LG ProBeam 4K Laser Projector for Business Receives 2020 Best of Year Award from ProjectorCentral

LG ProBeam 4K Laser Projector for Business Receives 2020 Best of Year Award from ProjectorCentral


The LG ProBeam BU50NST 4K laser projector has just been named a 2020 Best of the Year Award winner by ProjectorCentral, citing its 5,000 lumens of laser-driven brightness, 4K/UHD resolution, HDR support, built-in Wi-Fi with webOS, plus other key features. The ProBeam projector is one of 21 products that were selected from nearly 40 products reviewed.

The commercial-grade LG ProBeam BU50NST is among LG’s first projectors targeting businesses, and is intended for use in corporate, education and entertainment environments. It can be mounted on a ceiling or table top, making it ideal for a diverse range of commercial spaces.

Horizontal/vertical lens shift and 1.6x zoom functionality allow for setting the image to the screen position and size (40” – 300”), so installation is flexible. And with HDBaseT™ compatibility, the ProBeam projector can use a single, long-distance cable to carry up to five different signals for the transmission of UHD video and audio, Ethernet, controls, USB and even power up to 100 watts.

In addition to providing brilliant images, the ProBeam’s long-life laser projection technology helps users manage maintenance and long-term costs by minimizing bulb outages that can occur with bulb-based projectors, interrupting operations and requiring bulb replacements.* Other advantages for business include Miracast® and Bluetooth® pairing for screen and sound sharing, and wireless connection with Android devices.

Learn more about the LG ProBeam BU50NST 4K laser projector here.

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* https://www.projectorreviews.com/articles-guides/affordable-laser-projectors-target-business-education-applications/advantages-laser-projectors-vs-lamp-projectors/


Never Underestimate the Power of a Small Digital Sign

Never Underestimate the Power of a Small Digital Sign


For many consumers, the smartphone has become the preeminent info-gathering and shopping tool, providing fast, easy access to information on the products and services they desire. To supplement the convenience of consumers’ smartphones, small format digital signage such as LG’s 22-inch SM3G-B series placed at the point-of-purchase can provide even more knowledge, suggestions and incentives, to make the customer’s immediate experience easier and richer.

Don’t let the small size of the SM3G-B series fool you. This 22-inch IPS Full HD commercial display has the powerful features found in its larger siblings – like Quad Core SoC with webOS smart signage 4.0 platform, embedded SuperSign CMS, built-in Wi-Fi, embedded Beacon technology, 8GB internal memory, external sensor support, and an array of interface options including HDMI, USB, LAN & RS232C. It’s even Crestron Connected® compatible.

What’s more, the built-in Quad Core SoC can execute several tasks at once while providing smooth content playback without the need for a media player. And the LG webOS smart signage platform offers a straightforward GUI and simple app development tools.

Small format digital signage allows content that is flexible and adaptable, providing dynamic customization with in-house creative and logistics control. These displays are useful tools for helping businesses manage their brand, control messaging and engage customers on a personal level by weaving together platforms and providing real-time communication. They can help improve business in a variety of ways.

Retail – Display pricing and promotion information. Rotate or switch out feature product details. Use with Beacon and BLE (Bluetooth® Low Energy) technology to display coupons and personalized messages for customers.

Quick Service Restaurants – Add small format displays to individual tables so diners can interact with the menu and place food orders. Reduce perceived wait time by featuring dynamic graphic content to entertain and engage.

Corporate Offices, College Campuses, Public Environments – Use to manage meeting rooms or shared spaces. Integrate with popular scheduling programs so changes made will update throughout the system. Broadcast real-time alerts and important announcements. Provide wayfinding in a public building.

Trade Shows and Corporate Events – Add excitement and color to a tradeshow booth while reducing the need to print/reprint static collateral material. Provide product, service, promotional or company information. Use barcodes linking to additional details or the company’s website.

Hospitality – Provide a more seamless experience beyond the guest room by displaying amenity-specific information throughout the property. Use outside convention rooms and ballrooms to display meeting topics, locations and updates.

Healthcare Facilities – Use for patient monitoring, data collection, appointment scheduling and prescription dose management. Display upcoming pharmacy events such as flu shot schedules or provide informative health tips.

The ability to manage changing messages remotely, and to effectively present and leverage a message to meet internal needs (inventory, time-of-day promotions, services) with external needs (competition, customer requirements, emerging situations) makes small format digital signage a strategy virtually any company can use to great advantage.

Learn more about LG’s 22-inch SM3G-B series digital signage display here.


Stretch Your Imagination When Planning for Digital Signage

Stretch Your Imagination When Planning for Digital Signage


Businesses often have unused or leftover spaces where traditional rectangular displays would not be the right fit, either vertically or horizontally, but would grab customer attention if used strategically. Static images placed in such areas can often go unnoticed.

The goal is to bring dynamic digital imagery into such challenging locations, and LG’s 86-inch Ultra Stretch display 86BH5F with its UHD (3840 x 600) resolution, IPS wide viewing angle, and 58:9 extended wide format can be a very effective solution for creative installations.

The Ultra Stretch display departs from the conventional 16:9 aspect ratio so it imparts a significantly different feel that is eye-catching and cutting-edge. Whether placed in portrait or landscape mode, it gives the user over seven feet of screen real estate to present a single message across a broad canvas, or multiple pieces of content simultaneously in up to four divided Picture-by-Picture (PBP) screen sections.

