Francis Ford Coppola lauds LG OLED in recent interview

Did you read Jacob Bernstein’s November interview with Francis Ford Coppola in the New York Times? It was about the making of The Godfather – promoting Coppola’s exciting new book containing his actual production notes. But the interview also turned to the state of movies today, where Coppola says something incredible about LG OLED. Here is the excerpt:

Bernstein: “There is TV now. Many would argue the advent of Netflix, HBO and Amazon in relation sort of make up for the decline of the movie studio.”

Coppola: “Yes. Cinema and television are becoming the same thing. You can’t say I do this for television or movies. They both can be shown in theaters or at home. It can be one minute or a hundred hours, and you can have a screen that’s big and beautiful like the LG OLED screens, which are a miracle.”

Francis Ford Coppola says LG OLED screens are a miracle. That’s an amazing unsolicited compliment coming from an amazing Hollywood director. We absolutely love that LG OLED technology is being so highly acclaimed. Mr. Coppola, we appreciate your continued support.

Read the full interview here.

Mr. Coppola has been a strong supporter of LG OLED technology this year. Watch this video from April where he hails LG OLED TV as the next frontier in cinematic home entertainment.

Now imagine what LG OLED displays could do for your business’s image.