Form Follows Function with LG OLED Displays

Since its inception, the digital signage industry has largely been a case of function following form. The form (i.e., the LCD flat panel display) came first; then it was pushed out in an attempt to satisfy all needs.

Today, businesses are looking to create better customer experiences and stand out from the competition. And so, there is now a huge demand for display solutions that go beyond the ‘me too’ look of the LCD flat panel. The great news is that revolutionary LG OLED commercial display technology delivers better-than-ever imagery in innovative new form factors that can transform, enhance or blend seamlessly into virtually any environment.

With LG OLED, form can now follow function. Because an LG OLED display uses self-lighting pixels, it does not require a built-in backlight unit or edge-lighting array. The LG OLED pixels are so tiny that the depth of the display screen is very small—and less depth has many advantages. Less depth for each display means less weight for each display, which translates into easier and less costly mounting and installation. More importantly, because LG OLED is also flexible, it means users can be much more creative about where they place displays.

For example, LG OLED is not restricted by gravity and can be mounted facing down from a ceiling, side mounted from a wall, freestanding on the floor or even placed face up underneath a clear floor.

Dan Smith, senior director of sales at LG, says, “It all comes back to form factor. Form follows function in the best way possible. The form of this new LG OLED technology—thinness, light weight, the ability to curve, and to mount anywhere in any fashion—means that now the designer, working with LG and the end-user, can make the solution fit the need, not the other way around. That is what great product design and innovation is all about.”

Not only is LG OLED superior in image quality and form, but when have you ever seen a dual-sided display in a retail store, airport, or company lobby? With LG OLED, you have a display that is less than one centimeter in depth. You can also have separate content on each side.

Indeed, LG OLED provides numerous applications that cannot be served by LCD flat panels. It opens up exciting new possibilities for branding and messaging in retail, corporate, educational, museum and transportation spaces.

Stay tuned. We’ll be telling you more about LG OLED commercial displays, including the new LG OLED Wallpaper and LG OLED Video Wall, in the coming weeks.