AV Technology Awards LG Products with Best of Show for InfoComm 2019

AV Technology has announced their Best of Show Award winners for InfoComm 2019, representing outstanding achievement in product development. And we are proud to report that among those winners were two LG products, the LG Transparent OLED display and LG XE4F Outdoor display.

Matt Pruznick, Content Director for AV Technology said, “With so many outstanding contenders, the process of narrowing down the list to this select group of winners was a painstaking endeavor. It is with the utmost pride that I congratulate the 2019 recipients of the AV Technology’s Best of Show Awards—your products are a shining example of excellence in the industry.”

The LG Transparent OLED (55EW5F-A) digital signage display was officially launched by LG Business Solutions in the United States at InfoComm 2019. Available for the first time starting this month, the 55-inch, razor-thin, see-through display combines the uniqueness of transparency with the groundbreaking form factor and picture quality of LG OLED. It is designed to deliver an exceptional customer experience in specialized commercial applications, particularly retail and hospitality.

With the LG Transparent OLED, watching video on the screen is augmented by what’s going on behind the screen. Visitors to the LG booth experienced its installation and application versatility – six transparent displays made up a video wall in a 2 x 3 landscape mode configuration, and 2 x 2 portrait mode displays were also demonstrated. Another highlight was a touch version of the transparent display that allowed users to interact with content on an LG OLED video wall behind it.

Learn more about the LG Transparent OLED here.

Our other award-winner, LG’s next-generation LG XE4F Outdoor digital signage displays are slimmer, lighter and brighter than conventional outdoor displays. The all-new 55- and 49-inch fully enclosed displays are optimized for displaying dynamic digital content outdoors and are certified to withstand the elements. Their slim form factor, filter-less sealed cooling system and HDBaseT connectivity make LG XE4F displays ideal for an array of outdoor applications, from restaurants and retail to transportation and corporate.

With 4,000 nits of brightness, LG XE4F Outdoor displays provide clear, vivid picture quality, viewable from virtually any angle (these are IPS screens) even in direct sunlight. Screen brightness adjusts automatically depending on ambient light, increasing during the day for better visibility and decreasing at night or in the shade for efficient power management. Quarter Wave Plate technology enables clearer visibility even when the viewer is wearing polarized sunglasses.

LG XE4F Outdoor displays are IP56 certified as waterproof and weatherproof, guarding against the effects of the sun, rain, snow, dust and wind. And the tempered, laminated front glass is IK10 certified, helping to ensure protection from external impacts. Designed for excellent reliability in various climates and seasons, the LG XE4F series features a wide operating temperature range from -22°F to 122°F.


See the full list of AV Technology award winners here.

Installation Inspiration – LG Booth Tour at InfoComm 2019

In this half-hour guided tour of the LG Booth at InfoComm 2019, you’ll see real-life examples of what you can do with innovative LG commercial displays. Our customers and partners have told us they love the technology and want more ideas, and that is what this year’s booth was able to do.

In this video you’ll see:

  • The Transparent LG OLED display
  • LG MicroLED display – an early preview of the future of digital signage
  • 88-inch Ultra Stretch signage
  • LG OLED Attractor featuring the “Curves of Nature”
  • Open-Frame LG OLED panels that can now be curved and bent onsite in the U.S.
  • LG OLED Video Wall with embedded sound
  • Hanging Dual-Sided LG OLED Wallpaper In Glass
  • 55- and 65-inch LG OLED Wallpaper
  • 8K Crystal Sound LG OLED for the consumer market – the panels are the speaker
  • Video Wall LG OLED Signage / Transparent LG OLED Auto Showroom demonstration
  • 130-inch Direct View LED with embedded speakers
  • 88-inch Ultra Stretch
  • 88-inch Ultra Stretch high brightness signage concept product, plus 55- and 75-inch high brightness window-facing displays and video wall, plus Outdoor Signage
  • Solar Panels and Energy Storage Solutions
  • Transparent Color LED Film
  • 2nd generation fully enclosed Outdoor Signage
  • 86-inch Ultra Stretch signage
  • 0.44 mm bezel Video Wall


In the LG Booth the products were mixed together in settings to provide thought starters and help you envision the possibilities. Enjoy the show!


Is Large Format Putting Small Format Out of Business?


Today is the last day of InfoComm 2019. If you didn’t attend the show, by now you’ve probably seen videos and heard about the incredible digital signage displays that commanded attention across the trade show floor. Innovative displays that were not even possible just a handful of years ago are now creating amazing environments to wow visitors and leave them with an unforgettable impression of the brand.

