The 3 C’s of Experiential Marketing



Damaris Toma

Experiential Marketing Manager LG B2B




How do you stand out against all the noise and competition at some of the largest tradeshows in our business? How can you ensure your customers will give up 3+ hours of their busy day to drive to your roadshow and see the latest products your brand has to offer? And more so, what will keep them coming back, year after year?

The below 3 C’s of Experiential Marketing are three core rules we check ourselves against as we plan our various events throughout the year for LG Commercial Displays.

  • Customer Is Always First: Whether you’re in B2B or B2C, you have to live by this rule, but what does this actually look like in our business?
    • As event marketers, we are lucky enough to see a direct response on our customer’s face as they’re stepping into our booth/event for the first time, learning about our latest technology, or seeing our products in action. We are in the business of impressing them and helping them walk away with more knowledge about our products + solutions than they walked in with. Since they’ve chosen to spend their time with us, we want to make it worthwhile.
  • Collaborate With Your Partners: It’s important in our business to treat our partners as that, partners! Their solutions and offers can enhance our own showcased product & tech and create a better story for the customer/attendee. When we involve and collaborate with our partners, our customers get a fuller picture of what our company can offer.

Change Constantly: We can’t succeed in experiential if we don’t recognize the rapid pace with which our business changes. I heard a great question that stuck with me recently: “What is the ROI of not trying new things?” We can’t grow, evolve, and get better if we don’t take calculated risks. What worked last year won’t necessarily cut it this year, and what gave us success at our recent tradeshow doesn’t always translate into success at our next roadshow. Experiential is a journey, not a destination, so be curious and take risks, and if you have to fail, do it fast and keep learning.