless viewing on the giant screens.

LG webOS 3.0 control manager software, a web-based solution supporting virtually effortless control and monitoring via PC or mobile device, is included free of charge. All models work seamlessly with the LCLG001 LED Controller (sold separately). This off-board controller relocates the system power supply and other electronic hardware—traditionally a part of the display itself—outside and away from the video wall. The controller houses multiple in/out and control ports, as well as a built-in media player and scaler for greater convenience. The LAP Series also provides easy rear access to the LED panels for simplified maintenance.

LG’s unique power module design enables high luminance with efficient power consumption, and is combined with an LG power-saving algorithm. Advanced auto module protection monitors and controls system temperature for reliable performance and longevity.

The LG LAP Series Premium Finepitch Indoor Direct View LED displays offer a bold, clean style worthy of the most prestigious installations with the stellar performance that can both empower employees as well as dazzle guests and potential customers.

(BTW, LG custom builds Premium Outdoor Direct View LED displays, too. But that’s another post.)

Have a look at the LAP Series here.


How Can We Assist You?

One of the things that rank high on our list is meeting people at roadshows or tradeshows and answering questions about LG commercial displays and their applications.

Maybe it’s healthcare, hospitality or transportation. Retail, QSR or government. Or education. And certainly there are loads of uses for digital signage in public venues.

Which areas are you interested in?

Commercial displays have come a long, long way. Today’s form factors enable installations in places that previously wouldn’t even have been considered for displays. LG OLED, for example, can transform any business environment, and even create one-of-a-kind attractions that can make a business stand out from the competition. Combine all this with the latest software advancements and the Internet of Things and the possibilities will be virtually limitless.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you know that we touch on many different topics. But we want to know your thoughts. There’s no need to wait for a show to bring us your concerns; you can connect with us any time via our social channels and start a conversation.

What content would you like to see here? What questions would you like to have answered? Tell us and we’ll do our best to give you the information you’re looking for about LG commercial displays and the amazing ways to use them.


LG Partners with Hilton for Guest Room TV Liquidation and Installation

Hotel guest room TVs are typically retired every five or six years. But what do you do with your old TVs?

The solution is simple. Your LG account manager can coordinate liquidation services through our certified hospitality partners that specialize in installing new and liquidating old televisions. These nationwide companies will uninstall the TVs, remove them from the property, recycle them properly and install the new TVs. They can also install a Pro:Centric® management server if needed.

LG recently did this for the Hilton Newark Airport hotel in New Jersey. It was the pilot for Hilton’s nationwide corporate recycling program to responsibly dispose of older hotel TVs while upgrading to innovative new energy-efficient models to heighten the in-room guest experience and reduce energy costs. The Hilton Newark Airport had nearly 400 guest room TVs they wanted to replace. Hilton needed to find partners that would help facilitate the recycling of the existing sets and retrofit new sets, all during hotel occupancy. So they turned to LG, the industry leader in hospitality TVs.

Hilton and LG worked with Global Sustainability Solutions  (GSS) from Manassas, VA, on the project. GSS is a woman-owned business that specializes in sustainable and recycling solutions for the hospitality market segment by diverting end-of-life product from landfills.

The Hilton Newark Airport replaced their older 32-inch sets with new 43-inch ENERGY STAR® certified LG flat screen TVs that deliver a more engaging guest experience. GSS also oversaw the installation of 49-inch LG hospitality TVs in the Hilton’s suites. The project was completed in just four days’ time – two days earlier than anticipated, minimizing impact on guests. Due to the pilot’s success, LG and Hilton are extending the program into 2018 with plans to replace old sets with LG 4K Ultra HD hospitality TVs, while continuing their shared commitment to responsible electronics recycling.

LG Commercial Displays prides itself on meeting and exceeding government standards with high-quality, energy-efficient products that are EPEAT registered and ENERGY STAR qualified. Choosing LG’s ENERGY STAR qualified products can cut your business’s utility bills while reducing its environmental footprint.

Read what Commercial INTEGRATOR wrote about the project here.

Download our full Case Study here.


Sharing Your Industry Experience on Our Blog Could Bring You Many Benefits

At least once a week we post on this page—often times more. Topics range from LG Commercial Display insights and happenings to various perspectives on the digital signage industry and its applications. We are always looking for valuable new perspectives to share with our readers.

How would you like to be part of it by writing a blog for us? It could be very rewarding for your business. Here’s why:

Exposure. Content that you develop will expose your business to a wider array of industry categories and help drive new and incremental traffic to your own website. And the exposure for your business will further increase as we drive more viewers to our blog.

Credibility. The best business blogs answer common questions their leads and customers have. Our blog gives you an opportunity to deliver your expertise, mission and vision of the digital display business going forward. You’ll be offering your company’s perspective to our audience.

