Create a Standout Hotel with LG’s Technology, Easy Installation and Services

Just as the best hotels strive to provide the finest guest experience, LG is striving to give hoteliers a friendly, accommodating and stress-free business experience. Our focus on the success of our Hospitality clients and their guests’ satisfaction has led to the creation of certified partnerships based on reliability, trust and excellence. And as of April 2016, we’ve been offering all the display technology, easy installation and services you need to set your hotel apart from the rest. Let’s have a quick look.

Guest Room TV Liquidation and Installation

Guest room TVs are typically retired every five or six years. And as the 20-year leader in guest room TVs, LG is ready to provide the latest, industry-leading Pro:Centric® Full HD, 4K and Smart Hospitality TVs in an array of sizes.

But what do you do with your old TVs?

Simple solution. Your LG account manager can coordinate liquidation services with one of our nationwide certified partners specializing in installing and liquidating Hospitality televisions. They’ll uninstall the TVs, remove them from the property, recycle them properly or sell them, and hand you a check. Need a Pro:Centric server for your new LG TVs? No problem, they’ll install one.

Common Area Digital Signage Services

Right from the start the LG Hospitality experience is smooth, accommodating and uncomplicated. LG Fulfillment, our dedicated third-party partner for Hospitality digital signage, qualifies our customers, sets expectations early on, and determines the goals and budget for the digital signage deployment.

LG Fulfillment will coordinate a complete expert installation including the signage or video wall, mounts, cablings and video player, with one of our nationwide certified digital signage installation partners.

Content Creation and Management

In the world of digital signage, content is king. And with LG Hospitality solutions you won’t have to worry about it. LG Fulfillment can coordinate your needs with one of our certified Hospitality content partners who will work with you to develop top-quality digital signage content to impress your guests, enhance the look and feel of your hotel and increase revenue.

LG Technologies for Hospitality

  • Credit-card-thin OLED Hospitality TVs for the Luxury Suite
  • Industry-leading Hospitality TVs for the Guest Room
  • Amazing OLED Displays for the Common Areas
  • Breathtaking Video Walls for the Common Areas
  • 86-inch Ultra Stretch Signage for the Common Areas
  • Desktop IPS Monitors for the Front Desk and Offices
  • Hospitality-specific Software Platforms and Software

We are very pleased to be able to provide this complete end-to-end Hospitality solution for creating a standout hotel. We cover all the details in a new eBook that you can download now.


Second-quarter 2016 Hospitality Survey Results are in. And we’re stoked.

In past monthly newsletters we told you about LG’s very nice first-quarter 2016 Hospitality Survey results. And now the second-quarter 2016 numbers have come in. We are so pleased that our Hospitality customers continue to enjoy the outcomes LG’s technology provides—improved customer experience and improved staff efficiency. Many thanks to all who participated in the online surveys.

How do we get the numbers?

For the Hospitality surveys we use TechValidate, a trusted authority for the data their platform publishes. They have developed stringent process control and verification technology to ensure the authenticity of the data they collect.

To ensure maximum participation, TechValidate optionally protects the identities of research participants, allowing them to contribute their feedback freely and without fear of legal or business repercussions. When participants opt to have their public identity protected, the data they contribute is attributed by their role and industry (e.g. CIO, Fortune 500 Financial Services Firm).

TechValidate collects data from customers via fast and easy-to-use online questionnaires. The participation process is quick and fun, which encourages high participation.

Here are the TechValidate LG Hospitality Survey Results published on August 17, 2016.

Of 72 users surveyed, 96% indicated that the results from purchasing their LG Commercial Display solution met their original expectations for purchasing.

Of 74 users surveyed, 61% are extremely satisfied with LG Commercial Displays, and 20% are very satisfied. Another 19% are satisfied.

Of 72 users surveyed, 71% plan to make other/future purchases with LG Commercial Displays; 22% say possibly, still deciding.

