Content Management for QSR Digital Signage? Seamless.

QSR owners looking to deploy a restaurant-wide digital signage solution need to not only think about the displays and installation, but also the menus and other content they will be displaying to their customers. Specifically, who’s going to create it, manage it and make sure it’s running according to plan?

QSR corporate offices generally work with advertising agencies who create the digital menus and promotional content for the QSR franchisees to run in their restaurants. This makes everything super easy while providing consistent brand identity and messaging across multiple sites. QSR franchisees who get their digital content from the corporate office may work with content management system (CMS) partners who will run the content for them. Some restaurant owners work directly with ad agencies and/or CMS partners to create and manage their content, and others prefer to create and manage their content in-house.

In any case, LG offers the solutions to ensure content creators and managers have the powerful tools necessary for a seamless operation. Let’s have a quick look:



Digital Signage SuperSign™ is LG’s all-in-one content management software that allows user control of displays and media players. SuperSign includes a client-side PC Editor for creating and editing content, and a server-side Web Editor.

  • Provides a broad range of template designs for fast and easy content creation
  • Enables remote and central monitoring and control via computers and mobile phones
  • Compatible with various content types, such as photos, videos, Flash and music/audio



LG webOS for Signage is a web-based platform that works with the displays’ embedded system-on-chip (SoC) and eliminates the need for external media players, thereby simplifying installation and maintenance. This plug-and-play solution only requires a network and code—and the user is ready to display content.

  • Users can either run the system as a rental subscription software-as-a-service (SaaS) or as a client installation on a server that requires only an Internet connection to function
  • Provides content providers and app developers flexibility and usability that enables faster development and seamless integration
  • Enables a variety of web-based applications across multiple platforms, including Linux, Android, iOS and Windows, as well as the ability to create applications using HTML 5

What’s more, LG has a large nationwide network of partners that offer their own cutting-edge solutions in tandem with LG software and platforms, for ever-expanding capabilities with LG digital signage.

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