Every Space Is a Learning Space with LG’s K-12 Digital Experience

Every Space Is a Learning Space with LG’s K-12 Digital Experience


K-12 education is no longer a model where “teacher speaks, students listen.” Rather, it is about connectivity, collaboration and competition. And with the current situation in 2020 it continues to evolve, redefining learning spaces both in and out of the classroom.

LG Business Solutions USA is empowering today’s K-12 education needs with a diverse suite of commercial display technologies. It’s being showcased online at the LG K-12 Digital Experience, where you can watch videos, read case studies, learn about the products, download a datasheet package, and more. Areas covered include:

Active Learning Classrooms – Discover a diverse collection of technology that meets various budgets and can help increase teacher and student engagement. Pairs with 1:1 devices, i.e., mobile-computing devices that are used in the teaching as tools for learning, and collaboration software for blended learning.

Esports Learning Spaces – Through esports, students can learn digital citizenship, team building, leadership and life skills aligned with academic areas.* LG solutions support an esports club or team, plus spectators.

Collaboration Learning Areas – For the auditorium, lobby, hallways for experiential learning, huddle spaces, library and cafeteria. Leverage LG technology to enhance the learning environment and encourage spontaneous collaboration in virtually any transition space on school grounds.

Integrated Outdoor Learning and Connection – LG technology can complement the expansion of plans on school grounds for outdoor learning, club activities and athletic events, and safety announcements including health protocol information and PPE supplies.

Learn more at the LG K-12 Digital Experience today.

* https://www.nasef.org/news/blog/why-should-educators-embrace-esports/