Ensure Effective Meeting Collaboration with Interactive Digital Boards

As the use of digital devices increases and digitalized working becomes more and more common, multiple people in different locations are working together to solve problems and make important decisions. As these tasks become more complex, collaborative meetings have become a key to success for businesses. To maximize the effectiveness of such meetings Interactive Digital Boards (IDB) are being used to reduce logistics costs and make the most of every minute.

The use of an IDB can be extended beyond general business/corporate meeting rooms to various venues such as hotel conference rooms, hospitals, military command centers, architectural firms and fashion design studios.

How does it work? An IDB helps facilitate a successful meeting by driving participants to freely submit their ideas directly onto the board using intuitive multi-touch and writing tools. Multiple users can write simultaneously, while 4K UHD picture quality keeps attendees engaged with vivid colors and crisp graphics that are easily seen from virtually any seat. What’s more, the IDB smart platform enables this kind of efficient collaboration even without the need for a PC, and enhances it further via file sharing and saving capabilities.

When you assemble a team and call a meeting you want it to be as beneficial to the business as possible. IDBs can help. See LG’s IDB in action in this short video.