Stretch Your Imagination When Planning for Digital Signage

Stretch Your Imagination When Planning for Digital Signage


Businesses often have unused or leftover spaces where traditional rectangular displays would not be the right fit, either vertically or horizontally, but would grab customer attention if used strategically. Static images placed in such areas can often go unnoticed.

The goal is to bring dynamic digital imagery into such challenging locations, and LG’s 86-inch Ultra Stretch display 86BH5F with its UHD (3840 x 600) resolution, IPS wide viewing angle, and 58:9 extended wide format can be a very effective solution for creative installations.

The Ultra Stretch display departs from the conventional 16:9 aspect ratio so it imparts a significantly different feel that is eye-catching and cutting-edge. Whether placed in portrait or landscape mode, it gives the user over seven feet of screen real estate to present a single message across a broad canvas, or multiple pieces of content simultaneously in up to four divided Picture-by-Picture (PBP) screen sections.

Because it’s so different, the Ultra Stretch display is ideal for areas where you want to make a strong branding statement, such as the entryway of a building. Five hundred nits of brightness make it well-suited for delivering rich, clear messaging in virtually any ambient lighting.

The unique size and shape enables the stretched display to be placed, for example, in an area where there might normally be a mannequin, or alongside one to create an ambience or scene. Other placements can be in shop interiors, across the top of shelves, as indoor sign boards, on building columns and retail pillars, or hung horizontally from airport ceilings to provide wayfinding and flight information without obstructing the concourse view.

Another ideal placement would be in a premium retail store with a unique interior, where there is a media pole. Approaching customers would be immediately attracted to the tall vertical format of dynamic imagery as the stretched display turns an ordinary pillar into a moving showpiece.

The Ultra Stretch display can also enhance corporate settings, public spaces, restaurants, bars, banks and stock exchanges. It can even show a tiled scene with up to 15×15 configuration, creating a large-screen experience for stunningly immersive visual impact that’s hard to forget. Additional possibilities include providing wayfinding and schedule information in subway stations, where real estate is very limited – in such an environment the display’s IP5X design ensures that it is protected from environmental factors such as dust.

The LG 86-inch Ultra Stretch display can be the right fit in many areas that were previously not considered for digital signage. It’s a great strategy for expanding the effectiveness of your business’s branding and message. Learn more about it here.