How to Install Open-Frame LG OLED Digital Signage


You saw them at CES in the spectacular LG OLED Tunnel and breathtaking LG OLED Canyon: Extremely thin, lightweight and flexible Open-Frame LG OLED panels working together to create stunning, immersive environments that were never before possible with digital signage.

It’s an extraordinary technology that is enabling businesses to provide amazing customer experiences and stand out from the competition. LG OLED offers advantages that are not seen in other display technologies – we call them the ABCDs of OLED:

Angle – The display provides an extremely wide viewing angle of 178 degrees, where images and text remain clear and colors stay vivid.

Black – LG OLED is able to render perfect black because each self-lighting pixel can brighten, dim, or turn off completely.

Contrast / Color – Perfect black enables infinite contrast ratio, maintaining incredible image sharpness when bright objects are next to dark areas. Colors pop like never before, with intense saturation and greater accuracy.

Design – With no additional lighting unit needed, LG OLED is extremely thin, lightweight and flexible. It can blend into the environment, enhance the environment, transform the environment or become the environment.

So how does one install Open-Frame LG OLED digital signage? This video will show you.