Three Key Benefits of Digital Signage


Today digital signage is widely used in all kinds of businesses. We see it every day in airports, hotels, retail stores, banks, quick-service restaurants (QSR), fitness centers and other establishments. For communicating onsite to patrons and visitors the benefits of digital signage are many, especially when you consider that people have grown accustomed to getting their information from digital screens. Here we’ll highlight three key benefits digital signage can offer.

The latest and greatest, all the time. With today’s sophisticated commercial displays featuring embedded system-on-chip (SoC) technology, the content for digital signage can be created, updated and managed across a digital signage network down to a single display, all from the comfort of a central location and a laptop, tablet or smartphone. An owner of an independent sandwich shop can, for example, add or delete menu items, insert photos, change prices and much more, from home when the shop is closed. The next day the new information will be in place on the signage when the shop opens. Content changes can be made immediately onsite too, such as deleting a special menu item that sells out.

A digital sales associate. Digital signage enables businesses to provide detailed information about their products or services at the point of purchase, along with suggestions for cross-selling and up-selling, all without the need for a live salesperson on duty. Digital signage equipped with touch screen functionality can go further, where the viewer can learn more with a simple tap on the screen. A small retailer with limited space can use digital signage to create an “endless aisle,” where the screen can show available items not currently on the sales floor. Customer interest is heightened and sales can be made on the spot without the item being physically on display.

No waste. Businesses routinely pay to design and print posters, signs, brochures and flyers to advertise seasonal sales, new products and special events. But what happens to those paper-based materials once the sale is over? Printed materials cannot be updated and so they are discarded, and the cycle begins all over again. But digital signage is alive – the content can be quickly changed at any time, ready to announce the next big thing. Nothing is wasted.

With just a few displays even small businesses can enjoy the benefits of digital signage. It’s well worth the investment and can start paying off right away in terms of increased business, greater customer retention and easier day-to-day operations.