Happy New Year to Our Blog Readers

Happy New Year


As we wrap up 2019, we’re looking back at some key installations that brought big smiles to LG B2B, our amazing partners, and the businesses we served:

The 2,400-site rollout of digital signage in Best Western lobbies;

The LG OLED Falls at InfoComm;

The commercial-grade TVs added to 850 Snap Fitness locations;

The 105 commercial displays in the Memphis Tigers locker room; and

The more than 10,000 commercial displays in over 50 Topgolf locations.

These installations feature different LG commercial display technologies and specialized software solutions from our certified partners, but they all have one thing in common: the result is an exciting and more accommodating experience for customers, visitors, and employees that makes the businesses stand out from the competition.

To that end, how may we help you in 2020?

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you see that we cover a variety of topics, news, and product introductions. Our aim is to give you information and insights that could be beneficial to your business in the world of commercial displays. And for 2020, we want to know what you want to know.

We invite you to reach out to us on our social channels and tell us what you’d like to see featured on this blog. Give us some topics. We’ll do our best to accommodate your interests.

All of us at LG Business Solutions wish you a very Happy New Year bursting with big smiles, achievements, and prosperity.



Introducing LG ExtendedCare™ — Peace of Mind for Your LG Commercial Display Investment

Digital signage delivers many benefits for a business, including increased customer engagement, improved brand recognition and a higher percentage of impulse purchases.

But there is an inherent cost of downtime. If the digital sign is not working, that can negatively impact the business by leading to lost sales. And the longer the signage is down the greater the loss can be.

LG is a partner you can trust. We are a global leader in digital signage design, product development and manufacturing. We globally operate 118 subsidiaries and branches, 5 design centers, and fully support over 9,000 service centers. And to provide the best support possible for our displays, we have introduced LG ExtendedCare.

LG ExtendedCare provides extended warranty, repair and services for LG display products, with various care plans offering different levels of protection. Clients can add 1, 2, or 3 years additional warranty beyond the LG Standard Warranty up to a total coverage term of 5 years. If the original warranty is for 2 years, they can add 1, 2 or 3 years. If the original warranty is for 3 years, they can add 1 or 2 additional years. LG ExtendedCare must be purchased within 30 days of purchasing the product.

Two premium services can be added to enhance peace of mind and increase speed of service. Quick Swap Service allows fast delivery of replacement units to the business’s location, with either Next Business Day Exchange or 72-hour Exchange options. White Glove Service includes Quick Swap delivery and adds authorized LG technicians on site to uninstall the old unit, deliver and install the replacement; and offers the same options. The addition of these services will be present for the entire term of the warranty, including the standard and extended periods. Best of all, there is no limitation of repairs and swaps as long as the warranty with Quick Swap is in place.

LG ExtendedCare service truly understands a business’s needs, makes life easier and provides the right options for every client.

For more information on LG ExtendedCare including an intuitive Selection Guide tool, visit lgextendedcare.com.

NOTE: The Selection Guide tool will be available as an iframe for our partners’ websites in early 2020.


When Image Quality Counts, Crestron Counts on LG UHD Displays

Crestron is the global leader in automated and integrated control systems that create a flawless workflow between AV equipment, environment accessories and IT technologies. Their global certification program is turnkey at the engineering level, allowing certified manufacturing partners to natively connect, communicate and monitor from one central location. This means any PC or mobile device connected to the Cloud can control Crestron Connected® certified lighting, climate, cameras, shades/blinds, speakers and LG professional displays, automatically.

And when the goal is to display image quality as good as the source, Crestron partners with LG – choosing LG UHD displays.

In virtually any industry or business type, using the Intel® Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) slot, LG UHD premium displays instantly transform into Crestron DM NVX™ endpoints to deliver flawless 4K video and audio over 1Gb IP networks with virtually no latency. Simply combine LG professional displays with the DM NVX D80 IoAV Network AV OPS Decoder.

Crestron’s all-new Pixel Perfect Processing technology makes DM NVX the only AV solution that delivers a virtually perfect image every time. Now the finest detail can be revealed in the densest image. This is technology so advanced, it would be difficult to tell the difference between DM NVX and direct source.

