Wishing You a Happier New Year

Wishing You a Happier New Year


It’s high time for a fresh start. To all our blog readers we send the very best wishes for a healthy, safe and revitalizing 2021.

We have exciting things coming in the new year that you won’t want to miss, so check this blog often to stay in the know.

Speaking of the blog, if you’re a regular reader, you know that we cover a variety of topics, news, and product introductions. We want to give you information and insights that could be beneficial to your business in the world of commercial displays. To that end, we invite you to reach out to us on our social channels and let us know what you’d like to see featured here. Give us some topics and we’ll do our best to accommodate your interests.

For 2021, we have two suggestions that could expose your business to a wider array of industry categories and drive more people to your website:

1) Write a Post for the LG Commercial Display Blog

If you submit content that’s helpful for both our audiences, it may help establish your company as an industry authority in their eyes. It may also help improve your SEO, and drive more long-term results via more retweets and shared engagements.

And should you decide to let LG Business Solutions link to a current post on your company’s blog, it could extend the reach of your company’s content. Our goal is to extend the reach of every piece of content and/or communications we publish, and our blog could connect more unique viewers to your content and help your own organic search as well.

2) Let LG Business Solutions Create Your Case Study

Sharing your commercial display project has plenty of benefits, and we can help make it happen. By participating in the LG Business Solutions case study series your company will be recognized as an innovator for adopting some of the latest display technologies on the market. If your project is selected, we will write your case study, and then spread the news through our newsletter and social media channels, and feature it in our case study resource hub. Your case study might also become a video. And there’s absolutely no cost to you.

Let’s all look forward to a much better year. We hope you’ll consider these suggestions as we move onward and upward.

For inquiries please email Paul Vitellaro at paul.vitellaro@lge.com