Of 71 users surveyed, 93% measure ROI on the LG Commercial Displays purchased as “improved customer experience” and 20% as “improved staff efficiency.”

Of 72 users surveyed, 89% most recently purchased LG Hospitality TVs, 10% purchased TV Signage and 3% purchased Digital Signage.

Those are great numbers. So what’s coming next?

Plenty. LG has never been a company to rest on its laurels. We have an ongoing 20-year history of leadership in guest room TVs, and as of April this year we’ve expanded our offerings to cover the common areas as well. LG now offers all the technology, easy installation and services your team needs to create A STANDOUT HOTEL.

Stay tuned…in next week’s blog we’ll tell you all about it and provide a detailed eBook for download.


LG to host our most amazing event of Digital Signage Week

nyroadshow-blogThe Life’s Good Lounge

Thursday, October 27, 2016

404 Studios

404 10th Ave, (between 32nd and 33rd St.)

New York, NY 10001

Breakfast (7:30am – 10:30am)

Lunch (Noon – 3pm)

Happy Hour (4pm – 8pm) Invitation Only

New York Digital Signage Week is happening October 24 – 28, with various events set around Manhattan. Digital Signage Week brings together thousands of digital signage industry leaders and hundreds of out of home media owners, media planners, creative agencies, retailers, architects and investors, for a week of networking, learning and seeing the latest and greatest in the digital signage industry.

Our Commercial Display Roadshow will be there with a truly amazing event we’re calling The Life’s Good Lounge. We’re taking over all three levels of 404 Studios in Midtown Manhattan for a product showcase like no other, with open-house breakfast and lunch, followed by an invitation-only top-shelf Happy Hour with guest DJ…(consider this your invitation, you can register down below).

FIRST, THE PRODUCTS: At The Life’s Good Lounge you’ll experience things you won’t see anywhere else during Digital Signage Week. In fact, unless you’ve been to DSE, InfoComm or HITEC this year you haven’t seen anything yet.

We’ll be featuring lots of cool technologies including the incredible In-Glass OLED Wallpaper and Dual-Sided Curved Tiling OLED Display—each making their first appearance at an LG Roadshow. We’ll also have our Dual-Sided Flat OLED Displays, the new OLED Hospitality TVs, and the 86-inch Ultra Stretch Signage in horizontal and four-sided pillar configurations. Large-format 70”, 79” and 98” displays will be up and running, as will a 2 x 2 Clover Video Wall made with four 55” panels. Also on the floor will be a high-brightness window-facing display, IT UltraWide Monitors and smaller desktop monitors.

Our partner TSI Touch will be there with overlay technology to convert a standard display screen to a touchscreen—incredibly great for wayfinding applications, visitor check-ins and more.

And if you have a few wrinkles in your sport jacket, you might want to try out our new LG Styler steam care system for clothing while you enjoy the show.

Representing LG’s consumer side will be the award-winning LG Signature OLED TV G6, and drooling is just about guaranteed.

LG HAUSYS will be there too, showcasing their remarkable countertop surfaces.

NOW, ON TO THE HAPPY HOUR. From 4-8PM we’ll have open bars with top-shelf spirits and LG Signature cocktails for your enjoyment. And for your entertainment we’ll have NYC Hotspot DJ Carol C.

AND ON TOP OF ALL THAT, one lucky attendee will win a 55-inch Curved OLED TV.

See…we told you you’ll experience things you won’t see anywhere else. So please join us at The Life’s Good Lounge for an amazing display of technology, excitement and entertainment. See you there.



There’s OLED at the end of the tunnel. And OLED IS the tunnel.

LG made a grand entrance at IFA in Berlin, using a tunnel of OLED commercial displays to draw visitors to LG OLED consumer TVs.

IFA is the world’s leading platform for consumer electronics and home appliances. From September 1 – 6, IFA presented the latest products and innovations in the heart of Europe‘s most important regional market. IFA offered a comprehensive overview of the international market, and their unique blend of product innovations, stars and entertainment, presented by more than 1,600 exhibitors, attracted more than 240,000 visitors.