To take full advantage of Crestron’s DM NVX technology capabilities, LG UHD displays offer a group of features making them the ideal solution.

For optimum image quality, LG’s In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel technology delivers a true 178-degree wide angle of view, providing rich, clear content with virtually no distortion. IPS is a major advantage especially in large meetings where numerous attendees are seated off-axis to the screen.

The displays’ intelligent remote monitoring can email notifications to users if there is a problem, such as tilting of the display from external impact, so users can correct the problem ASAP.

Built-in Quad-Core System-on-Chip (SoC) and LG’s webOS Signage platform can execute several tasks at once while providing smooth content playback without the need for a media player. The webOS Signage platform enhances user convenience with an intuitive GUI and simple app development tools, and easily supports connections with external sensors such as GPIO, NFC/RFID, temperature sensors, etc., via USB plug-in.

Zero Clients Eliminate Most Security, Hardware and Maintenance Issues

Today’s working environments typically deploy a fleet of PCs, each containing a hard drive, memory, sometimes video cards and more importantly either a Windows or Mac OS X operating system. The very nature of this setup introduces vulnerabilities in security with risk of hacking or device theft, plus ongoing management and maintenance requirements for both software and hardware, and generally high power consumption. Chasing problems from PC to PC is both inefficient and frustrating. Isolated issues can quickly pile up while company personnel sit and wait to get back to work.

Today, deploying Zero Client devices throughout the company can virtually eliminate security problems, most hardware problems and maintenance issues. A Zero Client contains no hard drive, no moving parts and no operating system—it is a simple, secure, stateless endpoint that gets everything it, and you, need from the cloud. LG Zero Client cloud endpoints connect to a server in the cloud (self-hosted or a subscription service), such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or VMware®, to deploy desktop functions from the cloud.

To the end user the Zero Client experience looks and functions nearly identically to that of a PC, because a Zero Client will typically bring up a windows session. But Zero Clients have many advantages over traditional PCs, laptops and tablets, especially with security. Security pervades all vertical market sectors, each of which has compliance and regulatory issues to contend with. This is the reason federal government, healthcare institutions, financial services, education, and others favor Zero Client devices. There is nothing installed on a local drive—customer data and other sensitive information are all stored in the cloud. Should the device be stolen, the only loss is the cost of the hardware.

LG Zero Clients run on PC-over-IP (PCoIP®). LG Zero Client cloud endpoints use a Teradici® processor and Teradici management software and support the PCoIP protocol in VMware View, Teradici CAS, Azure Support and Amazon WorkSpaces.

PCoIP is a patented remote display protocol developed by Teradici that renders encrypted pixels (not data) to the endpoint. Simply connect a CAT 5 cable, power cable, keyboard and mouse to the Zero Client. Easy to deploy, manage and operate, Zero Clients decode PCoIP transmissions and output pixels on the screen without transmitting the data. PCoIP delivers the most accurate and distortion-free experience regardless of network conditions.

PCoIP benefits

  • Customers choose PCoIP solutions for lossless reproduction, color accuracy and the highest level of security
  • Specifically designed to deliver interactive applications
  • Users enjoy a secure, rich virtual computing experience
  • Simplifies the provisioning and management of computing services
  • Powers next generation local, remote and mobile work styles
  • Allows IT departments to deliver a secure, right-sized computing experience to everyone

Routine service and maintenance costs are greatly reduced, as with no moving parts there is little that can break. Zero Clients run cooler than PCs and use less energy. In most cases, electricity consumption typically plummets from a PC’s 150 watts down to 30 watts or less with a Zero Client. Operating systems, software and apps are installed and updated by the IT administrator from a central location, and IT always knows exactly what is on their network.

LG is a leading manufacturer of Zero Clients, and offers the Tera2 V Series Cloud Box, and All-in-One Zero Client FHD (1920 x 1080) displays in 23” and 24” class. The displays feature six USB 2.0 ports, support a second monitor and contain built-in speakers. LG Zero Client displays feature IPS panels for optimum image quality with a true 178-degree wide viewing angle, and are TAA compliant. All LG Zero Clients include a free 3-year subscription to Teradici Desktop Access—all the elements administrators need to efficiently manage and maintain their PCoIP Zero Client deployment.