Why does my business need commercial-grade TVs? Won’t regular TVs work?

Why does my business need commercial-grade TVs?Resellers often get this question from prospective clients when asked to spec and install TVs for the retail industry and restaurants ranging from sports bars to fast food favorites. It’s not just for retail and goods giants though, as other types of businesses including hospitality, healthcare and more have asked the same great question. And the answer usually convinces the business owner to go with purpose-built commercial-grade displays.

Commercial-grade displays are designed to provide continuous entertainment and information in public environments, and often harsh conditions, with no down time. LG uses commercial-grade components which are designed to prolong the life of the display—with key considerations such as heat, dust and humidity all playing a role in the build quality.

Conformal Coating

Conformal coating is a thin protective chemical coating or polymer film that is topically applied to circuit boards. It is designed to protect electronic circuits from harsh environments that may contain moisture, heat and other contaminants known to harm circuit boards. When applied, this breathing coating “conforms” to the circuit assembly, filtering water vapor and solid debris. All LG commercial displays are engineered with conformal coating.

IP5X Dust-Proof Certification

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has developed IP, or Ingress Protection ratings, to define the degree of protection a specific enclosure provides. This rating measures external influences that come in contact with an enclosure from any direction. LG’s 42LS75A-5B and 49LS75A-5B displays have passed the rigorous dust ingress test to receive their exclusive IP5X certifications for dust-proofing. They have complete protection against contact and are made to resist dust buildup, which means better performance and less heat generation.


Not only is the construction of an LG commercial-grade display superior to that of competing models, and a better choice for all kinds of businesses than a consumer-grade television, the back-end infrastructure allows businesses to post their own content with ease too. While it’s true that we make amazing consumer products, and that’s a great way to earn your business, we’d rather help you take your positive experience with our home-based products and turn it into a reason to elevate your business with our commercial-grade displays. Like the best and most reputable businesses out there, work with us and you’ll see why the pros use pro gear to help move business forward.

Retail Stores in Crisis

Lyle Bunn


Digital Media Strategy Architect, BUNN
Lyle Bunn is an independent analyst, advisor and educator providing digital place-based signage expertise to end users in the planning, design, sourcing and optimization of their initiatives. He has published more than 300 articles, whitepapers and “how to” guides and helped to train over 10,000 end user and supply professionals. See www.LyleBunn.com.


Retail has not known its crisis of current proportion since the introduction of department stores, big box or discount retailing. While these brought big changes to the retail landscape, the perfect storm of online, mobile and the Millennials demographic are placing physical retail in a daily fight for survival.

Retailers have reacted to the onslaught of online with multi-channel strategies that quickly morphed into omni channel in order to harmonize the various consumer touch points. Most are now struggling to advance quickly into opti-channel and unified communications.

These macro-strategies are all in the name of flexibility of the consumer’s path to purchase while serving brand interests. The access options available to consumers are the melting pot of commerce that cause a neatly linear path to purchase map into what looks more like a plate of spaghetti. The marketers’ arsenal of inventory visibility, product comparisons, cross-selling, ship to home or store, purchase fulfillment and loyalty achievement and being tested, while technology investment by North American retailers has surpassed $125 billion annually.

“Customer experience” (CX) is the battle cry of retail on the shifting sands of consumer preference as empowered consumers led by Millennials not only vote with their wallet, but amplify or denounce brands based on their perception of value. Boomers, zoomers and savvy seniors are echoing Millennials’ attitudes.

Retail foot traffic has declining sharply. The Wall Street Journal reported ShopperTrak data that the 33 billion store visits in November and December 2010 declined to just over 17 billion for the same 2 months in 2013. A 50% decline in store traffic in just 3 years.

Meanwhile, Statista reports that in August 2015 the top 10 online shopping sites had 667 million monthly visits including 188 million for Amazon and 98 million for second-ranked eBay. Amazon accounted for 24% of all retail revenue growth in 2015.