LG was there, with a large exhibitor booth showcasing the latest consumer electronics and home appliance technologies. And ushering visitors into the OLED TV section of the booth was a massive OLED tunnel, over 16 feet tall, 24 feet wide and nearly 50 feet long. The tunnel was constructed from 216 55-inch curved OLED commercial display panels, providing a completely immersive and jaw-dropping environment.

The impressive scale of the display tunnel was made possible by OLED’s ultra-thin, highly flexible lightweight panels. LG OLED commercial displays can be custom bent by LG into concave or convex formations without any picture quality distortion, allowing for spectacular digital installations. And since each OLED pixel can switch itself on, brighten, dim and switch off, OLED not only eliminates the need for backlighting but is able to reproduce perfect black and infinite contrast ratio—delivering incredibly vibrant color and wide viewing angles.

IFA attendees were amazed at the astonishingly realistic image quality. The tunnel contained nearly half a billion pixels and displayed a breathtaking video of dynamic 4K Ultra HD content, titled “From Black to Black,” produced by LG for the show.

The video footage accentuated the stunning lifelike colors and the ability to recreate the tiniest details of life which LG’s OLED technology delivers in spades. Visitors marveled at a pitch-black ocean with effervescent jellyfish and the gentle movement of whales, as well as galactic scenes from deep black space and the brilliant Northern Lights. In making the video, LG used 14 separate 8K cameras to record every movement and detail of Iceland’s Northern Lights as accurately as possible.

In the OLED tunnel visitors felt as though they were swimming deep in the ocean or floating in the Milky Way.

When you consider that LG used the OLED tunnel to draw visitors into the booth, imagine what LG OLED commercial displays could do to enhance your own company’s branding, product offerings and customer experience. LG OLED commercial displays bring an unparalleled wow factor—completely transforming the architectural elements of a building into a digital canvas.

LG has a history of big show attractions, earning a Red Dot Award in Spatial Communication for its dome-shaped OLED installations at CES 2016.

Watch From Black to Black.


Marriott’s Fitness on Demand™ packs on LG Muscle

What do you do when your hotel fitness centers have gotten out of shape? Well, if you’re Marriott Hotels, you call on long-time technology partner LG Electronics for a workout session.

Marriott’s Fitness on Demand studio wanted to reinvent their facility to offer enhanced and flexible solutions for their guests’ workouts on the road. Their equipment was dated, the studio was uninspiring, and guests were even bringing their own connected devices, such as iPads and laptops, to the studio spaces to stream content for workouts.

LG provided a visually stunning 3×3 (that’s nine display panels) video wall made with 47-inch class display panels and high-end LG soundbars for Marriott’s downtown Charlotte, N.C. newly renovated fitness center.

Paired with Fitness on Demand’s massive catalog of 1600 virtual fitness classes, the displays were daisy-chained together to create an incredibly immersive and engaging workout experience. Guests are now able to enjoy interactive, high-energy workouts from Zumba, Beachbody, Jillian Michaels and others while feeling like they’re right in the room with their fitness instructor, whether in group settings or solo sessions.

More LG-powered Fitness on Demand centers are on the way. To ensure that design aesthetic remains consistent throughout participating Marriott hotels, a design guide will be distributed to provide hotel staff with a standardized yet customizable approach for the appearance of finished fitness spaces, which also will help cut design costs. Hotel employees will also receive a half day of training to teach guests how to operate the fitness experience by themselves.

“We can’t wait to install more LG video walls across more Marriott Hotels locations in the United States and enrich the health and wellness of more travelers,” said Kenneth Ryan, Vice President of Global Spa Operations at Marriott International. “Fitness on Demand and LG are helping Marriott to set the new standard for hotel fitness and reshape the gym experience in hotels and beyond.”

Read the Marriott Hotels Fitness on Demand case study (with pictures) here.


