LG OLED Wallpaper scores rAVe awards for 2017

LG OLED Wallpaper scores rAVe awards for 2017

First it was ISE.

Last month we told you about LG’s mind-blowing exhibition at the ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) 2017 expo in February at the RAI Amsterdam.

We’re pleased to announce that the revolutionary new LG OLED Wallpaper and LG OLED Wallpaper In-Glass were awarded by rAVe Publications as 2017 Best of ISE in three categories:

Most Creative New Product: LG OLED Wallpaper

Best New Flat-Panel Display (Overall): LG In-Glass Dual View OLED

Best New Digital Signage Display: LG 55″ OLED Wallpaper

According to rAVe, “We didn’t just pick these ‘on the show floor’ during the show or by using spec-sheets distributed prior to the show – we picked these by actually looking at each and every product and comparing them to the competition. In fact, this is why it took us an entire month to award these… You truly are the BEST of ISE!”

Read the full story and see all the ISE 2017 winners here.

And then we went to DSE.


At the end of March we created a huge buzz and loads of excitement at DSE (Digital Signage Expo) 2017 in Las Vegas, where we showcased our awe-inspiring new LG OLED products and more. And once again, rAVe was there.

On April 12th we received more great news. The LG OLED Wallpaper won Best New Product Overall, and the LG Dual-View Flat OLED won Best New Indoor Display for rAVe’s Best of DSE 2017 Awards. The LG DSE 2017 booth also tied for Best Booth at the show:

Best New Product Overall: LG OLED Wallpaper

Best New Indoor Display: LG Dual-View OLED Display

Best Booth (TIE): Sharp AND LG

rAVe’s full list of winning companies and products from DSE 2017 can be found here.

At ISE and DSE, rAVe sent reporters to every booth/stand, saw the products demonstrated or launched, and selected the top products that outperformed the others in their respective categories.

We are very proud to have been hand-selected by rAVe for
these prestigious awards. And we applaud and congratulate all the winners.

About LG OLED Wallpaper

Razor-thin, lightweight and flexible LG OLED Wallpaper and the elegant LG OLED Wallpaper In-Glass are innovative new applications of the proprietary LG OLED technology. LG OLED is renowned for delivering awe-inspiring pictures with perfect blacks and incredible color, even from wide viewing angles, unlike any LCD/LED display can.

With no elaborate mount required, LG OLED Wallpaper blends into a wall or curved structure without protruding, for a truly customizable approach. LG OLED Wallpaper In-Glass is double-sided, enabling two multimedia experiences from one wafer-thin unit. It can be suspended from a ceiling or used freestanding as a podium, saving space.