LG Technology Scores rAVe Awards at DSE 2018

We’re pleased to announce that LG commercial display technology was awarded Best of DSE 2018 by rAVe [Publications] in three categories.

According to rAVe, “We sent reporters to EVERY booth/stand at DSE 2018 and we selected the TOP products in every possible product category for our 2018 Best of DSE Awards. No other publication — or entity for that matter — goes to every booth at the DSE show and sees every new product demo’d or launched at DSE in Las Vegas annually — so these are THE BEST of THE BEST.”

Here are our award-winners:

Best New Technology: LG Color Transparent LED.

This self-adhesive transparent film can be easily installed on any glass surface and is ideal for indoor and window-facing areas such as storefront windows, where it can attract the attention of passersby without obstructing the view of the products inside or blocking light from entering the store. See it in action earlier this year at ISE:


Best New Touch Technology: LG TC3D Series with 40 Points of Touch

In 55-, 67- and 75-inch sizes, these displays enable up to 40 points of touch interaction and feature LG’s embedded SoC (System-on-a-Chip) processing power. They easily accommodate third-party software applications and can excel in corporate environments where collaboration capability is a must. 

Best New Portable Kiosk: LG-MRI BoldVu

Powered by Intel®, the LG-MRI (Manufacturing Resources International) BoldVu® Outdoor Kiosk is a 10-year performance-guaranteed solution that delivers 3,500 or 6,000 nits of luminance with thermal management, works with third-party peripherals from Intel and provides crisp, vivid images in applications where visibility and visual integrity are paramount.

We are very proud to have been chosen by rAVe for these prestigious awards, and we congratulate all the award winners. Read the full story here.

We’ll see you at InfoComm. Prepare to be amazed.