Property-Wide Digital Content Can Elevate the Hotel Guest Experience


Last Friday we talked about providing a better hotel guest experience for tech-savvy travelers, starting with attention-grabbing digital signage in the lobby. In fact, having a network of digital signage throughout the common areas can give the property a cutting-edge appearance and engage guests in many ways. Let’s think about the kinds of content a hotel might want to run on that digital signage.

Show Guests the Way
Welcome guests and guide them with digital maps and directories. As guests make their way to and from their rooms, touch screen displays in the common areas provide a familiar interface for them to navigate through your hotel.

Get Them to Their Meetings on Time
If visitors have arrived for a conference, small-format signage in the hallways can help get them to the right place at the right time. Manage your meeting room schedules in real time from a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Entertain and Inform in the Restaurant or Bar
Use commercial-grade signage TVs for news and sports, and integrate your menus, promote daily specials, announce happy hours, deliver important alerts and more.

Offer the Best Fitness Classes in Town
In your fitness center, use video walls, large-format 4K UHD displays or hospitality televisions to offer a variety of interactive fitness classes 24/7. We partner with Fitness on Demand™, a leading delivery platform of hundreds of premium high-definition workout classes by the industry’s best instructors. Your guests can experience a diverse array of fitness classes at their convenience.

Entice Them into Your Salon and Spa
Use attention-grabbing stretched displays and razor-thin displays to set the ambience for a relaxing and rejuvenating escape. Include tranquil images, promote, cross-sell and upsell services and spa products, showcase the latest hair trends for inspiration, and introduce the stylists and massage therapists with their pictures and short bios.

Generate Additional Revenue with Advertising
Sell advertising space on your digital signage to inform guests about local tourist attractions, restaurants, nightclubs, car rental services and other businesses of interest.

Running digital signage in hotel common areas is easy with a platform such as webOS for Signage. WebOS for Signage works with the displays’ embedded System-on-Chip (SoC) and enables high-quality content creation and remote management, while eliminating the need for media players and onsite servers.

Next Friday we’ll take you to the guest room, where tech-savvy, device-enabled travelers can enjoy an accommodating and memorable entertainment experience that’s second to none. See you then.