LG Pro:Centric – A Digital Concierge to Improve the Guest Experience

With LG’s Pro:Centric® hotel data broadcasting platform, hoteliers can customize the guest experience quickly and easily, giving guests a more comfortable, convenient and informative experience in their rooms.

Pro:Centric acts as a digital concierge, greeting guests with a custom-branded interface on their in-room TV. Using the TV’s interactive electronic program guide guests can easily find and enjoy available television programming including premium movie channels, check the weather forecast and review all the hotel amenities.

The Pro:Centric platform includes a wide range of display screen options, is simple to install, easy to use and works seamlessly via a slim and compact Pro:Centric server that requires minimal space in the head-end equipment rack. It enables hoteliers to keep their messages and content fresh by effectively managing and updating content on all TVs remotely, regardless of the number and without the need to visit each guest room.

LG’s Pro:Centric Smart hospitality televisions offer the IP-based integration required to deploy customized services on guest room TVs without the need for set-top boxes. Our platform support of HTML5, Java and Flash programs allows more options for systems integrators to develop rich, interactive applications. With additional features such as display sharing and built-in Wi-Fi, guests can be securely connected to enjoy personal content from their compatible mobile devices on the big TV screen.

To help generate additional business, hoteliers can customize and update electronic billboards to promote amenities and services that benefit their guests. The ability to quickly and easily add or change content creates real savings in printing and distribution costs and enables a real-time presentation of pertinent and valuable information guests will appreciate.

By providing a simple means of access to entertainment and hotel services, LG’s Pro:Centric can improve the guest experience and promote a consistent revenue stream for the property.