LG OLED TV is headed for premier luxury hotels

If you visited the LG booth this past June at the 2016 Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference (HITEC), you had the opportunity to experience the world’s first OLED Hospitality TVs. If you missed it, they’ll soon be coming to premier luxury hotel suites. These new razor-thin 55- and 65-inch class TVs combine an entirely new aesthetic with unrivaled picture quality to create a dazzling guest room entertainment experience like no other. LG OLED is a superb way to distinguish luxury suites as part of a standout hotel, and the TVs are scheduled to start shipping in October/November.

You have to see it to believe it. Not only does LG OLED deliver perfect black and the finest details of color and gradation, the incomparable picture quality remains true even from wide viewing angles so guests can appreciate the TV’s color and clarity from any seat in the room. What’s more, the TVs are equipped with powerful 4K upscaling so non-4K content can take advantage of the screens’ eight million pixels.

In addition to the amazing design and picture, LG OLED Hospitality TVs are fully equipped with the latest hospitality technology—Pro:Idiom® digital encryption for digital rights management, the Pro:Centric® interactive TV platform to eliminate the need for a set-top box, and embedded b-LAN compatibility for RF-based head-end communication. They also offer guests the latest webOS 3.0 Smart TV platform to make finding and switching between LG’s expanded content options—including broadcast TV, streaming services and external devices—simple and quick.

OLED Hospitality TVs are the latest in our 2016 lineup of industry-changing OLED technologies—including Full HD dual-sided flat and 4K Ultra HD curved tiling OLED commercial displays that are ideal for impactful and space-efficient digital signage installations in hotel lobbies, VIP clubs, fitness centers, restaurants, business centers and other high-profile public areas.

LG now offers all the technology, easy installation and services your team needs to create a standout hotel. Stay tuned.


We’re always up to something with our roadshows.

For the past few weeks we’ve been planning an exceptional Commercial Display Roadshow at the Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum in Denver, Colorado. It’s an incredible venue, renowned for its marvelous air craft exhibits, space and rocketry exhibits, and restoration projects.

In fact, the museum’s slogan is, “Always Up to Something.” Nice. It’s an ideal place to showcase LG’s new lineup of displays, since our Business Solutions Product Zone is set up somewhat like an exhibit hall.

We always provide a nice lunch for our attendees, and for the last couple of roadshows we also treated everyone to a tasting of fine wines from Chateau Montelena. Every guest also took home a gift bottle.

Now, what comes to mind for Denver’s liquid attractions? Of course, microbrews! Colorado consistently tops the charts for the number of breweries and microbreweries per capita. Plus, it’s home to the Denver Beer Triangle: the Rocky Mountain front range between Boulder, Fort Collins and Denver, where you’ll find more than 72 breweries, including Coors Brewing Company.

That settled it. We’ll do a microbrew tasting. Our guests will love it. And we’ll also give each guest a custom beer stein to take home.

That was the plan, and we couldn’t wait to get the word out. And we got the word out. The next day one of our roadshow team brought up an important point…coincidence or not, our Denver Roadshow just happened to be scheduled on the opening day of the 2016 NFL season, with the Broncos hosting the Carolina Panthers in a Super Bowl 50 rematch.

Our roadshow team is always thinking of more ways to impress our guests. Like the Air & Space Museum, we’re always up to something. So we had to go for a big win. Let’s score a touchdown for the Broncos fans.

And that’s just what we’ll do. Because we have just added a special guest.

Ed McCaffrey, former Giants, 49ers and Broncos wide receiver and three-time Super Bowl champion, will be joining us at the roadshow! Ed will “chalk talk” about this year’s Broncos season, field your questions, pass some signed footballs and also be available for autographs and photos.

This could be our best show yet, and it’s all happening on Game Day. Come one out and join us.

LG Commercial Display Roadshow with special guest Ed McCaffrey

Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum

Thursday, September 8, 9am – 1:30pm or 12pm – 4:30pm


After the Roadshow you’ll have plenty of time to get where you’re going to watch the opening game at 6:30 p.m.

