Commercial Displays for Security Applications

Enhance security and surveillance operations with LG Commercial Displays

Whether it’s at a typical workstation or in a large command and control center, security and surveillance personnel need to be able to view feeds from multiple cameras and inputs in multiple formats to ensure high efficiency, quick and accurate decisions and a rapid response to protect the public.

LG Commercial Displays can easily integrate with existing video surveillance equipment to enhance viewing and public messaging capabilities, or be used as part of a complete system redesign with virtually any camera protocol and software applications. And unlike consumer-grade displays and monitors, LG Commercial Display products are engineered for long-term reliability with minimal maintenance.

Desktop Surveillance

For desktop workstations, LG’s global best-selling 21:9 UltraWide® Full HD 1080p monitors can eliminate the need for multiple monitors by allowing the user to view numerous video feeds and software applications on a single wide-format screen. UltraWide monitors also feature LG’s In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology, which delivers premium image quality along with wide viewing angles up to 178 degrees. This means that a number of people can view the images simultaneously without having to sit in the dead center of the screen. With IPS, images viewed off-center retain their clarity, contrast and color accuracy.

Some users position two UltraWide curved monitors side-by-side to create a truly immersive experience. We’ve yet to have anyone not be impressed when they see such a setup. And if you want a totally amazing security and surveillance setup, use three 34-inch UltraWide curved monitors side-by-side to create a semi-circular view that surrounds the user. And don’t worry, IPS monitors run considerably cooler than vertical alignment (VA) monitors and are energy efficient as well.

Command and Control Centers

On the other end of the security/surveillance spectrum is the large command and control center. This is an ideal application for large LG video walls such as the award-winning model 55VH7B. With super-narrow bezels (less than 2mm), a wall made with these ENERGY STAR® certified 55-inch IPS panels is easily installed, maintained and managed, and designed for 24/7 operation.

When viewing numerous feeds from different CCTV cameras, a video wall allows security/surveillance personnel to view the images clearly from wherever they might be seated. Operators can interact with the camera feeds by changing the image layout and using specific panels for critical cameras and data sources as the needs unfold. It is also possible to move and resize video images across multiple panels without regard for the extremely thin bezels between screens. Control commands can be distributed over a LAN daisy-chain network.

Emergency Alerts in Small/Medium Sized Businesses

LG SuperSign™ TVs enable a plan of action where small and medium sized businesses can deliver emergency alerts, instructions and updates to visitors and staff throughout their facility even while broadcasting live channels simultaneously. Our SuperSign software suites feature urgent message functions that allow an administrator to select as many as 50 displays and push an alert message over the network to those displays. SuperSign TVs are being used in numerous facilities including restaurants, financial institutions, dental clinics and medical centers, public offices, schools and retail stores.

LG Commercial Displays can be an integral part of any sophisticated security/surveillance system and offer a low total cost of ownership and a high return on investment.