LG UT670H Series Smart Hospitality TVs Offer Cost-Effective IPTV Functionality and Experience-Enhancing Features

Last week we gave you the rundown on Pro:Centric® and Pro:Centric Direct television content management systems, and how they can help hotels provide an innovative in-room experience via interactive solutions for guests.

The Pro:Centric Direct platform is available on LG Smart Hospitality TVs. One such TV is the new UT670H Series, a cost-effective Internet Protocol television (IPTV) solution with webOS 4.5, available in the most hotel-requested sizes of 43, 49 and 55 inches. UT670H Series Smart TVs offer Ultra HD resolution, which is four times higher than that of Full HD, and provides a more realistic and immersive television viewing experience. UHD’s 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution creates outstanding images with incredibly vivid detail.

LG UT670H Series TVs elevate the in-room entertainment experience and increase convenience through implementation of high-end technology.

Because the UT670H Series supports the Pro:Centric Direct platform, it offers customizable tools for LG’s Systems Integrator partners to create interactive applications that enable delivery of a wide range of unique solutions tailored to both hotel management and guest needs. Guests can locate and enjoy available TV channels or access a wide range of over-the-top (OTT) smart apps, check on the daily weather, review available hotel amenities and more – all from the comfort of their room.

Value-added features include voice recognition, allowing users to easily control the TV. The TV series also supports SmartShare, Screen Share, Pro:Idiom® and Bluetooth Sound Sync.

SmartShare allows guests to share content between compatible devices more easily and quickly by showcasing all the device’s audio, video and photo content in simple menus on the screen. ScreenShare connects a smartphone or a laptop PC to the TV via a Wi-Fi Direct connection. The TV will display the device’s screen, and guests can share their content and memories together. Pro:Idiom digital rights management (DRM) technology provides access to premium content to help assure rapid and broad deployment of HDTV and other high-value digital content. Bluetooth Sound Sync enables guests to listen to music on a mobile device through the TV speakers via Bluetooth connection, supporting Android (above v4.4 KitKat) / iOS-based mobile devices.

Hospitality features also include Software-enabled Access Point (SoftAP) and embedded Broadband Local Area Network (b-LAN). SoftAP is a “virtual” Wi-Fi feature that uses software to create a wireless hotspot. The current version supports Bridge Mode, which enables network managers to control connected devices. For properties with SONIFI, embedded b-LAN allows pay-per-view (PPV) and video on demand (VOD) support without the need for a set-top box.

Setting up UT670H Series hospitality TVs is simple with EzManager, a convenient installation function that helps to set up Pro:Centric TV settings automatically without extra effort of configuration.


LG Pro:Centric: Enhancing the Hotel Guest Experience Is Getting Easier

Hoteliers can enhance their guests’ in-room television experience with LG’s Pro:Centric® television content management system that creates an innovative in-room experience via interactive solutions for guests. Designed with simple and intuitive editing tools and pre-designed templates, the intuitive Pro:Centric interface handles guest requests such as housekeeping and laundry services in a personalized manner. For the hotelier, Pro:Centric offers efficient content production and management while maximizing on-site advertising effectiveness to boost the hotel’s image.

Pro:Centric can act as an in-room concierge, giving guests the ability to see hotel amenities such as restaurants, bars, spa services, fitness and business centers, and more, via billboards presented on their in-room TV. The hotel property can customize and update these billboards as required to promote whatever businesses and services will benefit them and their guests. Pro:Centric also enables guests to access their favorite streaming services and smart TV applications such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Showtime, Crackle, HBO GO, Amazon Prime Video, or they can select their favorite TV show or movie from the electronic programming guide. In addition, guests can pair their mobile devices with the TV for screen sharing and playing audio files. These personal experiences with the hotel can contribute to guest loyalty with customers that have unique, positive stories to share.

Pro:Centric Direct, LG’s fully customizable HTML application environment, is available on LG more advanced hospitality TVs. Pro:Centric Direct features an innovative authoring tool using drag-and-drop widgets and enables over-the-top (OTT) Internet video streaming and casting services. Pro:Centric Direct also supports IP networks for two-way communications, enabling interactive services to be offered to guests such as room service ordering, spa service booking, concierge requests, portfolio review and checkout, all from the TV. In addition, ticker messaging and individual or group messages can be sent to the guest’s TV, all within a fully-customized, hotel-branded user experience.

When guests benefit, hotels benefit. By providing a simple means to access hotel services and amenities, Pro:Centric Direct promotes a consistent revenue stream for the hotel property. This cost-effective delivery of uniform services and features across both RF (radio frequency) and IP (Internet protocol) based networks eliminates the need for additional hardware such as a set-top box in the room.

