LG Introduces the CLOi ServeBot to Elevate the Restaurant Experience

LG CLOi ServeBot

LG is proud to be playing a role in creating technological tools to help businesses improve the safety of their spaces for customers and employees. The LG CLOi ServeBot, created with advanced technology and next-level convenience, is a smart robot solution that executes serving tasks with excellent performance, dazzling customers and uplifting employees.

CLOi ServeBot’s enhanced serving efficiency, swift multi-point delivery system, and numerous other smart capabilities will help enhance customer experiences and reduce physical strain on employees. This smart robot solution is especially designed to perform repetitive serving tasks that would otherwise fall on employees’ shoulders, alleviating staff burden while helping to ensure a smooth, efficient operation. ServeBot’s contactless delivery system also helps kitchen staff and other employees to remain safe and healthy while simultaneously promoting a smooth and enjoyable customer experience.

CLOi ServeBot can freely and accurately navigate a path through tall, narrow, or complex spaces, improving efficiency and adding character to restaurant dining rooms, shared kitchens, and other communal spaces. Advance mapping of your serving area layout lets ServeBot know where your tables are, while ServeBot’s 3D camera and LiDAR sensor can read and recognize nearby or rapidly approaching objects. This allows ServeBot to avoid large or small obstacles while safely, autonomously navigating your service space.

The front, left, and right sides are open to conveniently serve dishes and trays. Each shelf features a Time of Flight (ToF) sensor that automatically detects the presence of objects on CLOi’s tray; once objects are removed, CLOi ServeBot will automatically proceed to the next destination, without any additional input required. Remote cloud monitoring means you can check in on CLOi ServeBot anytime and anywhere via an Android or iPhone app. Additionally, users can also customize voice announcements and even music to be played in response to customers.

Between easily navigating serving spaces, delighting customers, and assisting employees, LG CLOi ServeBot is truly a swift and reliable serving specialist. Improve your customer satisfaction through safe and convenient contactless serving with LG CLOi ServeBot.