OTT Smart Applications Supported by LG Pro:Centric for Commercial Use


LG supports a number of Over-the-Top (OTT) or Internet-based applications on its commercial Pro:Centric® Smart TV Platform (HTML/webOS). These are made available to LG’s customers (hotel properties) via its System Integrator (SI) partners who are responsible for delivering and supporting the end solution containing these applications to their hotelier customers.

The business terms for using these applications varies by content provider and type of service offered – some are free to use, others require guest or property subscriptions. Hotelier customers and SI partners should review the applications and the basic license requirements when choosing which applications they would like to offer the guest and the necessary business/licensing terms. We’ve provided a brochure link at the end of this post for a deeper dive.

The following applications are supported on the LG Pro:Centric Smart Platform. Note that not all apps are available on every model, but as a rule of thumb, all television models support the same apps if they are the same version of webOS.

Information Apps include AccuWeather, Google Maps, Web Browser, USA Today, Euro News

OTT Video Apps include Arirang, YouTube, YouTube Kids, HBO GO, Hulu, Crackle, Netflix, Filmbox Live, SONIFI, Showtime, Google Play

Music Streaming Apps include Pandora, iHeart Radio, Deezer

Game Apps include 2048, Genius Memory, 4 in a Row, Balda, Parking Panic

Other Apps include FitnessOnDemand

There are two types of applications available on LG’s platform – either embedded apps or web apps. Embedded apps are what ships with the TV/STB and the app is developed by LG and the CP to reside on the TV and be launched via a third-party SI Partner Entertainment System App. Web apps reside in the cloud or Internet, and the TV launches a browser to a predefined URL with associated security credentials to access the service.

OTT apps can be accessed and launched by a guest within LG’s Pro:Centric Application GUI assuming the server is licensed and configured correctly. Also, third-party SI Partner apps can launch the embedded apps via a menu placement within their user interface, which initiates the launch via the Pro:Centric hcap API (Application Program Interface). The SI can select which apps are enabled or not (on behalf of the hotelier) via the Pro:Centric Admin Client or API.

If an app requires entering of personal credentials of a guest’s account (e.g. Hulu, Netflix) the TV will erase them at power-off along with any browser history.

Alternatively, where an SI has a Property Management System (PMS) interface, this can be overridden and a check in/out event can be used to clear the credentials – meaning the TV will retain the guest’s credentials during the period of their stay.

LG always recommends an SI is used by the hotel to manage the deployment, presentation and support of OTT apps as they have the resources and technical skill to address issues such as network bandwidth provisioning, PMS interfacing, IP networking, television programming, application management and support. In addition, they will have the necessary business terms or license agreements in place with LG.

All of the applications supported on LG’s platform are licensed and certified for use in a commercial hospitality environment, e.g. in a hotel room and operating on either an LG Smart TV or STB Pro:Centric platform.

Download our brochure to review app descriptions and basic license requirements per app for hotelier customers and SI partners.