Turkey, TV and Thanks

It’s Thanksgiving week, and tomorrow we hope you’ll be enjoying a big meal and plenty of fun time with family and friends. Maybe you’ll have Friday off too for a win-win.

Television plays a major role on Thanksgiving Day. In fact, people will be spending much more time in front of the TV than at the dinner table. From sports to specials, there’s something for everyone and there will be plenty of binge-watching. To be sure, there’s nothing better than overdosing on tryptophan and television. And there’s nothing better than watching your favorite show…on LG OLED.

Are we biased? You bet. Although this is the commercial display blog, we’re very familiar with LG OLED consumer TVs. And don’t forget that our product line

includes commercial-grade LG OLED hospitality TVs. Granted, watching the game or parade on a 98-inch LG LCD commercial display can be a blast indeed.

On another note, before the big meal begins it is traditional for everyone to say a few words about what they are most thankful for. For us, there have been many successes this year. But one thing always gets us stoked, and that is hearing how our solutions have helped a business transform its environment, elevate its brand image, and create a better experience for its customers, guests, visitors, patients, students, passengers, employees; as well as the IT pros and systems integrators that bring it all together.

And if you took the time to read this blog, we like that too.

Happy Thanksgiving.