Enhance Presentations, Learning and Collaboration with Large Format, Touch Screen Displays


LG’s new large format touch screen displays feature advanced technologies that offer more capabilities and potential for interactive presentations and attendee participation.

In-Cell Touch Screen Display

At 86-inch class, the new TN3F-B In-Cell UHD Multi-Touch Screen Display has a rightful place at the head of the class, meeting or conference in a wide range of venues – capturing and holding attention with crisp, clear graphics, vivid colors and legible text from virtually any viewing angle.

For the presenter, In-Cell Touch and Active Pen technologies enable a natural cursive writing experience, providing advantages in writing performance, visibility and design because the LCD panel and protective glass are directly bonded, with virtually no air gaps to potentially break contact. The TN3F’s Active Pen is pressure sensitive, so strokes can be thick or thin, accurately reproducing the user’s handwriting on the screen.

For collaborating across multiple locations, the TN3F’s data mirroring technology enables two-way writing and sharing in real time so users can remotely share annotations and facilitate meeting collaboration. Screen sharing provides the content-sharing function with laptops or various mobile devices too. Using the IDB DUO App, files can be directly shared between the Interactive Digital Board and the client devices, for smarter classes and meetings.

The TN3F display provides an easy all-in-one experience that integrates both webOS and IDB apps into its embedded high-performance system-on-chip (SoC), without the need for a PC. The IDB mode can be activated with a touch.

IR Multi-Touch Point Displays

LG’s new cutting-edge TR3BF-B series IR Multi-Touch Point Displays with UHD and IPS support dual pen and multi-touch functions to provide accurate drawing and authentic touch quality. In addition, the displays support multi-directional communication and interactive learning.

Available in 65-, 75– and 86-inch class, the TR3BF series displays can simultaneously use up to 20 points of multi-touch and 10 points of writing, as well as two types of stylus pens at the same time. This offers a lifelike board writing experience and makes collaboration much easier while accommodating multiple participants at the board at the same time.

To further replicate the whiteboard experience, the TR3BF series allows users to erase text, pictures and other items written on the screen by using their own hands. Much easier than erasing with a stylus, palm erasing feels more natural, like erasing a real whiteboard. It’s extremely intuitive even for first-time users.

LG TR3BF series displays use the Chrome web browser which is built into the Android OS, so users can search the web easily and quickly, without the need to connect to an external desktop.