SEO. Your post will join a rapidly-growing social experience with more re-tweets and shared engagements. It can help improve your own SEO and drive more long-term results. In the following days, weeks and months you could continue to receive traffic from that one blog post. The effort you put in today can turn into thousands and thousands of views and leads in the future.

Connections. Through our blog, we will work to connect more unique viewers to your content on your own properties and help your own organic search as well. As search algorithms become more advanced, the more interconnectedness you have the better. Our blog adds more back link capabilities to help improve your company’s traffic.

Sound good? And all you have to do is submit your blog post for consideration via email to Laura.Cohen@lge.com

Questions? Use the same email. We’re here to help and we hope to hear from you soon.


Five Great Reasons to Let LG Create Your Case Study

If you are using LG commercial display solutions in your business, we have an exciting opportunity that could give you more industry recognition.

Let us create a case study around your business. There’s absolutely no cost to you; just plenty of benefits:

  • You’ll be seen as an innovator for adopting some of the latest display technologies on the market today.
  • You’ll gain exposure in targeted industry publications.
  • We’ll utilize our social media channels to push your case study out for increased exposure.
  • You’ll be promoted in our vast database of influencers and decision-makers.
  • We’ll feature your case study in our Chicago Business Innovation Center and Business Solutions Blog.

This could be a big win for your business, and we’d love to make it happen. To be considered for a case study, all you need to do is send us the details.

For inquiries and to submit your case study details, please email Laura.Cohen@lge.com

In the meantime, have a look at a couple of our video case studies:

The Blumenthal Performing Arts Center in Charlotte, NC, wanted to enhance their Belk Theater lobby to give guests a seamless experience before and during theater performances. The goal was to use digital signage displays to promote coming attractions and offerings, and enable guests to keep enjoying the show even if they had to step out of the theater before intermission.

Watch how we turned that show around for everyone.

The Marriott in Charlotte, NC, wanted to reinvent their fitness center to upgrade its appearance, improve the overall experience and accommodate their guests’ individual needs and schedules. The equipment was dated, the studio was uninspiring, and guests were even bringing their own mobile devices to the fitness center to stream content for workouts.

See what happened when we partnered with Fitness on Demand for some Marriott muscle.


The IoT: Infinitely More Than an Iota for the Digital Signage Industry

The Internet of Things, (IoT), has already created the “smart home,” where things that are programmable and have connectivity, such as technology, lights and appliances, connect via the cloud to the homeowner’s smart phone or mobile device and are controlled from virtually anywhere. That brings real advantages—like turning on your home’s A/C as you leave work. Preheating the oven while at the supermarket. Turning off your coffee machine from a taxicab.

But how does the IoT apply to digital signage, and what are some of the advantages it can bring to a business?

Businesses can connect their displays to devices that are online, and even offline via Bluetooth. Businesses and customers can send information to the displays, and the displays can send information back. The IoT enables greater connectivity between numerous systems.

Retail businesses, for example, use beacons and NFC to communicate with customers’ app-enabled smartphones. The display detects a customer’s smartphone and shows targeted messaging as she approaches.

IoT sensors are placed on merchandise, enabling sales-floor inventory to be tracked in real time – a display in the back end instantly informs workers what needs to be replaced. A customer picks up an item for a closer look – information about that item is immediately displayed on a nearby screen; a touch-enabled screen allows for a deeper dive. And even without the store’s app on the phone, the info is displayed when the customer scans an NFC tag or QR code.

With the help of an IoT weather sensor outside the store, when it rains the store automatically displays ads for umbrellas. If it’s cold, they advertise hot cocoa. If it’s hot…frozen treats.

The IoT also adds a valuable component to the mix – meaningful analytics. Data is accumulated from various devices, merged into one form, and transformed into actionable intelligence to help improve business operations. Consider omni-channel, which offers great potential to the IoT. Analytics can show, for example, where customers congregate in the store, what they are interested in, what actions they are taking and which products are moving off the shelves the fastest, or the slowest.

This is a small fraction of what the IoT already means to the digital signage industry, and we’re just talking about retail. You name the industry and chances are the IoT is firmly established and growing in the day-to-day operations. And it’s only going to get bigger.


Turkey, TV and Thanks

It’s Thanksgiving week, and tomorrow we hope you’ll be enjoying a big meal and plenty of fun time with family and friends. Maybe you’ll have Friday off too for a win-win.

Television plays a major role on Thanksgiving Day. In fact, people will be spending much more time in front of the TV than at the dinner table. From sports to specials, there’s something for everyone and there will be plenty of binge-watching. To be sure, there’s nothing better than overdosing on tryptophan and television. And there’s nothing better than watching your favorite show…on LG OLED.

