LG Introduces Budget-Friendly Ultra HD Smart Signage Fit for Any Business

LG Introduces Budget-Friendly Ultra HD Smart Signage Fit for Any Business


LG’s new UL3G-B series smart digital signage packs an array of high-performance features into a wide range of sizes, to suit virtually any indoor business environment and content need.

The range of available sizes includes 43, 50, 55, 65, 75 and 86 inches, enabling UL3G-B series displays to be placed in a variety of indoor spaces and architectural designs. In addition to displaying dynamic content in UHD resolution, with web-based content management, the signage can perform a host of other functions. It can mirror content, utilize Beacon and Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) for real-time promotions, work with sensor applications, facilitate video conferencing and serve as a wireless access point for mobile devices. To top it off the signage includes a built-in speaker.


Ultra HD Resolution and IPS Technology

With UHD resolution (3,840 x 2,160) four times higher than Full HD, the UL3G-B series can display breathtaking images with fine details and vibrant colors. In-Plane Switching (IPS) screen technology provides a wide viewing angle with rich color expression. This combination creates superb picture quality that looks clear and vivid from virtually any vantage point, to effortlessly attract the attention of passersby. This is ideal when you want your message to be seen by as many people as possible, such as in retail shops, public spaces, business conferences, training rooms and more.


Includes webOS Smart Signage

The LG webOS Signage platform makes it easy to get started with a digital signage network, and just as easy to take it to new heights. The platform is pre-loaded with native apps such as LG’s subscription-based SuperSign Content Management System (CMS) and Signage365Care cloud service solution, plus a basic content manager and management console. LG webOS Signage provides content delivery and management without requiring an HDMI input.

Even more important, webOS Signage enables LG to provide Application Programming Interfaces (API) allowing for the development and use of third-party software applications by LG partner companies, to customize digital signage solutions for virtually any business and numerous industries. Through webOS Signage, these partner applications, including a wide array of digital signage content management software, run directly on LG smart signage displays without the need for an external computing device. The process is made possible by an embedded System-on-Chip (SoC) processor within LG smart commercial displays running webOS Signage.


Supports Various Sensor Applications

The webOS smart signage platform supports connections with external sensors such as GPIO, NFC/RFID, temperature & humidity, pressure, optical, and thermal printer, via USB plug-in. The overall cost for maintenance is reduced as there’s no need to purchase additional software or media players and related cables for creating value-added solutions.


Simplifies Business Conferencing

UL3G-B series digital signage is Crestron Connected® Certified, and Cisco Systems compatible, for virtually seamless integration and automated network-based control, and optimal visual meetings with reduced set-up time.

Learn more about the new LG UL3G-B series digital signage here.