Create a Standout Hotel with LG’s Technology, Easy Installation and Services

Just as the best hotels strive to provide the finest guest experience, LG is striving to give hoteliers a friendly, accommodating and stress-free business experience. Our focus on the success of our Hospitality clients and their guests’ satisfaction has led to the creation of certified partnerships based on reliability, trust and excellence. And as of April 2016, we’ve been offering all the display technology, easy installation and services you need to set your hotel apart from the rest. Let’s have a quick look.

Guest Room TV Liquidation and Installation

Guest room TVs are typically retired every five or six years. And as the 20-year leader in guest room TVs, LG is ready to provide the latest, industry-leading Pro:Centric® Full HD, 4K and Smart Hospitality TVs in an array of sizes.

But what do you do with your old TVs?

Simple solution. Your LG account manager can coordinate liquidation services with one of our nationwide certified partners specializing in installing and liquidating Hospitality televisions. They’ll uninstall the TVs, remove them from the property, recycle them properly or sell them, and hand you a check. Need a Pro:Centric server for your new LG TVs? No problem, they’ll install one.

Common Area Digital Signage Services

Right from the start the LG Hospitality experience is smooth, accommodating and uncomplicated. LG Fulfillment, our dedicated third-party partner for Hospitality digital signage, qualifies our customers, sets expectations early on, and determines the goals and budget for the digital signage deployment.

LG Fulfillment will coordinate a complete expert installation including the signage or video wall, mounts, cablings and video player, with one of our nationwide certified digital signage installation partners.

Content Creation and Management

In the world of digital signage, content is king. And with LG Hospitality solutions you won’t have to worry about it. LG Fulfillment can coordinate your needs with one of our certified Hospitality content partners who will work with you to develop top-quality digital signage content to impress your guests, enhance the look and feel of your hotel and increase revenue.

LG Technologies for Hospitality

  • Credit-card-thin OLED Hospitality TVs for the Luxury Suite
  • Industry-leading Hospitality TVs for the Guest Room
  • Amazing OLED Displays for the Common Areas
  • Breathtaking Video Walls for the Common Areas
  • 86-inch Ultra Stretch Signage for the Common Areas
  • Desktop IPS Monitors for the Front Desk and Offices
  • Hospitality-specific Software Platforms and Software

We are very pleased to be able to provide this complete end-to-end Hospitality solution for creating a standout hotel. We cover all the details in a new eBook that you can download now.