But today, we also don’t want to forget the power of small format digital signage displays and tablets. While the large format displays and video walls deliver the wow factor in spades, small displays tucked away in areas where one-on-one customer interaction is an advantage are seriously valuable to a business. They’re not beckoning people from across the floor, they’re communicating with people right where they are.

For many consumers, the smartphone has become a powerful information gathering and shopping tool. However, interactive and intuitive small format displays and tablets employed at the point-of-purchase can provide more knowledge, as well as more opportunities to buy. An engaged and knowledgeable customer is a powerful ally, and these displays can allow them to make even smarter buying decisions.

How? By enhancing personal interaction. With small format touch screen displays and tablets, key features, specs, promotions and suggested add-on products are easily and effectively communicated, and the ability to order food, get discount codes, and discover additional items can improve customer satisfaction and drive incremental sales. Fully engaged customers are apt to make more purchases, and be more loyal.

Loyal customers engaging with these displays are more likely to talk, blog, and tweet about their experiences and the products or services they purchase and use and, more importantly, where they got them. In addition, the wealth of consumer data gathered from device interaction can provide businesses with critical insights and the analytics necessary to stay ahead of the competition.

So, what kind of businesses can benefit from small format displays and tablets? Brick-and-mortar retail stores, QSR and fast casual restaurants, for a start.

In retail stores, small format displays with built-in Beacon technology can be used to track a person’s movement and display relevant products and offers, speed up check-out, and communicate additional, personalized messages that enhance customer engagement.

Small format displays can also be used to provide expanded selections, or an entire product assortment, in ‘endless aisles,’ allowing smaller merchants and service providers to compete with larger chains and online outlets without making large investments in real estate or inventory. Endless aisles make it easy for their customers to shop and compare products, and most importantly, they keep the sale in their store.

QSR and fast casual restaurants have placed tablets in the hands of their servers, improving order-taking accuracy and efficiency. They’ve also added small format displays to individual tables and used them in self-serve kiosks so diners can interact with the menu and place food orders. To reduce perceived wait times, small format displays can even feature infotainment – dynamic graphic content to inform and engage customers while they wait.

Other businesses that can benefit from small format displays are corporate offices, college campuses, student housing, public spaces, trade shows, the hospitality industry, major cruise lines, large venues, stadiums and events, and the healthcare industry. But that’s enough for another blog post. The bottom line is, small format displays are here to stay, and we’re expecting an upswing in their deployments as more and more businesses strive to offer better, more personalized customer experiences.

LG Commercial Display Design Contest Invites Architects, Interior Designers, Event Space Creators

Envision the Possibilities. This is an exclusive opportunity to wow us and your peers and be recognized for your amazing creativity. LG Business Solutions is looking for the ultimate architectural, interior or event space design using our new Transparent LG OLED Signage in a commercial setting. Your design(s) may also include other revolutionary LG OLED signages as well as our innovative Ultra-Stretch 86- and 88-inch displays.

Contest Duration: The LG Commercial Display Design Contest started last Saturday, June 1, 2019, and will end on Thursday, October 31, 2019 at 11:59:59 p.m. ET. The winner will be announced on December 2, 2019.

The Prize: If you win you’ll receive your choice of a 65-inch 4K HDR Smart LG OLED C8 TV with AI ThinQ®, OR a $1,000 cash payout. FYI, the C8 is an incredible TV, valued at $3,499.99 MSRP, that has garnered rave reviews. With Google Assistant built-in, you can control compatible smart home devices using just your voice. The C8 works with Amazon Alexa devices too. (TV installation is not included).

How to Enter: You can either Register here OR come see us and register at NeoCon 2019 from June 10 – 12 in Chicago. NeoCon is the world’s leading platform and most important event of the year for the commercial design industry. You can download complete contest details including terms and conditions at the time of registration.

How to Upload Your Designs: After you register, we’ll send you the products’ CAD files for reference as well as a link where you can upload and submit your designs.

Judging: Your submission(s) will be judged based on creativity, usability and wow factor to determine the Best-of-Best installation design. So, let your imagination run wild and Envision the Possibilities.

For Your Inspiration: Have a look at these videos to see what the Transparent LG OLED Signage, other LG OLED signages and the Ultra-Stretch displays can do. We can’t wait to see what you can do with them!