How Commercial Displays Are Improving the Financial Services Experience – Part 3


Nothing is more sensitive than money. Maximizing performance while keeping technology secure is critical for your financial institution’s integrity and your clients’ financial welfare.

Thin Clients provide a secure, reliable, and cost-efficient virtual desktop experience that’s easy to implement and manage. When they’re deployed in financial settings such as banks and wealth management firms, Thin Clients can provide additional benefits.

Keep objectives in sight. Keeping tabs on financial matters requires unwavering attention to constantly changing data. Thin Clients support continuous multitasking with scalable, multimonitor support up to 4K resolution. And for complex financial transactions and modeling, IT administrators can create powerful virtual machines (VMs) within the data center and allow analysts to access them through their Thin Clients.

Save up to 51% on estimated annual cost. Compared to conventional PCs, Thin Clients reduce operational and maintenance costs with streamlined manageability and long product lifecycles.*

Secure client and personal financial data. Thin Clients never store valuable and sensitive information. Instead, that information remains safe at the data center and is only accessible by authorized users, bringing peace of mind to your office and the clients who depend on you.

Deliver stable, reliable performance. Seconds can make all the difference in the high-stakes world of investing. Trading clunky and demanding PCs for streamlined Thin Clients lets the office do more with less IT red tape, eliminating potential downtime due to constant updates or maintenance.

Optimize productivity and compliance. Compared to traditional PCs, Thin Clients simplify management and compliance. IT administrators can update software and implement rule changes from a single management console—for instance, making software security updates at the data center and limiting the use of USB drives across the Thin Client fleet. The relative simplicity of the process can improve overall compliance and free administrators to focus on other tasks.

Cloud Computing Benefits

  • High security
  • Centralized device management
  • Effective distribution of computing power
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Longer endpoint product lifecycle

From UltraWide® all-in-one desktop displays to ultra-lightweight laptops, LG offers a full range of Thin Client endpoints that provide a reliable and cost-effective virtual desktop experience ideal for financial institutions.

Next week we’ll conclude this series with a look inside the conference room, and how you can command the room even before you start speaking.

*Simulation data based on a virtual work site with 1,000 employees.