Improving the Customer Experience – #1 Reason for Digital Signage

According to Digital Signage Future Trends 2017 from DigitalSignageToday.com, “In a 2016 survey 60 percent of retailers listed ‘improved customer service’ as a key benefit of digital signage, and 100 percent chose ‘increased customer engagement’ as a key benefit. Financial institutions also listed ‘customer engagement’ as the top reason companies will invest in digital signage in the next two years, followed by ‘increased customer engagement’ at 49.3 percent and ‘branding’ at 45.8 percent.”

Digital signage is a powerfully effective strategy for improving the customer experience and increasing engagement. The innovative form factors and amazing image quality of today’s displays attracts attention even from a distance, and can hold customer attention while providing important information, sales support, assistance and entertainment.

Digital signage content can be easily created, manipulated, updated and enhanced at a moment’s notice, offering an amazing degree of flexibility that’s not possible with static signs. What’s more, digital signage allows for interactivity with visitors and customers to the point of one-to-one personalization.

Here are some examples of how digital signage can be used to improve your customer experiences.

Welcome Screens – Make your best first impression with digital signage at entryways to highlight your brand with relationship messaging, eye-catching pictures, videos and graphics.

Wayfinding Displays – Use wayfinding displays throughout the facility to direct patrons to their destination quickly and easily. Digital displays can be touch screen enabled for greater convenience.

Digital Kiosks – Take advantage of the selling power of digital displays by showing more products than your floor plan allows. Customers can browse additional inventory options, get ample product information and make purchase decisions on the spot. And at times when sales floor product experts are not available, use digital signage kiosks to provide video chat opportunities with experts for customers needing extra assistance.

Digital Menu Boards – Whether your business is food or services, use digital menu boards to highlight specific items, promote special offers and deliver up-to-date information in real time.

Infotainment – The checkout line and customer service station are ideal locations for digital signage. These are effective opportunities to educate, market and influence customer purchase decisions. Have long lines? Reduce the perceived wait time by displaying brand-supporting entertainment.

Make it Personal – Thanks to Beacon technology using Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE), digital signage can engage customers through their mobile devices and create a personalized experience that entices the customer into the store. A customer with the store’s app on their device and Bluetooth enabled will trigger compatible digital signage nearby to display content and special offers directed at that particular customer.

Digital signage and an effective content strategy can elevate your in-store/in-facility experience like never before possible. If you can make your customers feel valued and empowered, you are well on the way to creating a degree of loyalty that can compete with the online experience and give them every reason to come back.


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“How can LG OLED be so incredibly thin?”

The buzz was deafening at CES 2017, when visitors witnessed the introduction of LG’s new W-Series OLED consumer TVs.

These jaw-dropping TVs are only 2.6 millimeters thick, or should we say 2.6 millimeters thin, and designed to be one with the wall. They attach to the wall with a magnetic bracket, protruding less than 4 millimeters.

With this unique picture-in-wall design, the question LG was asked over and over was how we get OLED to be so incredibly thin. Great question. And we’ve got a great answer.

LG’s W-Series OLED consumer TVs use the same type of revolutionary technology as LG’s award-winning OLED commercial displays. Here’s where “less is more” was never more true.

OLED displays are constructed using only a TFT+OLED+refiner and a polarized film. The TVs build on LG OLED’s revolutionary pixel dimming control technology, which renders perfect black without any light leakage to offer a limitless contrast ratio, and over one billion possible colors.

In contrast, todays LED TVs are actually LCD screens that use LEDs as the light source – this tends to surprise a lot of folks. An LED TV is comprised of many layers: the LED light source (either backlit or edge-lit), a polarized film, layer of glass, TFT array, liquid crystal, color filter and polarizer.

So, with no separate light source required and only half the layers, OLED W-Series TVs can be extremely thin and lightweight. What’s more, all of LG’s 2017 OLED TVs use ULTRA Luminance technology to deliver greater brightness where needed, and are the first TVs in the world to incorporate Dolby Atmos®.

What does that W stand for? As LG Electronics USA marketing vice president David VanderWaal put it, “Wallpaper. Window. Wow.”

Dolby Atmos® is a registered trademark of Dolby Laboratories.


LG is honored with four 2017 DIGI Awards – Best Digital Signage

digi-awards-logo-300x300The winners were announced on December 27, and we are extremely proud.

Digital Signage magazine’s 2017 DIGI Awards recognize the Best Digital Signage Applications and the Best New Products for the Digital Signage market. This is the only industry award program that recognizes the outstanding integrators, content providers and product manufacturers for digital signage.

