FreshSign™ brings an affordable turnkey digital signage solution to SMBs

The popularity of digital signage continues to increase, and today it has become the standard wherever people shop, eat, gather and work.

Yet many small to medium size businesses do not have the time, expertise or capital to evaluate technologies, hunt for multiple vendors and coordinate an end-to-end digital signage deployment. And so they are looking for a digital signage partner who can provide all of the necessary components rather than having to do all the legwork themselves. They want a digital signage solution that can be easily purchased and works well.

Here’s some great news for SMBs: Freshwater Digital in Grand Rapids, Michigan, now offers a very budget-friendly complete digital signage solution with LG commercial displays at the heart. They call it FreshSign.

For $125 per month, end users get a turnkey package that includes an LG 49-inch 1080p commercial display, industrial mount, professional installation, full-featured software, customizable content, content management support and personal customer support, all from Freshwater Digital.

In the FreshSign package the LG digital signage runs on LG’s webOS, along with software from Gauddi—the world’s first digital signage platform dedicated to LG webOS. The LG displays with robust System-on-a-Chip (SoC) also eliminate the need for an external media player, allowing for the great pricing.

FreshSign is also available with a 43-inch LG display for $120 per month, or a 55-inch LG display for $140 per month.

Matt Downey, President of Freshwater Digital said: “FreshSign is the complete digital signage solution that takes the guesswork out of starting a digital network. Freshwater Digital has developed FreshSign as an incredibly simple, amazingly affordable opportunity for business, retail, food service and virtually anyone else to take advantage of the benefits of digital signage.”

This is going to make a lot of business owners very happy. LG is very pleased to be part of this exciting and efficient solution that will bring the power of digital signage into many more SMBs.

Learn more about the FreshSign complete digital signage solution with LG displays here.

FreshSign™ is a trademark of Freshwater Digital.