LG Introduces Transparent LED Film at InfoComm 2017

In case you missed Dave Haynes’ post on Sixteen:Nine this past Wednesday, it was about LG’s new Transparent LED Film. Dave had first seen it at ISE in Amsterdam, and now that it has been formally launched at InfoComm 2017 he wrote about it. You can read his post by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

The innovative LG Transparent LED Film is an entirely new product segment for us that can be scaled to fit a variety of installations. This versatile technology is 0.8mm thin, with a 30mm pixel pitch and over 1,000 nits of brightness. Each 480 x 480mm panel contains 256 LED pixels that support gray-scale tones. It is a self-adhesive film and can easily be installed on any glass surface, such as a retail storefront window, where it would draw the attention of passersby without obstructing the view of the merchandise behind the window or blocking the light from coming into the store.

Other applications include mass transit rail platforms and safety barriers, lobbies and large public areas, and even tall glass elevator shafts. The flexible film display works on curved surfaces and in parallel to the bezel, can be cut to size.

Regarding LG at InfoComm, Haynes wrote, “The show’s exhibit floor opens this morning, and LG will be – as always – hard to miss.”

Thank you for that fine compliment, Dave. We hope you enjoyed the show.

Read Dave Haynes’ Sixteen:Nine post here.