Make Fast Food even Faster with Digital Signage for QSR

Make Fast Food even Faster with Digital Signage for QSR

What’s on the menus at your fast food business? If you’re using digital signage, the possibilities are limitless, and the results can be quicker-moving lines, higher sales, greater customer satisfaction and an elevated brand image.

With digital signage, content is king. One sure way to waste your investment is to show the same content day after day. To get the most from digital signage, you should strive to be continually fresh and creative. Think about what will catch your customers’ eyes and enhance their experience.

Consider providing value-added infotainment to reduce perceived wait times. Leverage social media reviews. Use attention-grabbing graphics and mouthwatering dynamic imagery to upsell or promote new menu items—selling the “sizzle” is a perfect application for LG Full HD and Ultra HD displays with IPS screen technology for best-in-class viewing. IPS technology will ensure crisp details and vivid, accurate colors so your offerings and brand imagery will look absolutely delicious, even from an angle as customers wait to order.

Here’s a tip: You can encourage the sale of specific items at specific times by adding small, nearly imperceptible moving elements to draw attention to a particular product—even a mild intermittent shaking or wiggling of an image will draw attention to itself.

Using digital signage as menu boards also enables you to easily comply with local, state and federal regulations by clearly displaying Calorie Sources and Nutritional Information without sacrificing other content. Information can be updated in a snap using day-part scheduling for breakfast, lunch specials and dinner.

Digital signage makes manual or automatic pricing updates extremely simple, allowing spur-of-the-moment changes for special offers. Pricing can also be managed from a central location so that all stores or just select locations receive updates simultaneously.

Remember to reward your loyal fans. Digital signage can play an exciting role in creating a value-adding mobile-integrated experience for your app-opted customers via Bluetooth Beacons, audio/visual cues, QR codes and instant discount coupons.

And finally, know your audience. What are they doing where your displays are located? What content is the most appropriate? Have you thought about broadcasting live events in the dining area and wrapping your messaging around live TV?

LG digital signage solutions can put all this and more at your fingertips. We have a suite of recommendations for QSR / Food Service here.