So, what does this mean for our customers? It means an unrivaled customer experience. It means that LG can provide the world-class commercial display technologies to enhance businesses of any type, with innovative form factors, exceptional image quality and powerful integration capabilities to make their business truly stand out from the rest.

Here are the awards:

Best Digital Signage Applications

Best Interactive Technology Roll Out: LG Electronics, for the Marriott Charlotte City Center

Best New Products

Best 4K Display Device: LG Electronics 86-inch Ultra Stretch digital display

Best New Generation Large Screen Display: LG Electronics Dual-View Flat OLED display

Judges Choice Award

Dual sided curved OLED from LG Electronics


2016 and Maintaining Momentum

It’s been said that a way to keep the momentum going is to continually have greater goals.

That’s great advice for all of us. Accomplishing goals step by step helps builds confidence and teaches us that as long as we consistently strive towards our goals, we can be successful.

2016 was fantastic for LG Commercial Displays. Ultimately we were able to help many more businesses elevate their brand image, create better customer experiences and stand out from the crowd.

But it was a step-by-step process. It began with the introduction of the amazing 86-inch Ultra Stretch display at DSE. Then came the revolutionary OLED displays at InfoComm, and that turned the industry upside down.

All the while our Roadshows were bringing this technology to exciting venues in areas that don’t have major digital signage shows. And that was the idea. We wanted to get as many people up close and personal with LG innovations. You gotta see it to believe it, after all.

To keep the momentum going we created more whitepapers, eBooks and webinars filled with insights on making the most of our technologies.

And as business grew so did our partner base, so we enhanced our LG PRO partner program to share more of our success with those that help make it happen.

And finally, with all the new information our website visitors wanted mobile convenience. So we gave it to them in spades. Not just with optimization, but with a completely new mobile-ready website, rewritten and redesigned to offer more across the board.

So as 2016 closes out, we’re very pleased with what the year enabled us to achieve. And we’re setting greater goals to stay onward and upward.

Now the story turns to you. In 2017 we want to get to know you better, become more interactive with you and know what’s on your mind. So stay tuned, because we’ll be reaching out.

All of us at LG Commercial Displays wish you a happy, healthy and rewarding 2017, brimming with Life’s Good moments. See you in January.


Elevate your Corporate Identity with LG

121616_itcorp_880x440LG’s innovative 21:9 UltraWide® monitors have been global best sellers for three years straight for a very good reason: By introducing the UltraWide technology LG empowered employees for increased efficiency and higher productivity.

The monitors are part of a comprehensive suite of LG corporate display technologies that are easy to install, operate and maintain. Businesses are using LG corporate products to optimize their corporate communications process toward the audience and improve employee relations.

What corporate problems do LG digital displays and desktop technologies solve?

Plenty. In today’s corporate environment employees have access to all types of information on their smartphones and office PCs. But with the sheer beauty of LG digital signage employers can help eliminate distractions and engage employees with targeted content in specific areas of the building.

In the case of employee workstations, LG’s desktop solutions can equip employees to do their best while helping to reduce the burdens on the IT department.

What’s more, visitors can have the benefits of welcome messaging and wayfinding information at their fingertips.

Let’s have a look:

Lobbies and Common Areas

LG’s large format displays can be used to deliver crisp, clear and vivid onsite messaging in breathtaking UHD. Greetings, motivational content, employee awards, company news and real-time data feeds can keep employees and visitors in the know. In addition, LG’s innovative technologies such as the 86-inch Ultra Stretch signage, video walls and amazing OLED displays can set the business environment apart from the rest with a wow factor like nothing ever seen before.

Hallways and Elevator Areas

Wayfinding displays are perfect solutions for orienting visitors and getting them to where they need to be. Large wayfinders can direct guests throughout the facility while small wayfinders outside of conference rooms can display meeting time and subject matter. And while the visitors are waiting, digital displays can immerse them in the corporate message and branding.

Conference Rooms

In conference rooms, LG’s large format UHD displays are incredibly effective for presentations, training and video tutorials. IPS (In Plane Switching) screen technology ensures a crisp, clear view from virtually anywhere in the room, so any seat is the best seat.


Like a quick-service restaurant, corporate cafeterias need to keep the lines moving so employees can relax, enjoy their lunch and get back to work on time. Take advantage of what the QSR industry knows best—LG displays excel as digital menu boards. With the IPS wide viewing angle, employees can clearly read the menu and specials while standing in line and speed through their order.