With LG Pro:Centric hospitality TVs, installation and maintenance are both simple and efficient when using LG’s Pro:Centric server installed at the hotel’s head end equipment room. LG provides the necessary tools and technical training to third-party installers and integrators, so that they have the skills to directly support the hotel property. Hundreds of TVs can be quickly installed and configured in a matter of days, and post-installation changes and maintenance can be made remotely via the server and sent to the TVs automatically, without inconveniencing hotel staff or guests.

LG’s Pro:Centric application environment provides extended customizable tools including HTML5, Java, and Flash. With these tools, LG Systems Integrator Partners can optimize the full range of LG hospitality TVs and develop their own enhanced services. This increased control and customization provides premium hotel services to guests without the need for a set-top box. For hotels looking to retrofit their existing legacy TVs rather than purchase new TVs, LG’s Pro:Centric-enabled set top box provides all the same tools and benefits without the need to replace recently purchased TVs.

As hotels host an increasing percentage of digital savvy, device-enabled guests, LG Pro:Centric-powered products and user environments can provide a personalized, home-like experience that’s good for guests and good for business.


How to Visualize Your Digital Signage Project Even Before You Begin

Have you seen our online Visualization Tools?

We’ve created a group of virtual helpers to make it easy for you to get started with an LG commercial display strategy. Because LG commercial displays come in different technologies, sizes and shapes, there’s quite a lot of potential. Probably more than you’d think. Let our visualization tools be your creative guides – you’re sure to come away with some amazing ideas for stunning digital experiences.

Virtual Showrooms – Explore our interactive environments and discover how to enhance your brand, communicate more effectively, drive interest and engagement, and improve productivity. Navigate through our virtual showrooms for QSR, Education, Hospitality, Retail, Corporate and Airports. Use your mouse to look around: each showroom guides you through a number of areas, showing suggested products to improve the experience all along the way.

Video Wall Configurator – Visualize an LG video wall virtually anywhere. Choose the environment, size of wall, display model, number of displays and the type of content you’ll be showing (or upload your own content). Then custom configure your video wall, create your blueprint and have it sent directly via email. You can even have it sent directly to an LG representative for a quote.

Lookbooks – Every page is an inspiration with an LG lookbook, and we have 10 of them to help you visualize what’s possible for your business. Choose from QSR/Fast Casual, K-12 Education, Corporate, Indoor DVLED, Oil and Gas, Hospitality, LG OLED Retail, General Retail, Higher Education and Fitness. You’ll see our products in numerous environments along with a list of key features that deliver optimum results specific to their task. You’ll want to download these lookbooks and keep them for future reference.

By the way, these visualization tools are just part of our expanded Resource Hub, where you can find case studies, eBooks, white papers, infographics, videos and more to give you plenty of insight, and show you new ways to transform your business for better experiences and a bigger bottom line. We encourage you to visit the hub often.


LG UltraFine Monitors Bring P3 Color Space to Your Workplace


Last week we told you about LG’s 5K and 4K UltraFine™ monitors designed for Mac professionals. One of their features is full coverage of the P3 color space. So, what is P3, and what’s in it for you?

Color space refers the range of colors, or gamut, that a camera can see, a printer can print, or a monitor can display. Creative professionals are very familiar with the standard sRGB color space, as they know their work is most apt to be seen in the colors they intended, regardless of the type of monitor used to view it. Many also work with the Adobe RGB color space, as it contains a larger range of colors than sRGB, and represents a lot of the colors that professional DSLRs and printers can reproduce.

The P3 color space, or DCI-P3, is the color range that a digital cinema projector can reproduce, allowing for a much wider contrast and color gamut than traditional film-targeted work. Similar to Adobe RGB, P3 contains a larger range of colors than sRGB. While Adobe RGB leans more toward blues and greens, P3 extends more into the reds and yellows. A device that can display P3 can therefore show more colors than an sRGB device.

Many newer Apple devices have P3 displays, such as newer iMac and MacBook Pro computers, iPad Pro tablets, and some iPhone models. The P3 color gamut is close to Adobe RGB, and as with Adobe RGB, working with P3 shouldn’t be an issue for any project if the user has a bit of experience using color management and color profiles.

Is P3 for TV? Could be. While HDTV’s standard color space uses sRGB, as video moves beyond Full HD (1080p) to 4K (3840 or 4096) and even 8K (7680), we should see a corresponding shift to wide color gamut. In fact, P3 is already the delivery color space specified by Ultra HD Premium – a logo program that defines what technical standards a TV must meet to deliver a ‘premium’ 4K experience: to qualify as an Ultra HD Premium TV, a TV must be able to display more than 90% of the colors defined by the P3 color space.

