How Commercial Displays Are Improving the Financial Services Experience – Part 4 with Conclusion


Over the past few weeks we’ve been telling you about commercial display solutions for bank and financial service company lobbies, customer-facing workstations and technology to enhance data security. The same technology you use for the front of house applications can also be used for the back of house, i.e., training, corporate communications, live IP streams, videoconferencing, town hall type meetings, messages from the top, etc. And it can all work seamlessly with LG displays.

For conference rooms and huddle rooms, large format 4K UHD displays are the ideal solution thanks to the outstanding image quality and future-proofing they provide. LG 4K UHD displays feature auto detect functions that sense when a notebook is plugged in, a standby screen that can be branded with your company’s logo, plus full compatibility with industry-leading meeting room control platforms.

The larger the room, the greater the need for a larger display. LG’s 98-inch 4K UHD display is the largest LG single display that can be purchased for a conference room instead of using high-maintenance projection. Companies looking for something even bigger can opt for a video wall or a massive indoor DVLED with fine pixel pitch.

Automate the conference room. LG provides a host of commercial displays that are Cisco Certified and Crestron Connected® for seamless integration, automated videoconferencing and meeting room control. These displays eliminate the significant expense and time required to set up a display at the systems integrator level.

LG’s plug-and-play solution for the Cisco Spark Room Kit and Spark Room Kit Plus is currently being used to standardize videoconferencing throughout worldwide branches and offices of major financial services organizations, and backed by global support from both LG and Cisco. Both room kits offer sophisticated camera technologies that bring speaker-tracking capabilities to every room.

Imagine commanding the conference room even before you start speaking. Crestron automation and control solutions let people control entire environments. Utilizing a Crestron Airmedia unit, a presenter can enter the meeting room, connect to the Airmedia device via wireless Ethernet and turn on the LG display, dim the room lights and close the blinds with a simple push of a button. Quite an impressive way to start the show.

Conclusion. Whether a bank or financial services company is highly experienced in the digital marketplace or just beginning, LG has the answers to help you visualize your solution and implement it successfully. Since our commercial display products cover front of house to back of house applications, it is often possible to spread out costs between different departments – corporate communications might pick up the cost for training; marketing & branding might take the cost for front of house. With various intended uses, not any one cost center would need to bear the entire load. This is great news for end users and resellers alike, as LG offers end-to-end solutions, deployment and management support that can help reinvent brick-and-mortar customer experiences to be more welcoming, more accommodating and more valuable.