Are we biased? You bet. Although this is the commercial display blog, we’re very familiar with LG OLED consumer TVs. And don’t forget that our product line

includes commercial-grade LG OLED hospitality TVs. Granted, watching the game or parade on a 98-inch LG LCD commercial display can be a blast indeed.

On another note, before the big meal begins it is traditional for everyone to say a few words about what they are most thankful for. For us, there have been many successes this year. But one thing always gets us stoked, and that is hearing how our solutions have helped a business transform its environment, elevate its brand image, and create a better experience for its customers, guests, visitors, patients, students, passengers, employees; as well as the IT pros and systems integrators that bring it all together.

And if you took the time to read this blog, we like that too.

Happy Thanksgiving.


How Digital Signage Can Revitalize Hospital Communication

Last month we told you about the benefits of a digital signage wayfinding system in large medical centers. But that’s only half of the story. Commercial displays can enhance every corner of a medical facility. And since digital signage offers the ability to easily add, update and delete content in real time, and target content for specific areas, it can ensure that staff, volunteers, patients and visitors get up-to-date and relevant information all throughout the facility.

In nurses’ stations, break rooms and other key staff locations, digital monitors and displays can keep the staff informed with workflow information, notices of upcoming events or lectures/training, safety alerts, and patients’ whereabouts through pre-surgery, surgery, and post-surgery recovery. Additionally, team-building content such as new staff introductions, profiles, successes, recognition/accolades, and congratulations for weddings, births, etc., can increase workplace pride and morale, and reinforce healthcare values.

In meeting rooms and conference rooms, large format displays can elevate the quality of virtually any presentation and improve staff training; while small displays outside the rooms can present the schedule for the day.

In the cafeteria and coffee shop, digital menu boards enable menu content flexibility throughout the day and can cross-sell and up-sell items while including nutritional information according to FDA requirements.

Throughout the common areas, in addition to touch-screen wayfinding displays which can save staff members from a deluge of visitor interruptions and questions, visitors and patients can benefit from information about the hospital and its services, a physician and department directory, health and wellness content, fund-raising news and donor recognition, and emergency alerts.

In patient rooms, besides offering entertaining shows, movies, games and the web, healthcare-grade patient-room TVs can be configured to deliver medical and health educational content for patients and their families.

In lobbies and waiting areas, digital signage (including video walls) is ideal for presenting dynamic branding images and messages to inspire confidence and comfort, and create an ambiance to distinguish the facility and help ensure the flow of patients, referrals, donations, staff and volunteers.

To get the most from your investment, work with a digital signage content provider that offers technology best practices for healthcare facilities including subscription-based feeds for medical networks, news/weather reports and lifestyle messaging. Also scheduling software that can integrate with your IT and patient appointment and procedure scheduling systems, and digital place-based networks for revenue-generating advertising. You’ll have the high-quality content you need, for the right reasons, at the right times and in all the right spots.


NY Digital Signage Week Hosts Our Final Roadshow for 2017


October 30 – November 3 was New York Digital Signage Week, bringing together industry leaders, media owners and planners, creative agencies, retailers, architects and investors, all looking to experience the latest and greatest digital signage has to offer.

We were there on Thursday, November 2, at 404 Studios for our final roadshow of 2017. Doors opened at 7AM for an energizing event including a delicious breakfast and lunch, plus a comprehensive keynote on 4K by Gary Kayye, founder of rAVe [Publications]. At 4PM we transformed the show into a relaxing four-hour cocktail reception with music provided by NY hotspot DJ Carol C, along with plenty of passed hors d’oeuvres and ultra-fresh oysters—shucked and served on the spot. It was a huge turnout.

LG OLED displays dropped lots of jaws. Highlights included:

  • LG OLED Wallpaper Hospitality TV incorporating Dolby Atmos® sound
  • LG OLED Wallpaper Display
  • LG OLED Wallpaper In-Glass
  • LG OLED Video Wall

A vertical pillar configuration of four 86-inch Ultra Stretch Displays stopped attendees in their tracks and showed them the menus and agenda for the day.

New IT products drew loads of attention:

  • 43-inch and 32-inch 4K UHD Monitors
  • 38-inch Curved 4K HDR UltraWide™ Monitors
  • Desktop PCoIP Processor
  • 27-inch UltraFine™ 5K Monitor for Mac
  • Cisco Room Kits integrated with 4K displays

LG Technology Partners also showcased their offerings, ranging from digital media players to digital signage software to AV mounts, touch screens and protective overlays. Their links are below.

If you were there, have a look at our photo album. If you weren’t there, have a look at all you missed. We had an amazing time.

A big SHOUT OUT and thank you to Gary Kayye, our technology partners and all our guests for making the 2017 roadshows a major success. See you next year.

NYC Roadshow Pics


Technology Partners




LG Hausys