World’s First 10K Interactive Video Wall System Features LG Ultra-Narrow 0.9mm Bezel Displays

It’s a creation of Q1 Design, the industry leaders in digital sales and marketing solutions for residential property project marketing; and Userful™, a leading provider of video communication solutions.

The install is located at a landmark riverfront location on Queen St. in Brisbane City by one of Australia’s most awarded and trusted national developers responsible for some of Australia’s most recognizable high-end property developments.

The 10K video wall system, utilizing LG displays with 0.9mm bezels, is used in the Experience Center on a daily basis to showcase the landmark development and ultimately help sell property within the building. The video wall is so impressive that it draws people from the street into the center.

In the Experience Center sales agents and customers interact less than three feet away from the video wall, which is why an extremely high level of resolution was key in making the experience both impressive and immersive.

Q1 Design’s video walls webpage states, “4K video wall? That’s old news. 8K video wall? Not innovative enough for us at Q1 Design. It is not often these days that you see technology that is so amazing it blows you away.

“That is exactly what we set out to create with the world’s first UW10K Interactive Videowall. Comprising of 24 55” LG ultra-narrow 0.9mm bezel screens and a full 11520×4320 pixel resolution. The image detail is real enough to mesmerize onlookers with video so immersive they could dive in.”

The video wall is powered by a 10K Userful software API solution. The software allows content to be displayed from any source, anywhere on display walls of 100+ screens using just one PC/Server. Users can control the video wall and interact with it from a desktop, phone or tablet.

To make the most of this powerful communication solution, Q1 Design developed a mobile app to allow dynamic interactive control of content using a touch screen iPad. With it, users can switch between floor level units, floor plans, views and features, with 3D walkthroughs, fly throughs and more. And feel like they’re right there.

Watch the video now.

Check out the Q1 Design project page here.