As Schools Prepare to Reopen, Visual Communication Will be Critical – Part 2

As Schools Prepare to Reopen, Visual Communication Will be Critical – Part 2


By Victoria Sanville
Senior Manager, Vertical Sales – Public Sector
LG Electronics USA

To give school administrators the tools they need to keep students and staff informed, technology providers have started to develop a new category of turnkey digital health safety protocol solutions that combine video displays with software, sensors and more. The new class of health protocol display solutions available to higher education and K-12 school districts range from wellness kiosks to reconfigurable solutions to occupancy management systems.*


Wellness Kiosks

For staff, students and parents entering a school, campus building or other educational facility, many institutions will choose to screen individuals for possible infection. New all-in-one wellness kiosks are easy to setup at key entry points and don’t require staff to constantly monitor their operation. They typically include a smart display with a built-in operating system for processing and presenting information, as well as an integrated thermal scanner for quickly taking people’s temperature.

Multipurpose wellness kiosks not only take temperature readings, they can show health safety video content or important messages about the school’s protocols and plans. And many include built-in features such as motion-activated hand sanitizer dispensers and containers for offering masks or gloves. Some of the more advanced kiosks can automatically track hand sanitizer usage, so schools know not only that visitors are taking the important step of protecting themselves and others, but also when it’s time to refill the dispenser.


Reconfigurable Health Protocol Signage Solutions

Many educational institutions already have digital signage displays mounted throughout their facilities for school messages, sports highlights, event schedules, cafeteria menus and more. Clearly, existing signage can be repurposed to communicate important health information as schools reopen. But more visual communication may be needed, especially in locations not currently served by existing digital signage.

Mobile, reconfigurable health protocol signage solutions allow schools to position their messages in high-traffic locations and then move them as necessary. Smart displays usually form the basis of the solution, attached to a portable mount or a rolling stand.

Our next post will cover occupancy management systems and safe interactive displays, plus closing thoughts.

*LG provides the displays utilized within healthcare protocol solution products developed and offered by a number of third party manufacturers.