Bring your Campus tour to life

When prospects tour your school in the summer, they’re facing an empty, unwelcoming campus.  Choosing which school to attend is a huge step in a student’s future, and they have to know they’ll be happy there for the next four years. Don’t let prospects walk away unconvinced.


Whether prospective students have already received acceptances, or are evaluating schools to apply to, you need to make a great first impression to ensure their enrollment. Don’t lose students at the last step of the process because of the season. When deciding which school to attend, I wanted someplace I could envision myself. Because I visited in the summer when much of campus was closed it felt deserted and uninviting. Students that get this impression from your school are enrolling elsewhere. Eliminate this issue by using new technology to display a vibrant campus and inspire touring prospects.

Show off your campus with digital signage over the summer months:

  • Advertise what’s open during fall and winter semesters that may not be open over the summer, such as your bookstore.
  • Display what your campus looks like when fall and winter semesters are in session.
  • Show all your school has to offer outside the classroom by advertising upcoming events and activities.
  • Your cafeteria is the heart of your school – promote all menu options with images that whet appetites.


An empty campus over the summer term means new opportunities. Digital signage allows you to show all your school has to offer. From typical student hang-outs to the possibilities of campus life, showcase an inviting school with lots of social opportunities.

Make your tour the best it can be year-round.