While P3 is aimed at digital cinema projection, mass market television and video workflows could eventually replace sRGB with P3.

This is good news for graphic designers, art directors, photographers and videographers, as the new LG 5K and 4K UltraFine monitors with P3 are the perfect partners for professional Apple devices, and a future-proof advantage for tomorrow’s wide world of color.


LG’s New 5K and 4K UltraFine Monitors Offer Optimized Performance for Mac Users


LG Electronics USA has introduced a new 27-inch UltraFine™ 5K (5120 x 2880) IPS Monitor which, along with the 2019 model 24-inch UltraFine 4K (3840 x 2160) Nano IPS™ Monitor, give art directors, graphic designers, photographers and videographers two high-quality options designed specifically for the latest Apple products. LG UltraFine monitors offer outstanding image quality when connected to a Mac or iPad Pro.

LG 27-inch UltraFine  5K Monitor 27MD5KLB-B. The LG UltraFine 5K is a wide-screen solution that features the P3 wide color gamut and 500-nit brightness for optimized images, with no calibration required. The monitor’s 218 pixels per inch (PPI) provide detailed, lifelike images and sharp text for viewing multiple windows and tools simultaneously. The built-in camera, microphone and two-channel rich bass speaker provide a full multimedia experience and make the monitor an ideal choice for professionals that communicate online via video.

Designed to enhance productivity, the LG UltraFine 5K delivers powerful all-around performance and the latest connectivity options. For configuring a versatile Mac workstation, its Thunderbolt™ 3 port can transmit 5K video, audio and data simultaneously as well as charge a device up to 94W with just a single connection. This powerful port is fully compatible with Thunderbolt 3 enabled Mac and USB Type-C™ enabled Mac or iPad Pro. Three USB Type-C ports are also provided.

The LG UltraFine 5K is also designed for user comfort and convenience, with an included adjustable height and tilt stand. Compatibility with macOS Mojave 10.14.6 and iOS 12.4 enables users to control brightness and volume directly from the Touch Bar or keyboard on their MacBook Pro. Additionally, the monitor’s ambient light sensor automatically adjusts screen brightness when connected to a Mac.

LG 24-inch UltraFine 4K Monitor 24MD4KLB-B. Measuring nearly 24 inches of Ultra High Definition resolution, users can experience stunning images with similarly realistic colors and the full coverage of the P3 wide color gamut and 500-nit brightness. And with Nano IPS technology, nanometer-sized particles on the screen’s LED absorb excess light wavelengths, realizing richer color expression that accurately reproduces content, from actual images and videos to CG, at virtually any angle.

This 4K monitor’s quality build and design and easy connectivity give users unhindered ability to explore, enhance and refine their creativity. With a Mac, the monitor’s two Thunderbolt 3 ports can be used to daisy chain two 4K monitors and configure a versatile Mac workstation as well as charge Mac up to 85W simultaneously without a separate power cable. Three USB Type-C ports are also provided; a height / tilt adjustable stand is included.

LG’s UltraFine 5K and UltraFine 4K monitors are engineered for high performance and reliability in demanding professional environments and include LG’s 3-year Limited Warranty on Parts and Labor.

Stay tuned. We’ll be diving into the P3 wide color gamut and its advantages in an upcoming post.


Enhance Presentations, Learning and Collaboration with Large Format, Touch Screen Displays


LG’s new large format touch screen displays feature advanced technologies that offer more capabilities and potential for interactive presentations and attendee participation.

In-Cell Touch Screen Display

At 86-inch class, the new TN3F-B In-Cell UHD Multi-Touch Screen Display has a rightful place at the head of the class, meeting or conference in a wide range of venues – capturing and holding attention with crisp, clear graphics, vivid colors and legible text from virtually any viewing angle.

For the presenter, In-Cell Touch and Active Pen technologies enable a natural cursive writing experience, providing advantages in writing performance, visibility and design because the LCD panel and protective glass are directly bonded, with virtually no air gaps to potentially break contact. The TN3F’s Active Pen is pressure sensitive, so strokes can be thick or thin, accurately reproducing the user’s handwriting on the screen.

For collaborating across multiple locations, the TN3F’s data mirroring technology enables two-way writing and sharing in real time so users can remotely share annotations and facilitate meeting collaboration. Screen sharing provides the content-sharing function with laptops or various mobile devices too. Using the IDB DUO App, files can be directly shared between the Interactive Digital Board and the client devices, for smarter classes and meetings.

The TN3F display provides an easy all-in-one experience that integrates both webOS and IDB apps into its embedded high-performance system-on-chip (SoC), without the need for a PC. The IDB mode can be activated with a touch.

