Understanding LG webOS™ Signage – The Platform of Possibilities (Part 2)

Understanding LG webOS Signage – The Platform of Possibilities (Part 2)

In our last post we explored LG’s webOS Signage, what it is and what it does. Today we’ll conclude with why you might want webOS Signage, and five of its key strengths.


Benefits for LG Partner Companies

Combining the computer processing and application execution into the display itself enables LG partners to harness the power of the webOS Signage platform for their own custom solutions, and even branch out into new markets with new solutions to expand their business portfolio. In addition to LG’s mainstream SM and UH series product lines that provide all the core features a commercial environment needs, webOS Signage is featured in specialty products such as high brightness outdoor displays, ultra-stretch signage and even Direct View LED (DVLED), giving partners the capability to run applications on a wide variety of LG displays. Partner apps built for webOS Signage can be structured as a cloud-based solution to update and show content, a hybrid with server, or totally offline with onboard storage. End users access the partner app functions via that app’s own management console.


Benefits for End Users

Working with a systems integrator, end users can choose an LG partner solution running on webOS Signage to simplify their digital signage user experience while enhancing its capabilities, and improving the digital experiences they offer their own customers. LG webOS Signage can work with digital signage across multiple business locations, whether across town or across the globe, with virtually no limit to the number of devices that can be connected. And with over 45 LG-certified partners in North America, end users can be assured of getting the right solution to empower their digital signage network for the best outcomes.


The Five Pillars of LG webOS Signage

1) Web-Based Standards

webOS Signage supports cross browser, utilizing common web standards including HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. These One-Source Multi-Use (OSMU) HTML5-based apps can run on virtually any platform or device, and you can access your content directly from a device with a network connection.

2) Integrated Media Player

webOS Signage ensures fewer things to worry about in installation, management, and support. Embedded SoC eliminates external media players and related mounting hardware and cables, and can reduce costs/complexity, minimize failure points, and lower energy consumption.

3) Remote Device Management

webOS Signage provides tools for full remote control and visibility into the display resources (display & power, device management & monitoring, advanced file handling, screenshots). End-user access is via the partner app’s management console.

4) Interactive Applications

webOS Signage supports connection to external devices and sensors such as Beacon, GPIO, RFID, NFC, Barcode, Touch, Temperature, Light, Humidity, Pressure, Camera, and Printer, for interactive applications and environmental data collection to provide the best content at any given time. Voice commands and even audience measurement are now possible via partner applications.

5) Platform Security

LG webOS is equipped with UL Certification: Software Cybersecurity for Network-Connectable Products. It undergoes periodic internal penetration tests and processes for vulnerability management, and provides protection against outside access to ensure file integrity and network security.


webOS Signage Is Used Across Numerous Industries

Customers are using LG webOS Signage for QSR/Fast Casual, Corporate Communications, Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality, Sports & Entertainment, Transportation, Education, and other industries. The wide array of world-class supporting applications from LG partners makes it all possible.


Reasons to Believe

LG Business Solutions believes in putting the best foot forward for its clients. From a support perspective, a large portion of the new features brought to market are market-driven, and voice-of-customer driven. LG gathers all the pain points and requests from the market, and if a solution can be provided without having to incur additional cost for the displays, LG includes it. webOS Signage is a true platform strategy from LG – a ‘solutions-oriented enabler’ that empowers businesses for success.