Installation Inspiration – LG Digital Signage in Dubai

We thought you’d like something amazing to spark your imagination for 2019. So let’s go to Dubai.

Dubai Mall, with over 80 million visitors annually, is one of the most well-known malls in the world. At the center of this 548,000 square-meter mall is an aquarium with an LG digital signage installation that is turning our imaginations into reality.

The 820-unit LG OLED display is ranked with three Guinness World Record titles:
Largest OLED Screen

Highest Resolution Video Wall

Largest High Definition Video Wall

In addition to the LG OLED, LG’s Ultra Stretch and LED displays are installed at other famous attractions around the aquarium.

Just goes to show you what’s possible when you get creative with LG digital signage. Imagine what LG signage can do for your own business.