IR Multi-Touch Point Displays

LG’s new cutting-edge TR3BF-B series IR Multi-Touch Point Displays with UHD and IPS support dual pen and multi-touch functions to provide accurate drawing and authentic touch quality. In addition, the displays support multi-directional communication and interactive learning.

Available in 65-, 75– and 86-inch class, the TR3BF series displays can simultaneously use up to 20 points of multi-touch and 10 points of writing, as well as two types of stylus pens at the same time. This offers a lifelike board writing experience and makes collaboration much easier while accommodating multiple participants at the board at the same time.

To further replicate the whiteboard experience, the TR3BF series allows users to erase text, pictures and other items written on the screen by using their own hands. Much easier than erasing with a stylus, palm erasing feels more natural, like erasing a real whiteboard. It’s extremely intuitive even for first-time users.

LG TR3BF series displays use the Chrome web browser which is built into the Android OS, so users can search the web easily and quickly, without the need to connect to an external desktop.


LG Introduces UT640S Series UHD Commercial Lite TV Signage


The UT640S series UHD (3840 X 2160) Commercial Lite TV Signage is designed to combine live television programming with digital signage content in diverse business environments. By providing compatibility with AV Control systems and DPM (Display Power Management) as well as its smart connectivity, simple user-friendly interface and UHD picture quality, the UT640S series enhances ease of use while helping businesses entertain and communicate with their target audiences. The new LG UT640S Series UHD Commercial Lite TV Signage is available in screen sizes from 43-inch to 86-inch class.

The displays’ embedded Content and Group Management System allows managers to edit and play content, and schedule playlists and groups. It also allows a manager to control the signage via remote control, mouse or mobile phone without the need for a separate PC or software, thereby simplifying content management.

The UT640S series includes LG SuperSign Control software, to give managers the ability to control multiple displays at once. A single account is provided, which can check device information, set up basic properties such as power, picture mode, volume, time, scheduling and even firmware updates for up to 100 displays, through a single server. Centralized control can prevent public tampering with TV settings, and a Lock mode blocks external input signals containing non-compliant content – a very useful feature for preventing misuse of TVs in various facilities or public spaces.

Initial set up of multiple displays is easy and efficient with USB cloning, since managers do not have to completely set up each display one by one. Instead, the user creates a master display, and then copies the data from it onto a USB memory device. From there, the data can be easily distributed to the other displays through a USB plug-in.

Real-time remote monitoring helps ensure maximum uptime, as malfunctions or errors can be easily handled through real-time remote care. Should an error occur, notifications can be sent through the SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) protocol.

Wake-on-LAN (WOL) enables managers to turn on displays by sending messages through the network. This greatly simplifies the installation and maintenance processes since only a single wire is needed for power and network connection.

Picture quality is excellent with LG IPS (In Plane Switching) screen technology. IPS provides a wide viewing angle where color remains accurate, contrast is consistent and text is legible. Content can be clearly seen, regardless of the viewer’s position. The display also includes 4K UHD upscaling, which automatically upgrades Full HD content to UHD resolution so that images look crisp and clear in virtually any situation.

The UT640S series is Crestron Connected® certified, for a higher level of compatibility with professional AV controls. This can result in virtually seamless integration and automated control, boosting business management efficiency.



See Clear Through to Amazing Experiences with LG Transparent OLED Signage

Available now in the Unites States, LG Transparent OLED Signage is a super-thin (7mm), see-through display designed to deliver unique, Augmented Reality (AR) experiences in specialized commercial applications, particularly high-end retail, hospitality, art galleries and museums.

With a high transmittance rate and higher picture quality, content appears crisp, clear and vivid on the sleek and seamless, one-piece glass design.

LG Transparent OLED Signage can elevate a customer experience beyond imagination, delivering messages and promoting products while simultaneously showing the actual products or objects behind the display. It creates a new level of engagement as the content magically appears, and can heighten engagement even further when equipped with an interactive touch screen overlay.

The impressive picture quality and sheer wow factor makes the display ideal for installation anywhere requiring discerning taste and the latest trends, such as the retail application addressed in video A. Installations can be a single display, or several displays tiled together to create a video wall. The transparent and slim design not only attracts attention, it lends itself to a unified spatial design by separating a space while naturally connecting it, as with the museum exhibit shown in video B. No doubt, LG Transparent OLED Signage truly takes digital signage to an unreal level.




LG’s New LAPE Series DVLEDs Pitch a Beautiful Curve

LG’s stunning DVLED displays are made to stand out. And the new LAPE Series Indoor Premium Fine-Pitch DVLED takes stunning to a new level, with specially designed, flexible LED display modules to support true concave and convex curvatures up to a 1,000 millimeter radius.

