Calibrating Video Wall Screens for Picture Perfection


Video wall calibration may sound daunting to end users and even to systems inte­grators frustrated with working with identical displays from the same manufacturer that look dif­ferent while showing exactly the same content. It all boils down to this: a video wall is by definition a configuration of individual images. So the different displays that make up a video wall must be calibrated to show a uniform picture across the entire wall.

This means not only maintaining brightness uniformi­ty across the screens, but also keeping the edges of each display as bright as the center of each display, and keeping the color consistent across all displays. In digital imaging, there is nothing as off-putting as a video wall that includes a scene of a beautiful blue sky but has one off-color greenish display right in the middle that spoils the effect.

The solution is to choose a video wall display provider that provides reli­able factory calibration (each display in a video wall design is set up at the factory to be calibrated with its sister displays in that video wall design). But there’s another important step.

Due to environ­mental factors, third-party content software anomalies, and user error, there often needs to be some calibra­tion on-site at a video wall installation. So the video wall display provider must also provide a fast, easy-to-use on-site calibration system.

Ideally this will include an Automatic ID setting for easy installation, so that if you install 100 displays, you do not need to waste valuable time setting up the unique ID of each one respectively. The Automatic ID eliminates the frustration.

To address the challenges of matching brightness and color across all screens, LG video wall displays incorporate factory calibration as well as efficient calibration tools, including an Automatic ID setting that allows for easy installation – integrators can achieve an optimal image within only 3-5 minutes per panel.

A video wall is a significant investment. And as such it should be expected to provide a breathtaking and realistic image to wow viewers, seriously engage them and make your message matter. Make sure your video wall is up for the task.