What’s on LG’s Menu for QSR?

In September and October we detailed how digital signage is improving the QSR experience, from enhanced customer experiences, effortless menu management and effective advertising to expanded drive-thru performance and increased efficiency in the kitchen/food prep areas.

Still, it is not uncommon for QSR franchisees to be hesitant about transitioning to a digital environment. Reasons range from their use of legacy technology to a lack of resources for the significant investment required.

So when we’re asked what we can do for a QSR that wants to ease into digital, we start by recommending our very popular digital menu boards along with a SuperSignÔ and webOS for Signage system, and we also suggest finding a good CMS partner. Since content creation, integration and day-to-day management can be a weighty issue, LG offers the solutions to ensure QSR franchisees, content creators and system managers have powerful tools for seamless operation.

As the business realizes the benefits of digital signage we can take it to the next level. QSRs can look to a wide range of LG displays to address their needs from engaging customers throughout the store to standing out from the competition. Today’s innovative commercial displays can revitalize the store’s image from the outside in.

Here’s a quick menu of our digital deliciousness for QSR:

High-Brightness Outdoor Displays – New XE Series IP56-rated all-season outdoor displays in 49″, 55″ and 75″ class for the drive-thru and outdoor kiosks. With an auto brightness sensor they can adjust brightness depending on the ambient light – a maximum 3,000 cd/m2 makes them clearly visible even in direct sunlight.

Menu Boards – SM5KE Series digital signage is the quintessential digital menu board, and sizes ranging from 32″ to 55″ class ensure a good fit in virtually any QSR. The display can even operate as a virtual router which can be a wireless access point for mobile devices. A 24/7 operation rating, conformal coating and auto fail over feature make this series a veritable QSR workhorse.

Smart TV Signage – 43” to 55” SuperSignÔ displays can simultaneously broadcast TV programs and QSR advertisements via the built-in TV tuner. Show live sports and local news programs to reduce the customers’ perceived wait time.

Self-Order Kiosks – With embedded Beacon and Bluetoothâ Low Energy (BLE) technology the displays can offer a personalized experience to customers that have the QSR’s app on their smartphone. Things like quick ordering of favorites and loyalty discounts can be offered immediately as the customer approaches the display.

And now for the Wow:

Narrow Bezel Video Walls – 55″ displays with nearly borderless designs can be tiled together to create massive video walls that can stop customers in their tracks with an immersive visual experience.

Ultra-Stretch Displays – The 88″ display with 58:9 widescreen format easily grabs attention in wall mounted or floor standing applications. Add touch screen interactivity and you’ve got a seven foot tall Ultra High Definition customer assistant.

Open-Frame LG OLED Display – It doesn’t get any more exciting than LG OLED in a QSR. These ultra-thin curved displays can be used in a variety of shapes and be made into video walls too. And dual-sided flat LG OLED displays can swap or mirror content on either side.

Transparent Displays – WFB Series signage and LAT300MT1 LED film inspire striking new placements for digital content when the goal is to see not only the content, but what’s behind it.

Touch Overlay Kit – The KT-490 attachable touch screen changes standard digital signage into interactive signage. Great for self-order kiosks.

In the QSR business, time is money. Resources may be limited and there’s a good chance existing platforms are outdated. Starting with digital menus and an Internet-based content management solution can lay the foundation for an amazing display of ROI.