Maximizing Graduates’ Experiences for a Better Return on Investment

Student enrollment has increased but alumni donations have decreased threefold since the 80’s. Students aren’t donating as much as they used to since they aren’t feeling connected to their schools. This is a significant amount of revenue that is being lost. Graduates have a prominent role in revenue just as much as they did when they were enlisted in school – if not, more so.

I once attended a rival school’s basketball game and was in awe of their equipment. The court was huge and the event was memorable because the students were heavily invested in the game. Between the chanting fans and state-of-the-art technology, it was clear that the school was also invested in creating the best experiences for their students.

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Students want amazing experiences and to know that their school is dedicated to investing in those experiences. Displays can help you showcase your next school event and create excitement amongst students while showing outsiders how your school stands out from the rest.

Additional, more students are returning for further studies to get ahead in the competitive job market and schools are competing for the second round. Marketing and connecting with the students while they’re completing their undergraduate degree puts your school at an advantage. If students aren’t creating meaningful connections with their school that prepares them for the corporate world, they won’t attribute their success to your school. Ensure that this doesn’t happen is by investing in your school. The most effective way of creating unique experiences for students is to invest in new technologies that speak to students.


All screen images are simulated

Investing in displays also allows for a better return on investment – it provides an updated and modern feel that presents the feeling of where students “have to be” to be recognized. Set your school apart from other schools by investing in the tools that matter in the digital landscape of tomorrow. This is one way to ensure students are donating back to schools. Displays can be used as:

•    interactive displays that are used in future workplaces.

•    informative displays to advertise events

•    large screens for sporting events to replay clips during downtime will allow for sporting events to run flawlessly.

Schools must think about students beyond their initial anticipation because their influence extends far beyond their program’s duration and into the workplace.

To maximize your revenue on graduates, make sure your students have the best experiences by which they remember their school as well as convincing them to stay for post-graduate degrees. Schools should be maximizing potential revenue from graduates to ensure a healthy budget for the oncoming years.

Don’t let this opportunity slip away.