Because it’s so different, the Ultra Stretch display is ideal for areas where you want to make a strong branding statement, such as the entryway of a building. Five hundred nits of brightness make it well-suited for delivering rich, clear messaging in virtually any ambient lighting.

The unique size and shape enables the stretched display to be placed, for example, in an area where there might normally be a mannequin, or alongside one to create an ambience or scene. Other placements can be in shop interiors, across the top of shelves, as indoor sign boards, on building columns and retail pillars, or hung horizontally from airport ceilings to provide wayfinding and flight information without obstructing the concourse view.

Another ideal placement would be in a premium retail store with a unique interior, where there is a media pole. Approaching customers would be immediately attracted to the tall vertical format of dynamic imagery as the stretched display turns an ordinary pillar into a moving showpiece.

The Ultra Stretch display can also enhance corporate settings, public spaces, restaurants, bars, banks and stock exchanges. It can even show a tiled scene with up to 15×15 configuration, creating a large-screen experience for stunningly immersive visual impact that’s hard to forget. Additional possibilities include providing wayfinding and schedule information in subway stations, where real estate is very limited – in such an environment the display’s IP5X design ensures that it is protected from environmental factors such as dust.

The LG 86-inch Ultra Stretch display can be the right fit in many areas that were previously not considered for digital signage. It’s a great strategy for expanding the effectiveness of your business’s branding and message. Learn more about it here.


Alexa, Order Room Service!

Alexa, Order Room Service!


By Chris Barton
National Account Manager – Hospitality System Integrator Partners
LG Electronics


Innovation Powers Convenience and Contactless Control

Raised in England, I enjoy sports like rugby, cricket and football (soccer to my North American friends) and I appreciate good manners — which is why I have reluctance ordering Alexa around without so much as a please or thank you. I do enjoy the convenience and instant gratification of virtual assistants and so will (temporarily) set my English pedigree aside in the trade-off for Alexa’s hyper-efficiency.

At LG we’ve recently had the opportunity to work with the team at Alexa For Hospitality (A4H), and it’s been an enjoyable and illuminating experience to engineer a hospitality-centric system that delivers rich guest experiences along with property operational efficiencies.

We’ve jointly developed a solution that combines the features of LG’s Pro:Centric® Direct solution connected with Alexa devices in the guestroom, which effectively makes the LG television screen an extension of Alexa. Guests can now use Alexa to display the room service menu on the screen, display information about the property amenities, restaurants, bars, etc., and make reservations using voice and the TV screen.

In addition, being able to voice-command the television, access hotel services and control Internet of Things devices like shades, lights and thermostats is a significant leap forward in guest comfort and convenience and helps position the hotel brand as an innovation leader. And now that we’re in the midst of a pandemic-era model of hospitality, contactless device control and cleanliness is critical for guest comfort and confidence.

Pro:Centric Direct is our in-house developed “infotainment” application that is offered to hotels through our system integrator (SI) partners. This in-room solution offers custom UX/UI so that SIs can tailor the guest experience based on the brand design and end user experiences required. In addition to a digital compendium and interactive TV program guide, the system supports Smart Applications launch, third-party casting solutions and PMS integration for automated guest checkout.

The system will roll out next year, and I hope you get to read about the ways that SIs are incorporating Pro:Centric Direct and A4H capabilities into their service offerings, how hotels are capitalizing on the operational efficiencies and how guests are enjoying a richer experience — with even more contactless control!

When that moment arrives, I look forward to having the lights in my hotel room dim, the shades drop, the HVAC just right and my rugby game on a gorgeous LG television as room service (bangers and mash, if you please) arrives — all contactless and on my command. Even with my very English accent.

You can be sure I will thank my server!


Wishing You a Happier New Year

Wishing You a Happier New Year


It’s high time for a fresh start. To all our blog readers we send the very best wishes for a healthy, safe and revitalizing 2021.

We have exciting things coming in the new year that you won’t want to miss, so check this blog often to stay in the know.

Speaking of the blog, if you’re a regular reader, you know that we cover a variety of topics, news, and product introductions. We want to give you information and insights that could be beneficial to your business in the world of commercial displays. To that end, we invite you to reach out to us on our social channels and let us know what you’d like to see featured here. Give us some topics and we’ll do our best to accommodate your interests.

For 2021, we have two suggestions that could expose your business to a wider array of industry categories and drive more people to your website:

1) Write a Post for the LG Commercial Display Blog

If you submit content that’s helpful for both our audiences, it may help establish your company as an industry authority in their eyes. It may also help improve your SEO, and drive more long-term results via more retweets and shared engagements.

And should you decide to let LG Business Solutions link to a current post on your company’s blog, it could extend the reach of your company’s content. Our goal is to extend the reach of every piece of content and/or communications we publish, and our blog could connect more unique viewers to your content and help your own organic search as well.

2) Let LG Business Solutions Create Your Case Study

Sharing your commercial display project has plenty of benefits, and we can help make it happen. By participating in the LG Business Solutions case study series your company will be recognized as an innovator for adopting some of the latest display technologies on the market. If your project is selected, we will write your case study, and then spread the news through our newsletter and social media channels, and feature it in our case study resource hub. Your case study might also become a video. And there’s absolutely no cost to you.

Let’s all look forward to a much better year. We hope you’ll consider these suggestions as we move onward and upward.

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