Employee Workstations

Today it is common for designers, artists, security professionals and others to work with multiple monitors on their desks. Replacing multiple monitors with a single 21:9 UltraWide monitor will enable users to maximize multitasking with as many programs as they like, and numerous video feeds, on one screen at the same time. Reducing the overall number of monitors can also cut your company’s energy usage and equipment costs too.

Looking to simplify workstations and slash costs? Look to LG’s Zero Clients and Chromebase™ PCs.

Zero Clients can help eliminate security problems, most hardware problems and maintenance issues because they don’t have hard drives, moving parts or operating systems. A Zero Client runs on PCoIP (PC-over-IP) and connects to a cloud-based server (self-hosted or a subscription service), such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or VMware®, to deploy desktop functions from the cloud.

Chromebase PCs are all-in-one PC solutions powered by Google’s Chrome OS. They provide access to all of Google’s resources, including various applications that are compatible with and can even replace MS Excel and PowerPoint, plus hundreds of thousands of free and paid apps. Built-in virus protection, multiple layers of security and verified boot help keep the devices safe from computer threats. And Chrome OS updates itself at no cost, ensuring all devices always have the latest version.

The benefits of LG digital displays in the corporate environment are well worth the investment and can bring significant ROI in terms of increased employee engagement, motivation, productivity and retention.

VMware® is a registered trademark of VMware, Inc.

Chromebase™ is a trademark of LG.


Optical Disc Drives – R.I.P. or V.I.P.?

Optical drives that can read and write CDs, DVDs, and even Blu-ray discs have just about vanished from laptop computers in order for manufacturers to reduce bulk and extra weight and create smaller, thinner and lighter machines.

While it’s true today that software can be downloaded from the Internet, and most people now download and stream music and movies rather than buy it on discs, the need still remains for the discs themselves and therefore, a device to play them.

But if you like to travel light and you have a new laptop or tablet, what do you do?

Look to LG. LG manufactures a full line of optical disc drives (ODD) with numerous models to suit various needs. Our USB-powered ultra slim portable models are very affordable, Windows 8, 10 and Mac OS compatible, and also M-DISC™ compatible for archival storage. What’s more, LG ultra slim portable ODDs are full-function compatible with the most successful tablet on the market—the Microsoft Surface Pro.

Wondering why you’d still need an ODD these days?

  • You have a large CD collection you eventually want to rip to MP3s
  • You have DVDs you might enjoy watching while traveling
  • You get a new laptop and want to install older software from discs
  • You want to burn documents, photos or videos from a hard drive, SSD or cloud service to preserve your digital memories
  • If you’re in IT you might have the need to burn and run emergency discs from time to time

If you have a laptop bag or tablet bag, an LG ultra slim portable ODD can easily slip inside and go anywhere you go. And once again, if you love your Microsoft Surface Pro tablet you can now make it even more versatile with full-function compatibility from LG.

LG optical disc drives are still burning bright. Have a look at our full line of external and internal models from DVD to Blu-ray here.

M-DISC™ is a trademark of Millenniata


Francis Ford Coppola lauds LG OLED in recent interview

Did you read Jacob Bernstein’s November interview with Francis Ford Coppola in the New York Times? It was about the making of The Godfather – promoting Coppola’s exciting new book containing his actual production notes. But the interview also turned to the state of movies today, where Coppola says something incredible about LG OLED. Here is the excerpt:

Bernstein: “There is TV now. Many would argue the advent of Netflix, HBO and Amazon in relation sort of make up for the decline of the movie studio.”

Coppola: “Yes. Cinema and television are becoming the same thing. You can’t say I do this for television or movies. They both can be shown in theaters or at home. It can be one minute or a hundred hours, and you can have a screen that’s big and beautiful like the LG OLED screens, which are a miracle.”

Francis Ford Coppola says LG OLED screens are a miracle. That’s an amazing unsolicited compliment coming from an amazing Hollywood director. We absolutely love that LG OLED technology is being so highly acclaimed. Mr. Coppola, we appreciate your continued support.

Read the full interview here.

Mr. Coppola has been a strong supporter of LG OLED technology this year. Watch this video from April where he hails LG OLED TV as the next frontier in cinematic home entertainment.

Now imagine what LG OLED displays could do for your business’s image.