Available with 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5mm pixel-pitch resolutions, the LAPE Series DVLEDs deliver vivid picture quality through a wide range of color details with deep contrast thanks to LG’s exclusive Dynamic Contrast Algorithm. 16-bit color processing provides a higher grayscale level, which seamlessly displays different depths and densities of colors with virtually no distortion, resulting in a more realistic image. Content playback is smooth, with a picture that’s easy on the eyes. All models in the LAPE series can configure an FHD/UHD resolution screen.

With the distinctive image quality and custom flexibility, these DVLEDs present a blank canvas with a freedom of design. This allows businesses to transform media into works of art and bring content to life with amazing impact.

The LAPE series includes a versatile 4K system controller, providing simplified system configuration in a high-resolution platform. The controller also has a built-in high-performance media player as well as scaler. LG’s new management control software platform, LED Assistant, provides easy screen management.

Whether a business needs to display information in control rooms, common areas, auditoriums or retail spaces, and even wrapped around corners, LG’s latest world-class slim screen is shaped to impress.

Power can be located up to 60 meters (196 feet) away, and the LAPE Series offers the ability to choose how the signage is powered, selecting either the Remote Power Model or the Embedded Power Model. Users can choose the desired screen brightness by customizing the number of power supply units based on the electrical capacity of the installation environment.

The LAPE series is also designed to support signal redundancy as an optional feature. For additional peace of mind, LG provides Signage 365 Care, an optional cloud service solution that makes the maintenance of DVLED displays easier and faster, by remotely managing information such as operating status, data usage, monitoring and fault detection.

The LAPE Series is a smaller, lightweight DVLED display module that breaks free from conventional norms. The ease of handling and installation helps prevent the chance of damaging the LED dots, which can happen with conventional sizes. The LAPE Series provides front installation and front service access, eliminating the need for rear access space and allowing for a sleek screen design and maximum space optimization.

Have a look at the LG LAPE Series Indoor Premium Fine-Pitch DVLED in action:


Meet the new LG 130-inch All-in-one DVLED

A massive 130-inch screen. Embedded sound. Zero bezels. Makes for one incredible experience in a conference room, boardroom or executive auditorium. Commands attention to keep viewers engaged during meetings and presentations.

It’s LG’s new All-in-one DVLED LAA Series Signage, and it made its U.S. debut at InfoComm 2019.

All-in-one? Yes, because the sound is an integral part of the display. This massive 130-inch screen doesn’t require additional speakers for its impactful audio effect. Its embedded Surface Sound comes from the entire screen. The LAA Series Signage incorporates 36, 4.5W exciter speakers placed throughout the screen, that create vibrations through the actual LED panel to deliver clear, realistic sound.

But the greatest advantage is the 130-inch screen size with no bezels. Even bigger than a 2×2 video wall with 55-inch LCD panels, it displays content without lines or distortions for a more immersive visual experience. It’s ideal for use in place of projection systems. Since DVLED has no bezels, it provides a high-resolution image unequaled across large expanses.

So, how do you get this huge screen to where you need it to be? Like on the 30th floor, for example? A screen this size is certainly too big for an elevator.

No problem. This display assembles easily, and consists of 12 LED modules that are placed in a 4×3 configuration. The LED screen can be easily installed and managed from the front side – the modules can be attached or detached by hand or with an optional magnetic tool. Stand mounting, wall mounting or ceiling mounting facilitate placement.

Each module automatically recognizes its location within the screen and the setting values, so the screen doesn’t require a complicated screen setup process. All you need to do is turn it on. It is Crestron Connected® certified for a higher level of compatibility with professional AV controls to achieve seamless integration and automated network-based control, and is compatible with LG’s SuperSign® CMS, making content creation and distribution a breeze.

And how’s the picture quality? Beautifully realistic. Vibrant, sharp and clear, thanks to Full HD resolution, 1.5mm pixel pitch and HDR 10 for vivid color expression and greater contrast ratio. With a 160-degree wide viewing angle to accommodate everyone in the room.

Users can access settings such as picture mode, volume, and more, using a remote control instead of needing to connect to a PC. It features the same UI as general LG digital signage – a quick study.

Lastly, maintenance is easier and faster with the optional Signage365Care service, a cloud service solution provided by LG. Signage365Care remotely manages the status of displays in client workplaces for fault diagnosis and remote-control services, ensuring the stable operation of clients’ businesses.

See the LG 130-inch All-in-one DVLED LAA Series Signage in action at InfoComm 2019: