There’s OLED at the end of the tunnel. And OLED IS the tunnel.

LG made a grand entrance at IFA in Berlin, using a tunnel of OLED commercial displays to draw visitors to LG OLED consumer TVs.

IFA is the world’s leading platform for consumer electronics and home appliances. From September 1 – 6, IFA presented the latest products and innovations in the heart of Europe‘s most important regional market. IFA offered a comprehensive overview of the international market, and their unique blend of product innovations, stars and entertainment, presented by more than 1,600 exhibitors, attracted more than 240,000 visitors.

LG was there, with a large exhibitor booth showcasing the latest consumer electronics and home appliance technologies. And ushering visitors into the OLED TV section of the booth was a massive OLED tunnel, over 16 feet tall, 24 feet wide and nearly 50 feet long. The tunnel was constructed from 216 55-inch curved OLED commercial display panels, providing a completely immersive and jaw-dropping environment.

The impressive scale of the display tunnel was made possible by OLED’s ultra-thin, highly flexible lightweight panels. LG OLED commercial displays can be custom bent by LG into concave or convex formations without any picture quality distortion, allowing for spectacular digital installations. And since each OLED pixel can switch itself on, brighten, dim and switch off, OLED not only eliminates the need for backlighting but is able to reproduce perfect black and infinite contrast ratio—delivering incredibly vibrant color and wide viewing angles.

IFA attendees were amazed at the astonishingly realistic image quality. The tunnel contained nearly half a billion pixels and displayed a breathtaking video of dynamic 4K Ultra HD content, titled “From Black to Black,” produced by LG for the show.

The video footage accentuated the stunning lifelike colors and the ability to recreate the tiniest details of life which LG’s OLED technology delivers in spades. Visitors marveled at a pitch-black ocean with effervescent jellyfish and the gentle movement of whales, as well as galactic scenes from deep black space and the brilliant Northern Lights. In making the video, LG used 14 separate 8K cameras to record every movement and detail of Iceland’s Northern Lights as accurately as possible.

In the OLED tunnel visitors felt as though they were swimming deep in the ocean or floating in the Milky Way.

When you consider that LG used the OLED tunnel to draw visitors into the booth, imagine what LG OLED commercial displays could do to enhance your own company’s branding, product offerings and customer experience. LG OLED commercial displays bring an unparalleled wow factor—completely transforming the architectural elements of a building into a digital canvas.

LG has a history of big show attractions, earning a Red Dot Award in Spatial Communication for its dome-shaped OLED installations at CES 2016.

Watch From Black to Black.

Marriott’s Fitness on Demand™ packs on LG Muscle

What do you do when your hotel fitness centers have gotten out of shape? Well, if you’re Marriott Hotels, you call on long-time technology partner LG Electronics for a workout session.

Marriott’s Fitness on Demand studio wanted to reinvent their facility to offer enhanced and flexible solutions for their guests’ workouts on the road. Their equipment was dated, the studio was uninspiring, and guests were even bringing their own connected devices, such as iPads and laptops, to the studio spaces to stream content for workouts.

LG provided a visually stunning 3×3 (that’s nine display panels) video wall made with 47-inch class display panels and high-end LG soundbars for Marriott’s downtown Charlotte, N.C. newly renovated fitness center.

Paired with Fitness on Demand’s massive catalog of 1600 virtual fitness classes, the displays were daisy-chained together to create an incredibly immersive and engaging workout experience. Guests are now able to enjoy interactive, high-energy workouts from Zumba, Beachbody, Jillian Michaels and others while feeling like they’re right in the room with their fitness instructor, whether in group settings or solo sessions.

More LG-powered Fitness on Demand centers are on the way. To ensure that design aesthetic remains consistent throughout participating Marriott hotels, a design guide will be distributed to provide hotel staff with a standardized yet customizable approach for the appearance of finished fitness spaces, which also will help cut design costs. Hotel employees will also receive a half day of training to teach guests how to operate the fitness experience by themselves.

“We can’t wait to install more LG video walls across more Marriott Hotels locations in the United States and enrich the health and wellness of more travelers,” said Kenneth Ryan, Vice President of Global Spa Operations at Marriott International. “Fitness on Demand and LG are helping Marriott to set the new standard for hotel fitness and reshape the gym experience in hotels and beyond.”

Read the Marriott Hotels Fitness on Demand case study (with pictures) here.

INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVES: Visual Vitality for Retail Locations

Lyle Bunn


Digital Media Strategy Architect, BUNN
Lyle Bunn is an independent analyst, advisor and educator providing digital place-based signage expertise to end users in the planning, design, sourcing and optimization of their initiatives. He has published more than 300 articles, whitepapers and “how to” guides and helped to train over 10,000 end user and supply professionals. See


B-o-r-i-n-g ! While some may say it and others are thinking it about a retail location, you can bet that consumers will be voting with their feet and not just their wallets on a possible future visit. Without the visit the conversion opportunity is lost, and so for lack of customer experience, the kingdom is lost.

March 28-30, 2016 in Las Vegas will be an interesting time for retailers. GlobalShop will feature education sessions and the show floor will include about 800 providers of design services, flooring, lighting and fixtures, all intended to make the retail location interesting enough earn a patron visits. Layout and fixtures will be planned, purchased and installed, and the store will be locked into that design and experience for many, many months to come.

From season to season, calendar event to calendar event, little will change until the brand that year-over-year traffic is declining, the shopper loop is more shallow and dwell time is shortening. Staff turnover may even become an increasing cost factor as associates become complacent or even leave for places that offer more income potential and fun.

Meanwhile, at the same time at the Las Vegas convention center at the other end of the strip, the 13th annual Digital Signage Expo (DSE) will be in full swing presenting solutions to the problem of how to make retail locations better, and at minimal investment.

Vendors, including LG (which many claimed “stole the DSE16 show”) will show how vitality, ambiance and positive energy can dramatically escalate the customer experience with compelling, relevant, better targeted in-store visuals.

GlobalShop delegates who care most about their brand identity and cost-effective retail design will likely make their way to DSE to visit LG and others of the almost 200 providers, many of which partner with LG. Perhaps they’ll hit the high points of GlobalShop on March 28-29 and visit the DSE show floor on March 29-30.

Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) displays were unveiled last year and will be on full display again this year at DSE by LG.

The vibrant colors of images presented, the Wow-factor in fashion, outdoor, destination, action and lifestyle media that can make the store a destination and the ultra-thin, modern form factor that can fit into any store design or architecture makes OLED from LG a digital display that can attract traffic, increase dwell time and amplify the brands like no other retail device.

The inherent ability of digital signage to present images that are most suited to day and time, and the major calendar events of consumer’s lives, mean that store refreshment and messaging relevance are as simple as posting new media materials through an easy to use media management desktop.

When attracting attention matters, nothing suits retail vitality, brand alignment and conversion messaging like digital signage. And no digital signage display is as compelling to consumers as OLEDs from LG.

LG OLED TV is headed for premier luxury hotels

If you visited the LG booth this past June at the 2016 Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference (HITEC), you had the opportunity to experience the world’s first OLED Hospitality TVs. If you missed it, they’ll soon be coming to premier luxury hotel suites. These new razor-thin 55- and 65-inch class TVs combine an entirely new aesthetic with unrivaled picture quality to create a dazzling guest room entertainment experience like no other. LG OLED is a superb way to distinguish luxury suites as part of a standout hotel, and the TVs are scheduled to start shipping in October/November.

You have to see it to believe it. Not only does LG OLED deliver perfect black and the finest details of color and gradation, the incomparable picture quality remains true even from wide viewing angles so guests can appreciate the TV’s color and clarity from any seat in the room. What’s more, the TVs are equipped with powerful 4K upscaling so non-4K content can take advantage of the screens’ eight million pixels.

In addition to the amazing design and picture, LG OLED Hospitality TVs are fully equipped with the latest hospitality technology—Pro:Idiom® digital encryption for digital rights management, the Pro:Centric® interactive TV platform to eliminate the need for a set-top box, and embedded b-LAN compatibility for RF-based head-end communication. They also offer guests the latest webOS 3.0 Smart TV platform to make finding and switching between LG’s expanded content options—including broadcast TV, streaming services and external devices—simple and quick.

OLED Hospitality TVs are the latest in our 2016 lineup of industry-changing OLED technologies—including Full HD dual-sided flat and 4K Ultra HD curved tiling OLED commercial displays that are ideal for impactful and space-efficient digital signage installations in hotel lobbies, VIP clubs, fitness centers, restaurants, business centers and other high-profile public areas.

LG now offers all the technology, easy installation and services your team needs to create a standout hotel. Stay tuned.