Outshine the Sun with Window Facing Signage

Outshine the Sun with Window Facing Signage


The owner of a local small restaurant asked us recently how he could prevent the midday sunlight from washing out the daily menu on his digital display in the front window. He wondered about ways to block the sunlight from coming in. We asked what kind of display he was using and he said it was a consumer TV.

There are a few issues going on in this scenario. First, we explained that consumer TVs are not designed to be used as digital signage displays, as they lack the robust components and advanced technologies for use in challenging commercial environments. And even conventional digital signage displays could still have issues in direct sunlight. But the solution isn’t to shun the sun; the solution we recommend is window facing signage.

What is Window Facing Signage?

Digital signage installed in windows should represent the brand and the dignity of the shop, and should be able to easily catch the attention of passing pedestrians. In direct sunlight, conventional digital signage screens can appear blurred or washed out. And at night, when there’s not much surrounding light, a bright screen can cause glare. Therefore, the signage in the window needs to be purpose-built for the job.

The new 49-inch and 55-inch LG XS4F series indoor window facing signage, for example, delivers clear content day or night via a smart brightness control system. The system uses an illuminance sensor to monitor the surrounding lighting and adjusts screen brightness automatically – increasing the brightness up to 4,000 nits during the day, and reducing brightness at night for efficient power management. If desired, the display brightness can be adjusted according to a preset schedule.

To attract the most attention, XS4F series displays feature a 178° wide viewing angle thanks to LG’s In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology, and deliver clear images with accurate color from virtually any point of view. Another IPS advantage is that it can virtually eliminate the screen blackening effect sometimes seen in non-IPS panels that are overheated by direct sunlight. What’s more, XS4F screens include quarter-wave plate technology, which solves the problem of viewing digital displays through polarized sunglasses.

Because the digital signage to be installed in windows features high brightness, it is necessary to prepare for the temperature increase accordingly. Generally, a cooling system would be required to make the signage operate at the optimal temperature. But the XS4F series can be operated without the need for a separate fan, and therefore results in minimal noise.

LG XS4F series window facing signage is designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures and features a conformal coating on the main board and power board to protect against degradation from dust, iron powder and humidity. The displays offer a variety of connectivity options, including RS-232 in/out, eight ohm audio out, two HDMI in, DP in/out, DVI-D in, USB in, audio in, LAN, IR & light sensor, and an SD card slot. Also included is a 600mm x 400mm VESA-compliant mount interface and three-year limited warranty.

On a beautiful sunny day there are plenty of potential customers out and about. Your message just needs to outshine the sun.