Register Now


Roadshow Recap – LG brings a great new show to the Television Academy


It was another record-breaker as Tuesday’s LA roadshow drew a 65% increase in attendance over last year’s LA show. This time, visitors were treated to a day at the Television Academy’s Saban Media Center, the newest addition to the organization dedicated to the future of creativity and advancement of telecomm arts and sciences. They experienced LG’s latest commercial display products with private product zone tours, enjoyed a tour of the academy grounds, had lunch and delighted in a tasting of exceptional wines from Chateau Montelena . Everyone left with a gift bottle of 2010 Petite Syrah.

Once again, the roadshow attendees were amazed by our technology. Many found our dual-sided OLED display to be one of the most pronounced stars at the show, and by just looking at it many could immediately think of ways it would improve their business. The 86-inch Ultra Stretch display was also a big winner, igniting lots of aha moments for how they finally had a tool for ideas they weren’t previously able to deliver. Visitors were finding inspiration from the whole of LG as well, like the LG Magic View, which mimics a lenticular treatment of multiple images depending on viewing angle.

LG technology is already plentiful at the Saban Media Center, and grabbing lots of attention every day. Our 3 x 3 video wall (that’s nine display panels) is a standout in the lobby, while 65-inch OLED consumer TVs grace the registration center. Also in the lobby is our ultimate consumer television and masterpiece of design, the LG Signature OLED. On the second floor is a 2 x 2 video wall (four panels), and the Governor’s Room is host to our 98-inch commercial display.

LG was on the big screen, too. The Television Academy’s state-of-the-art 600-seat Wolf Theater, one of the finest venues for film and television in LA, was running LG videos on the latest Dolby Vision laser projection and Dolby Atmos audio system, while statues of Emmys adorned the stage. Also, while walking through the center we walked through history, encountering statues and artwork of the legends of TV, such as Jackie Gleason, Red Skelton and Carol Burnett.

We’ve all been having a great time at our roadshows this year, and if we’re anywhere near your vicinity you really need to come out and experience one. We promise you’ll have an enlightening and exciting time.

Next stop: The Mile High City

Our next roadshow will be in Denver on September 8, from 9am – 1:30pm and 12pm – 4:30pm, at the Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum. We’ll provide lunch and a Micro Brew tasting, and you’ll take home an LG beer stein. What’s more, we’ll have a special guest for autographs and photos. You’ll also have plenty of time to discover the museum exhibits, including a rare B-18A Bolo, an RF-84K Thunderflash Parasite, and even a Star Wars X-Wing fighter.

Don’t miss it!

Register NOW for our September 8 Denver Roadshow.


Who should be using LG OLED displays?

No doubt about it, LG OLED displays are exciting, and their groundbreaking versatility is quickly changing the ways digital signage can be employed. With absolute freedom from having to be mounted on a wall, they can integrate seamlessly into any environment, becoming an eye-catching focal point that draws viewers, gets the message across and invites interaction like never before.

And the shapes and sizes are amazing too. OLED’s sleek, pencil-thin design allows it to be customized by LG into curved, concave or convex forms, to create a display array that can also serve as a primary architectural design element within the space itself.

Dual-sided flat OLED displays also open up new opportunities in placement and save space as well. Images can be the same (mirrored), or swapped, on either side of the display. And their “off-the-wall” capability means that you can mount them on floor stands, from ceilings or jutting out from walls. Finally, OLED curved tiling displays can be used to create compelling partitions that can move viewers through an area while they enjoy a dynamic dual-sided multimedia experience.

So with all this potential, who’s been asking about OLED?

Since our introduction of OLED at the 2016 Digital Signage Expo in March there has been a lot of interest coming from numerous markets. Here’s a quick recap:

Luxury Hotels

The hospitality industry has long known LG as the guest room TV of choice. And now Luxury Hotels can set themselves apart with premium suites that feature LG OLED hospitality TVs for unparalleled viewing pleasure, while complementing the room’s interior design.

