LG Transparent OLED Touch Display Brings Augmented Engagement to Virtually Any Application

LG Transparent OLED Touch Display Brings Augmented Engagement to Virtually Any Application

It’s about a quarter of an inch at its thinnest point – a beautiful glass digital display, and you can see right through it. Best of all, when you start interacting with the displayed content by touching the transparent screen, the experience is almost like interacting with bright, colorful images in mid-air.

The new 55-inch LG Transparent OLED Touch Display 55EW5TF delivers rich colors and high contrast even though transparent, by nature of OLED’s self-lighting pixels. Content can be seen at wide viewing angles to naturally blend into the display’s surroundings. It excels at captivating onlookers.

The Transparent OLED Touch Display is equipped with projected capacitive (P-Cap) film technology for a highly responsive touch experience. P-Cap gives fast response to user interaction and supports up to 10 touch points at a time. It can elevate the customer experience beyond imagination, delivering relevant information and promoting products while allowing a transparent view of the objects behind the screen. The display creates a new level of engagement as the content magically appears, ready for inquisitive viewer fingers, and is ideal for specialized commercial applications particularly in high-end retail, hospitality, art galleries and museums.

The LG Transparent OLED Touch display is built with tempered, anti-reflective, shatter-resistant front glass to protect it for commercial use. It comes semi-assembled so that businesses can install it in different structures and spaces depending on the physical environment and desired effect, and it supports landscape and portrait orientation.

The display is capable of up to 400 nits of brightness, depending on application, and a 150,000:1 contrast ratio. Extensive connectivity options come as part of the display’s digital signage box, including HDMI in, DP in/out, RS-232C in/out, audio out, USB 2.0 in, and touch USB in/out, LAN and IR.

For businesses wishing to stand out from the crowd, consider elevating your brand experience with the LG Transparent OLED Touch display.