Second-quarter 2016 Hospitality Survey Results are in. And we’re stoked.

In past monthly newsletters we told you about LG’s very nice first-quarter 2016 Hospitality Survey results. And now the second-quarter 2016 numbers have come in. We are so pleased that our Hospitality customers continue to enjoy the outcomes LG’s technology provides—improved customer experience and improved staff efficiency. Many thanks to all who participated in the online surveys.

How do we get the numbers?

For the Hospitality surveys we use TechValidate, a trusted authority for the data their platform publishes. They have developed stringent process control and verification technology to ensure the authenticity of the data they collect.

To ensure maximum participation, TechValidate optionally protects the identities of research participants, allowing them to contribute their feedback freely and without fear of legal or business repercussions. When participants opt to have their public identity protected, the data they contribute is attributed by their role and industry (e.g. CIO, Fortune 500 Financial Services Firm).

TechValidate collects data from customers via fast and easy-to-use online questionnaires. The participation process is quick and fun, which encourages high participation.

Here are the TechValidate LG Hospitality Survey Results published on August 17, 2016.

Of 72 users surveyed, 96% indicated that the results from purchasing their LG Commercial Display solution met their original expectations for purchasing.

Of 74 users surveyed, 61% are extremely satisfied with LG Commercial Displays, and 20% are very satisfied. Another 19% are satisfied.

Of 72 users surveyed, 71% plan to make other/future purchases with LG Commercial Displays; 22% say possibly, still deciding.

Of 71 users surveyed, 93% measure ROI on the LG Commercial Displays purchased as “improved customer experience” and 20% as “improved staff efficiency.”

Of 72 users surveyed, 89% most recently purchased LG Hospitality TVs, 10% purchased TV Signage and 3% purchased Digital Signage.

Those are great numbers. So what’s coming next?

Plenty. LG has never been a company to rest on its laurels. We have an ongoing 20-year history of leadership in guest room TVs, and as of April this year we’ve expanded our offerings to cover the common areas as well. LG now offers all the technology, easy installation and services your team needs to create A STANDOUT HOTEL.

Stay tuned…in next week’s blog we’ll tell you all about it and provide a detailed eBook for download.