Think Your Space Is Too Bright for Large Format Digital Signage?


Then it’s time to outshine the sun.

It’s a common concern in places such as airport concourses that are bathed in high ambient daylight. Will large format LCD digital signage be able to deliver crisp, vivid images amid all that brightness?

With the right technology the answer is yes. LG’s Shine Out technology is a well-suited solution for delivering crisp, clear and vivid 4K UHD content in areas with direct sunlight, bright ambient light or harsh indoor lighting.

When displays are placed in front lobby areas or window-facing applications where there might be a lot of sun, the harsh reflection and glare can wash out even the best images. To preserve image quality, Shine Out technology features an anti-glare, anti-reflective overlay that does not soften the image like conventional anti-reflective coatings. Instead, it actually increases contrast ratio and color saturation while deflecting the light. The overlay also protects the screen surface, which is very important in a public environment where people can get close to the screen and bump into it, scratch it or hit it with an object.

And when you factor in the displays’ advanced local dimming function, the image quality maintains high contrast so colors pop. With LG large format 4K UHD displays, the backlighting in specific areas of the screen can be controlled to increase contrast and provide a clearer image. LEDs that can be switched on and off are installed behind the screen’s liquid crystal pixels. This means that a specific area on the screen that is displaying black can be darkened even further, by switching off the LEDs separately from brighter areas where the LEDs are switched on. The result is reduced light leakage, substantially deeper blacks and excellent contrast.

To top it all off, LG’s IPS (In-Plane Switching) screen technology provides true wide viewing angles up to 178 degrees, where colors and contrast remain consistent and data is clearly readable. With non-IPS displays the viewer needs to be centered directly in front of the screen to realize the best performance – at an angle color and contrast decrease dramatically and data becomes illegible. IPS vastly improves off-angle viewing, which is extremely important in areas with heavy foot traffic. IPS panels also feature effective thermal management that eliminates image degradation and screen blackening that can occur with non-IPS displays placed in direct sunlight.

Large format 4K UHD displays are ideal for attracting attention and making the message matter. And with Shine Out, advanced local dimming and IPS they can cut through the brightness with a brilliance all their own.