Premium or Specialty Retailers

OLED displays are perfect for Premium or Specialty Retailers, such as jewelry stores and fashion boutiques, looking to set themselves apart from the competition by creating exciting visual presentations that bring their products, services and brand to life. Since the displays blend harmoniously with the showroom and the merchandise, customers can completely immerse themselves in an experience like no other—and that’s especially important when competing against today’s online retailers. Store designers can incorporate OLED displays into retail spaces in a variety of ways, including curved walls that delineate key areas, or even use them as easels, where they provide stunning dynamic imagery and, when paired with a camera, switch to become a mirror. All of this adds up to a store that customers will want to shop in often, and talk about to their friends, generating strong loyalty, more sales and increased profits.

Transportation Ports

Transportation Ports, such as airports or cruise ship terminals, can use dual-sided OLED displays to deliver important messages to travelers coming or going. They can also be employed in waiting areas, entertaining those waiting to begin their journey. Curved OLED displays can be hung from the ceiling, completely changing the look and feel of a crowded terminal. As people move, they can feel more relaxed, as beautiful scenes are displayed overhead.

Public Areas and Healthcare Facilities

Public Areas can be greatly enhanced with OLED displays that entertain, educate and welcome engagement. They can set a mood, define a space or be employed as wayfinding signage. Extended Care Facilities and Hospitals can also employ OLED displays in a similar fashion to elevate their brand image, inform, entertain and provide a relaxing environment.


Museums can bring exhibits to spectacular life with striking, accurate images revealed by OLED displays. Dual-sided flat displays can assist in wayfinding; custom curved displays can be hung from the ceiling to reveal breathtaking galaxies; and free-standing floor displays can be incorporated into exhibits to provide the audience with a wealth of information that’s clearly seen even from wide angles.

The benefits and versatility of OLED displays can add plenty of wow factor to any environment, where the pinnacle of picture quality, innovative designs and complete installation flexibility will make your brand stand out from the crowd. Has this sparked your imagination?


Have something spectacular with your fine wine.

If you’ve ever wondered what pairs best with world-class red and white wines, we have the answer: LG OLED.

In fact, we confirmed that fact at our last commercial display roadshow, in San Francisco, where we hosted a wine tasting with the internationally acclaimed Chateau Montelena—the winery that put Napa Valley on the map 40 years ago in a tasting event that became known as the Judgement of Paris.

The feedback was so encouraging about our wine tasting experience, and the private tours of industry-leading LG display technologies, that we’re bringing Chateau Montelena back for our LA roadshow on August 16, at the Television Academy in North Hollywood.

We’ll have four stellar wines for your tasting pleasure—a Chardonnay, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon and a Petite Syrah or Zinfandel—each one a Chateau Montelena classic. And that’s not all. We’ll be giving you a bottle to bring home.

Now, back to the pairing with OLED. You’ll also have the opportunity to see and learn about our new dual-sided OLED display, the Best of Show winner for digital signage at InfoComm 2016.

Dual-sided flat, curved tiling and customizable LG OLED creates an entirely new category of pencil-thin displays that deliver awe-inspiring picture quality even when viewed from an angle. Because each of the screen’s pixels is self-lighting and can brighten, dim and turn off, OLED can deliver perfect black, infinite contrast and bring colors to life in unprecedented ways.

With LG OLED a business can now create content delivery displays and sculpt customer environments that were never before possible—where engagement turns into astonishment. Think of it this way—OLED becomes a badge of recognition that the business truly stands out from the crowd.

If you haven’t seen OLED and LG’s other outstanding commercial displays you really need to. And LA is the place to do it.

The Television Academy is a perfect setting for fine wine and award-winning technology. For your convenience, you can sign up for our morning session from 9:00 to 1:30, or the afternoon session from 12:00 to 4:30. Lunch is provided for both.

There’s still time to register for the August 16 roadshow in LA. Don’t miss it.

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