2016 is a ‘Banner Year’ for 4K UHD

On November 9 the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) reported that Holiday (Q4) shipments of 4K UHD televisions in the United States are expected to reach 4.5 million units, driving total 4K UHD sales for 2016 to 10 million units – a 40% increase in sales over last year.

Gary Shaprio, CTA president and CEO said, “We’ve been bullish about 4K UHD since day one, and market growth continues to justify our enthusiasm. Manufacturers are introducing an increasing variety of 4K UHD displays at a range of price points. Many of these displays include new innovations like HDR and WCG that make the viewing experience more immersive. Strong growth in display sales, combined with the increasing number of 4K UHD Blu-ray discs and other content, 4K cameras, and additional devices in the market will cement 2016 as a ’banner year’ for 4K UHD.”

LG Commercial Displays sees this as great news for 4K digital signage, too.

Why? Because as 4K TVs become more popular, so will the demand for 4K content. And that means much more potential for businesses looking to give their customers an incredible onsite experience with attention-grabbing branding elements, intricate product details, enhanced communication and better engagement, courtesy of larger displays with outstanding 4K UHD resolution.

At LG, raising the bar on image quality and the customer experience is our top priority. Our end users have known it for years from our 720P and Full HD panels with IPS technology, 4K UHD displays and video walls with advanced local dimming and Shine Out™ technology, and now our latest and greatest, LG OLED, setting the new standard for the pinnacle of image quality and innovation.

Last week we told you about the advantages of large 4K displays for business. And after the recent report from CTA, we especially want to encourage you, whether you’re currently considering a 4K UHD display solution, on the fence, or still not convinced. If you want to raise the bar on your customer environment, large 4K displays with their immersive viewing experience would indeed be the way to go. And don’t forget, LG 4K displays feature our Tru 4K Upscaler to make the most of non-4K content. So the same content you’ve already been using on your digital displays will look even better, even when your patrons get up close.

Read the full Consumer Technology Association press release here.


More businesses are installing large 4K displays. Here’s why.

Large 4K Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) displays present a huge opportunity for businesses that are looking to elevate their brand image, add wow factor to their messaging and create an exciting customer experience. With incredibly detailed images, stunningly bright colors and jaw-dropping sizes, large 4K displays could be exactly what you need to create an unforgettable environment for your patrons.

The dazzle is in the details

The larger the display, and the closer visitors can get to it, the more important it is to have 4K capability. Higher resolutions mean that the image has more detail, so with 4K’s 8.29 million pixels (3840 columns and 2160 rows of pixels) compared to Full HD 1080p’s 2.07 million (1920 columns and 1080 rows of pixels), 4K displays are able to show greater details that become very noticeable on larger screens. Visitors will see the difference in important branding elements, product representations, smoother lines and other aesthetics.

A 4K display also makes it possible for customers to get quite close to a big screen without noticing the pixels that make up the image. With a 98-inch Full HD 1080p display, for example, people would need to be at least 13 feet away before the pixels would disappear. But with a 98-inch 4K display they could be as close as seven feet. So with 4K, you could have a much larger display, even a massive video wall, in a smaller space without hindering the amazing visual experience.

And then there’s 4K’s extreme color gamut. 4K UHD panels are Rec. 2020 color space compliant, providing a much wider range of colors than a Full HD panel’s ITU709 color space. 4K UHD are able to reproduce colors that cannot be shown with the ITU709 color space and, therefore, can more faithfully reproduce branding and product colors.

Create a 4K content chain

It’s important to note that it’s not enough to simply purchase a 4K display if you want to view native 4K content. Your entire content chain will need to support 4K video. Products designed for use with native 4K content must also support HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding), the new H.265 encoding/decoding standard, which compresses 4K video signals so they don’t overwhelm the network.

Upscaling optimizes non-4K content

Also keep in mind that simply streaming Full HD 1080p, 720p or standard definition content to a 4K display will result in graphics that are either way too small, or expanded and distorted. Non-4K content needs to be prepared for a 4K screen via a process called upscaling. LG’s Tru Upscaler function is state-of-the-art, delivering UHD image quality with the lower resolutions. The same content a business has already been using on their existing digital displays will look even better on an LG 4K commercial display, even when viewed from up close.

Thinking about going 4K?

Large 4K displays are a powerful strategy for capturing and holding customer attention and maximizing your message’s impact. Your customers won’t soon forget the extra effort you put in to give them a breathtaking show.

We’re working on a 4K eBook that will give you plenty of details about LG’s 4K display advantages. Stay tuned and we’ll tell you when it’s ready.