For a Limited Time, Get Userful Software for Digital Signage and Video Walls for Free

Screens and the content displayed on them are a vital part of every company’s infrastructure today. Whether that’s for customer engagement with digital signage displays, for internal corporate communication or for screens used to enhance company productivity–digital displays and video are the new communication medium for employees and customers.

Userful and LG have worked together to provide a new class of solution for managing displays and deploying and interacting with content of all kinds.  Userful is software based visual networking platform that runs on a commercially available off the shelf Server or PC, or can be powered from the cloud. The Userful software runs directly on LG webOS Signage™ displays, eliminating the need for any additional hardware. With this powerful combination, customers can eliminate unnecessary and expensive proprietary hardware from any display deployment whether for digital signs, video walls, control room applications or corporate communication and collaboration.

Userful’s deep integration with LG webOS Signage enables customers to send any content to any display in any location, at any time and in real time.  It’s easy to add more displays, and no additional hardware is needed. Just add Userful’s uClient app to a LG smart display compatible with Userful’s uClient and connect it back to the Userful server either on site or in the cloud. This solution displays content in the native resolution of the display and brings all the powerful features of the Userful solution to your project. Customers also receive updates from Userful as new features are added.

By adopting Userful as the middleware between content and display, customers can be assured they can add new apps and content onto their smart displays into the future: Userful runs in the middle and takes care of compatibility.  And by eliminating unnecessary hardware, customers reduce their Total Cost of Ownership: fewer devices to purchase, less hardware to deploy and support, less electricity used and a streamlined architecture all add up to lower initial CAPEX and TCO.

While the Userful and LG webOS combination can be used for wide variety of visual display applications from video walls in NOCs, SOCs and control rooms, to digital signs, to video walls of any size and resolution for public display, Userful and LG have teamed up to offer $1,000,000 worth of free software licenses for digital signage and video wall deployments. LG customers who purchase select LG displays up until December 31, 2020 are eligible for this free offer.

To take advantage of this unique opportunity and to learn more about Userful and LG webOS, visit