A Deep Dive Into the Sudden Proliferation of LED Signage Walls, Part 1

A Deep Dive Into the Sudden Proliferation of LED Signage Walls, Part 1


By Dan Smith
Head of Business Development
LG Business Solutions USA

LED Signage display technology is a constantly evolving area in the tech world, with historical obstacles (things like cost, ordering complexity, visual performance and user experience) being changed through design innovations. At the same time, LED Signage is finally getting the attention it deserves for scalability, application diversity and durability.

Over the next three to five years, the combination of technological advances and affordable solutions is expected to make LED Signage more competitive with video walls using flat-panel displays at all sizes. According to Allied Market Research, the global outdoor LED Signage market should exceed $17 billion by 2027.* Just as LCD and OLED TVs changed the TV game by providing a larger, brighter, better-looking canvas for video programming, LED Signage will transform how companies, venues, governments, schools and private organizations think about their digital messaging and design. So much is changing in the world of LED Signage technologies, it’s important to stop and recognize how far we’ve come, and what it means for the future.

COST – Until now, cost has always been one of the top deterrents to LED Signage adoption. Today, however, some LED Signage displays have actually reached points of price parity, with the initial investment necessary for a mid-range LCD video wall getting closer to the cost of a 1.9mm LED Signage wall of the similar size. Since the price point is often so close, but the technologies still have different benefits and appearance, it’s becoming more common today for customers evaluating video wall options to ask for quotes on both technologies.

ORDERING COMPLEXITY: THE RISE OF PACKAGED SOLUTIONS – While custom solutions can distinguish a brand or location, integrators may see a big business boost from the launch of packaged LED Signage display solutions. These packages come with just about everything needed for installation, from LED Signage tiles to mounting brackets and screws, and they help eliminate the need for complex steps such as tile-by-tile calibration. For the first time, integrators can easily dive into LED Signage without requiring extensive product training, creating new revenue opportunities.

Stay tuned. In the next post we’ll address visual performance and the user experience.

* https://www.alliedmarketresearch.com/outdoor-LED-display-market