Retail stores must succeed. They offer discovery and the tactile experiences of product look, feel and fit. Stores offer a social experience and for some, even exercise as patrons fulfill their needs and aspire to a bettered life.

Proven in-store strategies are neutralizing “show-rooming”, born of online options, and can reduce product returns. “Returns” has become the largest “supplier” for many retailers, imposing extraordinary costs on the business and challenging customer satisfaction.

Digital signage is part of the solution. It offers the simultaneously achieved benefits of branding and merchandising while bringing improved ambiance and vitality and reducing perceived dwell times at a location. Digital signage can inspire, focus and support sales associate success and express the business partnership of the retailer and its merchants.

So what is a retailer to do? This 5-point plan will be useful.

  1. Look around. See the digital signage applications in retail, food services, hospitality, transportation, entertainment and other locations that your target customers see and your competitors use.
  2. Ask for input. Often a short telephone call can get you heading in the right direction and focused on elements of high return on time and investment.
  3. Designate a project leader to coordinate actions while creating consensus among departments.
  4. Go for the quick wins while planning for broader benefits.
  5. Allocate resources to your priorities in making store locations a more attractive destination, that attracts, holds and converts consumers to maximize your margin per visit and business value overall.

During the National Retail Federation conference in January 2016, it was declared that “bricks are the new black”. As the bricks welcome the clicks to the customer experience family, the bricks are called to mature yet again in serving consumer needs and wants.



On April 18 – 19 the AWS Summit at Chicago’s Lakeside Center educated new customers about the Amazon Web Services platform, and offered existing customers information on architecture best practices and new services. With 4,800 attendees, the event hosted an exciting keynote with updates on AWS solutions, great customer stories and afternoon breakout sessions covering hot topics including performance and operations. And through it all, LG was there.


Supporting Hands-On Labs with Zero Clients ad IPS Monitors

As the technology partner for AWS summits, LG Electronics collaborated with Amazon Web Services to provide nearly a hundred Cloud V series Zero Clients and IPS monitors for use in the hands-on labs. The labs gave industry decision-makers the opportunity to get up close and personal with our products so they could truly realize the benefits of LG technology.


We also were one of 71 exhibitors on the show floor, which saw a 23% increase of attendees over last year. It was a great show that provided us with a number of potential opportunities.


We’ll be at the next AWS Summit in Santa Clara on July 12-13 and in New York City on August 10 – 11, as well as the annual AWS re:Invent 2016 conference, the largest gathering of the global cloud community, in Las Vegas from November 28 – December 2. Stay tuned for further details.


About Zero Clients

An LG Cloud V series Zero Client combined with a Teradici® PCoIP® processor and Amazon WorkSpaces managed desktop computing service delivers a powerful and secure virtual computing solution. With no central processing unit or operating system, PCoIP Zero Clients reduce the risk of viruses, spyware and hacking.

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LG’s 21:9 UltraWide Monitor Named Global Number One Seller for the Third Straight Year.


We just got the great news. Number one in global sales for three straight years is quite an achievement, but then again, an LG 21:9 UltraWide is quite a monitor. With these IPS-based monitors professionals can multitask with as many programs as they like, and numerous video feeds, on one screen at the same time. They make work environments much more convenient and maximize productivity in any field of business.

Our 21:9 UltraWide monitors provide a super-efficient environment for Microsoft® Office programs, such as Word, Excel and OneNote. A single monitor can show 47 columns and 63 rows in Excel so users can see all the content without scrolling or hiding functions of columns and rows. And for Mac OS X users, the monitors can provide selectable screen ratios, changeable by a single click, for incredible ease of use. And you get the Thunderbolt 2 interface as well.

And so we extend a big THANK YOU to our worldwide customers for three years of amazing sales.

Learn more about LG’s global number one selling 21:9 UltraWide monitors here.

“LG Electronics is Global No.1 Selling 21:9 Monitor Brand for 12 straight quarters during 2013 Q1 and 2015 Q4.”

Source: IDC Worldwide Quarterly PC Monitor Tracker, 4Q15

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